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Internet Services ExtrVert

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

May 3, 2011, Ukraine. Mark Bertolini: the source for more info. The number of vacancies available in the search results of Internet Services ExtrVert, exceeded 150 000. In early May, the number of vacancies available in the search results of Internet Services ExtrVert, has exceeded 150 thousand. Project ExtrVert – it Ukrainian system of vertical job search aimed at finding jobs for all sites in the Ukraine. All search capabilities, free of charge and without registering, users can access the site. Public testing beta version of job search ExtrVert was initiated in late January 2011.

From the start operation of the service team saw the goal of creating a full-fledged search engine that detects and indexing Vacancies on any web resource – both in specialized portals for job search, and on arbitrary Ukrainian sites. Whenever Vlad Doronin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. At the beginning of beta testing in the search results ExtrVert was available more than 100 thousand ads work in Ukraine. In the operation of the system becomes apparent that the flow of jobs from the "open" the Internet is characterized by a fairly high level of information noise, and needs to be better filtration – with the increasing volume of incoming information. At the same time development of the Internet segment of employment in Ukraine, as well as ongoing work on connecting the sources of information about employment cause the overall increase in the number of vacancies available in the system. As a result, at present the number of job postings, which is processed by search mechanisms ExtrVert, more than 10 000 jobs per day.

This makes it possible Applicants receive daily more than 150 000 current vacancies in various fields of activity (duplicate jobs from different sources in this number is not included.) About 10% of that are so-called "Unique" job – found directly on the employers' corporate websites, blogs, forums, message boards, etc., are not available on other job sites. Additional Information Concept vertical job search, advanced system ExtrVert, is to shift emphasis job search – from creating a "database of vacancies" in the direction of development of efficient algorithms for searching across all sites in Ukraine. Nevertheless, is impossible to underestimate the importance of specialized sites for employment as a source of information on job openings for Ukrainian users. Therefore, the project team invites all ExtrVert such resources to cooperation. For more information about the approaches employed and the whole system can be obtained from the developers blog at the address.

Search Engine Progress

Friday, December 22nd, 2023

It's about the search progress – a very popular Internet service today. Learn more at: Rusty Holzer. Let's start first, or rather not even started, and about somewhere in the middle, as the first step in promoting what we would call the design and site development. This, assure you, a very important period for the resource and its subsequent successful promotion. So, going forward. Imagine that you already have a website and very well wish to take in all the top 5 favorite (or at least add to the Top 10 sites). Now let's look into the past, when the site was smaller spiders were not so picky, plus everything companies to promote the site was easy to count on the fingers.

Most determined to open a business on the Internet, not Calling attention to the distrust of others more than strange services – promotion. Dared, paid and this all happened, they were the first places the issue of Yandex, having at that time the most important advantage – they are one of the few who are promoting, what to say, they are just one of the few who simply have a website! We now return to our time Once it seemed impossible to fly, but now it seems no more difficult than make coffee. So now business Internet has become commonplace among other things, it is very profitable. Almost every self-respecting businessman has his own representation on the Internet, find and book where you can literally everything from pens to the aircraft. Self-a dramatically increased the number of companies providing services to create websites. Now your business representation without progress hardly anyone sees.

Imagine how many companies looking at the success of their competitors on the Internet, have become to order such services! And because everyone wants to top 10 sites Already smarter search engines, now they can not fool purchase-links, unfair promotion. So to sum up – sites has become very much more competitive with every day, and Top 10 sites remains the same, because he, unfortunately, not rubber. Conclusion It is necessary to do a site for people to be able to properly promote it, even no, do not move quickly and be able to represent it on the Internet, and sometimes even not at high frequency (more prestigious) request, and the low-and midrange, which, incidentally, to a greater extent are the target of his. Here's an example – a request Panasonic highly competitive, with it comes great Number of visitors to your site, but, alas, will not sell it, and "TV Panasonic or even better – buy a Panasonic TX-LR37G10 . Finally I want to say – trust your site, indeed your own online business in an honest reliable company guarantee a transparent promotion and then your online resource will not only be confident to keep the grant, but also bring the desired profit. Believe me, those times when the phrase "we will move your site into the Top 10 for 3 weeks, long passed. Deceive you. But nevertheless – the last choice for you and our company wants you to do it properly.

