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As Say No And Still Be A Good Person

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Currently people assume greater amount of activities and obligations, however don’t realize that most of the times its agenda is limited. Many of these activities which are assumed are obligatory cutting and therefore do not find reasons for refusing to meet them. They are required because the same people impose this idea; a clear example is when invite us to share a dinner with a relative and perhaps inside we have no desire to attend but we do it to look good. These difficulties will vary according to who is making the request when it comes to a working relationship it is even more difficult. However this can bring as consequence an overload of responsibilities that generate a vicious circle in which each day is ask us more in exchange for the same thing. Many people q do not know say that they don’t have a low self-esteem, which think it is their obligation to leave happy others beyond their wishes.

It is fear of rejection and failure is often not leaving us be dear be other good people by granting the wish of others. It is clear that we cannot deny us continuously since this would cause a big problem in interpersonal relationships as well as not would make us less flexible. Everything said above is not good neither end; You can reach an agreement or simply to say q not in a way that does not generate unrest. Sometimes we want to avoid conflicts and don’t realize that overcharge us can bring the same or worse consequences yet. The stress accumulated not only leads to conflicts but also to order organic conditions that would affect our daily lives. Per everything mentioned above it can be concluded to evaluate our desires and reality before saying that if everything and everyone. To be nice to others first that anything we should be ourselves.

United Continue

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

I prefer, I wish, pray, hope and try (from my position of granite or droplet in the immensity), able to see it, enlarge it and leave it for the following generations of another totally differently to what we can see today; more affordable, sustainable, balanced and fair for all. Rather, I would like to see a large field of freed at peace and happy, hopeful, solidarizados, United and aware global. Do we really believe we really greener, more liberated and revolutionaries? Will not we be perhaps more denatured?How many men, women, children, villages and entire cultures, more fauna, flora and its corresponding complete ecosystems. How many more must continue paying and suffering a very high price for his boldness of wanting to live in peace and harmony with its people and environment?. Why continue supporting and helping that this despotic and self-destructive current system continue maintaining and expanding, by all corners of the planet, from the nearest city? large and modern to the small and ancient ricon of our world? why are still promoting and pushing this globlal martyrdom? Why many Governments are still erroneously determined that to be more authentic, rich, happy and developed have to continue building more walls and barriers?; whose basic function is to separate the universal links of nature and human solidarity, separating peoples and species, breaking and altering fast and constantly cycles and rhythms of life. We are turning (with the inextimable help of false beliefs and myths, industries and Sciences, institutions and Governments) a planet unique and special (for now) in a gigantic jumble withered and quasi inert, in a giant, sterile and desert wasteland; extinguisher from his species, desforestador, despoblador, deshumanizador and desnaturalizador, selective and progressively.

Do we don’t realize that we devastamos, desolamos, and destroy continuously and at times?. If just for that road, There will be many possibilities to make much of the planet in the great global refugee camp (the great field of human waste, animal, plant, both organic and inorganic); It would be the dream and the ideal of a minority, and misery, perdition and nightmare of the vast majority. Even have already made their calculations; since they estimate by 20 or 30 years more, they need about 500 million refugees on the planet (whether by scarcity, droughts, famines, wars, weather, etc.). You choose, you see it or not, you understand it or not, you want it or not, the final decision is always yours, it is simple, direct and possible, do want to be a slave, or want to be free?. Or is it that we want to continue holding, pushing and perpetuating the highest pace of life, exploitation and waste of a few, at the expense of the efforts and the lives of the rest.