Best Internet Sites

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Tired of looking? Tired of going from one site to another in search of what you need? Is it time to stop this quest, and enjoy what you want? Here you will find the answer to the question of how to do it! Finding the desired information is often becoming whole problem, especially if the subject-specific searches. Typing the search phrase, you get lots of links, most of which can lead you to various websites, catalogs, websites, ratings and even sites, which are only fragments of your phrases. Even worse, when you start to "football" from one site to another, and as a result, what you were looking for was not found or there would be "dead" link. Sound familiar? The idea, implemented in project "The Best Internet Sites" (), represents just two areas that might interest you. Firstly, to simplify information searches, and more precisely for their exclusion, the site offered the collection links to the best sites the Internet on various topics. You do not have anything to look, you choose a topic that you need and get a collection consisting of 20-30 links the best, hand-selected sites. Often, these collections start with the links that Internet users have placed in the "Favorites" your web-browser.

Agree, you will not be added to the "Favorites" that horrible? Is that right? It is from these references, and collections are grouped by topic. Nothing more! There are no intermediate sites (doorways, rankings, directories, etc.), existing only to go to the main site and its promotion in search engines. Just what you need, what is interesting and necessary! The second idea of the site is just in the creation of such collections, or rather their purchase. If you visit the Internet long enough, surely you already have your favorite sites that you think best. Maybe you have them added to "Favorites" may have written down in a notebook, or maybe you just keep them all in your head. In any case, do not let them "gather dust" – share their experiences searching the Internet with other people, but still make money on it. You believed that you have nothing to sell? No way! Do you have a collection of links, which may simply obliged to bring you the money! The project "The best sites the Internet" will be happy to assist you in getting the right information, save you from unnecessary searches and frees a lot of time to enjoy what you're interested. Learn from other Internet users who have selected the best sites! Article from the site

United States

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

In us, it is estimated that 80 billion dollars are lost annually through this novel disease: stress. In fact, Japan lives one of the most stressful systems of the planet due to factors such as high population density, housing type 45 square meters in which five people live on average, being a country lashed by icy winds from Siberia winter and summer by Pacific storms. And to add something more, earthquakes; its lack of resources, because they are specified to import nearly 85% of everything than they consume, what has led him to have a leadership also in ulcers, alcoholism, smoking, etc. All of these symptoms are combined to produce stress and he has been established a relationship in reverse and direct this phenomenon with the quality, being a factor inversely proportional, i.e. the greater is stress, lower quality is achieved. However, it is common to observe both the industrial plants and offices of the Japan, there are scheduled breaks each two or three hours for de-stressing your people, and thus, with gymnastic tables for example, it is possible to counteract the fatal effects of this disease.

Sobering experiences have been made in this regard, with laboratory mice subjected to experiments in which are placed in cages so that they are prevented all movement; receive cyclically strong electric shocks, and operated after a predetermined time to observe the physiological effects: can be measured consideration, heart problems, ulcers and even detect cancer early; instead when it allows the animal movement, even when you can not escape from the cage, the effects occur in a proportion of one to 10 in relation to the totally immobilized animal. Mistakenly believed that, to de-stress, simply exit holiday or weekend, or through the practice of any sport at any time of day, without considering that, precisely tensions will be transferred to the sunny beach or the colorful and rhythmic room aerobics. To avoid this, various systems have been deployed already, carried out several times during the day, to counteract the deadly effects of stress. Stress has influenced significantly the quality of products; so for example, in United States is has criminalized poor quality coming out of the plant Monday, day in which staff are highly stressed. In Mexico, with production of the Friday afternoon, when the eagerness to exit are intensified, we see that quality can vary considerably; If we add to this that some supervisors like to scare their people, surprising when you make a mistake, it is a fact that added to the tension, a certain tremor that accompanies the workers for the rest of the day. It is also true that however be in vogue, stress is a phenomenon as old as humanity, since it’s a defense system that puts us on the alert to the danger and we can conceptualize it as necessary for survival. If we are we drugging a Gazelle to numb your senses, you will see How to pass before a lion, its natural, instead of escaping predators will go undeterred; It will probably be the last mistake of his life, and although stress is not properly this vital warning, attention to survive has always produced tensions.

Want To Become A Designer ?

Friday, March 11th, 2016

This article was written for, everyone who ardently desires to become a designer. In this article we will discuss not only how you can get started on this path, but it would take to achieve this goal. To begin with, what kinds of design there is set here and advertising design, fashion, Web-design, interior design, etc. On this to get started, you should determine with what kind of design you are going to do. The second step for you may be narrowing the field. For example, If you decide to do graphic design, you can specialize in the development of corporate identity.

If you decide to do interior design, you can create interiors in any particular style. Now how to become a designer: So, in order to become a designer it is necessary that you have bitten another designer, then you turn and become one of us. The joke of course, but in every joke … Since becoming designers? In the classic version Anyone can become a designer, having studied for n-Noe number of years in high school or passing the specialized courses. But here you become a "specialist" and we are well aware that are valued by professionals. And besides, do you to be 100% sure of that by giving life to the university for so many years you will gain the knowledge and experience, which both wanted to? Another thing is paying courses. You pay money and people are interested in having their work out, and the poor and unfortunate teacher in high school can be absolutely for you on the drum.

It has been such that these comrades were smoking vapor and ash gifts to our designs. And it's the least the rest slashed censorship. You understand – Russia. Another benefit rates is a term of training – it's not the years in the institute to sit.

Eastern Europe

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

A brief description should not be a follower of the aphorism "Brevity the soul of wit", and carry the most appropriate technical or consumer characteristics of goods. The site, which is taken as an example, we can point to obvious shortcomings descriptions and photos. Only a specialist is clear that the key is to complete the switch. A picture does not represent the colors are not specified in the description, not the design of product assembly. Another example, in my opinion, the correct design – a "warm floor". It can be seen it is understandable why you need.

Reaction to the buyer's order. All their actions, we create and send our site to attract visitors and inducing him to commit the order and purchase. No site is no substitute for further communication with the seller. The site is the only way to attract. The buyer wants to know everything if he understood correctly, is properly placed an order, how to make a payment, received the money when he gets his paid goods? All work will be done in vain, if the telephone numbers listed on the site no one picks it up and a sleepy voice said that we will contact you. I conducted an experiment (if necessary) by buying water filters, reverse osmosis. Of the thirty sites found: 25% – phone not answered, 35% – we will call you back, 30% – could not explain the features and differences of the filters listed on the site and subsequently did not called back, and 7%, we do not have this product and when will not know.

Only one operator received an order faster than I called back on his phone, agreed delivery time and payment method. Principle that must be embedded in the work shop: "No call, no order should be without response. Speed and response skills predetermine purchase. "Availability of goods and delivery time. The ideal situation is when all the goods are in stock. But not all trading enterprises, and even more factories, and sell products from availability. Than monetary emche product, the harder it is to keep in stock. "And here is the same only with pearl toggle switch is?" Issue visitor electrical exhibition. "Well of course these do not happen", the response manager know-all. But the opportunity to make a determined cost-effective and revenue transactions. So, do not hand over $ 1000 an exclusive option? Most importantly, do not fool with a possible delivery date. Shipping and payment. These two words can be alternated in sequence. The most familiar way of the Internet – Sales: payment on delivery. But this is not always possible for several reasons. In fact, the buyer does not resist against prepayment. Much more important to observe the rules on delivery. Promised tomorrow, but have not brought. Promised from 11 to 13, but not in time. The buyer is a man like us. He wants to timely and accurate information. Yes, no it turns out – Call warned. It's working! – Even more so call and let me know about this pleasant news. Bound – the bar a few firms. And the best advertising: word of mouth. Foreign intelligence agencies have used this method dissemination of information for Eastern Europe during the Cold War, "as one of the fastest.

Read Services

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Choose one of them, click on it to see how it works. Before you add a blog or individual articles requires registration in each of the tabs. And you can register and then add their own bookmarks at once in all the available services. It is very convenient and fast. And if you have the money, after paying vip account get access to autoenrollment more than 70 available services.

There are other benefits for vip, which can be read on the site. 5. Look for similar topics blogs and write comments. Make comments on the need Essentially, the better and better write, the more likely that your blog will not only someone to whom you wrote, but other commentators on this blog. Also helpful to leave your comments in social networks: and others that you can easily find in any search engine. 6.

Qualitatively, Pick your keywords for the post. Read the article that helped me a lot in this matter. I also recommend to check with the selection of keywords in the service Yandex, following this link:. This is a very useful service. Number of keywords on the page should also be within reasonable limits. The high density of keywords on the page will make the post unreadable. 7. Looking for friends on blogs and in the social networks. This item is in tune with the writing of comments and I think that is quite understandable. 8. Pingator blogs. What is it? This tool sends a message about the changes on the blog in some search engines and services. This helps rapid indexing changes these blog services and search engines. Here’s the link:. Know the rules, faq and ping to health. 9. Crossposting – a reproduction of the blog to other services. You probably already have seen that many services, hosting the blog, offers imports from the blog, which you already have. Why do you need? The answer is simple and clear. To attract more visitors. What services to choose this to you. Here some of them: You easily can top this list. 10. Ran into a very useful site:. Will not take your time documenting all of this site, I will only mention one, which, in my opinion, is most useful. This Crossposting to all services. That is how many services you have duplicated your blog on as many services you can immediately add a new post, writing it only once. How do you like? 11. Another useful nuance in the promotion of your blog. Publish Articles 1-2 times a week. And if more, or better. Search engines react to this positively. 12. Having your blog or website Free mailing list to notify their subscribers about the release of a new post by automatic mailing service. 13. If you do not want to spend much time on the promotion of your blog, you can register and give it an ad. Submission of ads on Yandex can be lit as a separate issue. Write to us if there is a need for it, then tell you in a separate post. Here is a list of steps that I have chosen and used for promotion of your blog. This list is incomplete, there are many other ways. I decided to confine these. Time will tell what the results will be.

Country Professionals

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

It is not counted on libraries that maintain up-to-date books, data bank of information that provides aid to the participants in the optimization of their knowledge and applicability of these in their professional exercise. Little entailment of these universities with the enterprise sectors exists very, with the State, that allows them to enter itself in the real needs of these sectors, to remove benefit to its experiences, needs, to help itself to complement in form beneficial the assimilated thing in the theory, to fortify with professional practices, dynamic participation its professional formation. It is worrisome, as in the Venezuelan case, a constant complaint of the companies which the graduated ones leave with very close knowledge, with little amplitude is pronounced, very limited and too theoretical and with nonown knowledge of the present scenes, concretely, they are not providing what the country needs for its solutions, profits. Before this worrisome reality for the Venezuelan education superior, measures are due to take that they avoid that it is continued deteriorating. One becomes necessary to take actions that entail to demand of the private universities more academic rigor, less facilismo, commercialization, more commitment. All the deformations, weaknesses must be denounced that maintain and seriously affect the formation of professionals who Venezuela requires, to demand more academicism, better formation, especially in the races that we have mentioned, that today more than ever, are necessary stops to guarantee actions that help the country to leave the turbulences that it confronts more and, before a world-wide crisis that will repel in our economy. The public universities before this reality, have opportunities to confront the challenges that benefit to them in their projection to enable optimal professionals, if they set out it, more before a competition than it shows many weaknesses; simply their authorities must reconstruct their actions for an academicism of good level, to set out to rescue the deterioramiento of the education superior, guaranteeing the formation of good professionals who collaborate with the country for reaching the development that from is time already was due to have reached.