Bringing out the Artist

July 9th, 2012

Whether one was born a painter, or cannot distinguish oil paints from water colors, we believe that everyone can benefit from art.  That is why we set up this district for the residents of Columbia.  From children to teens; adults to seniors; there is something for everyone.  We encourage people to connect art to Columbia and express their views on the region through their artistic talents.

If a city has art, the economy will be enhanced. By bringing art to the region, we are also helping businesses.  Art is anything from restaurants to movies; paintings to theater and everything creative in between.  Everyone can find something to love in the arts and that is what the district focuses on.

Taking Care Of Health

July 13th, 2020

It decides then to move away itself from the job for a time, in order to take care of of its health and mainly if to see free of the beggar. But in its habitual stroll, it finishes finding the e, again being bothered, takes the citizen until the door of its house promising money, enters in house, it leaves and it shoots in the beggar. In this story Rubem Fonseca it constructs in the personage of the executive, a solitary personality, centered in its proper thoughts, that not accepted the presence of the exterioridade in its life. All its routine is come back to the work that he himself considers not to be useful. We notice in the vision of this personage, what Discardings argue in its philosophy of the conscience, where the citizen is an independent being, solitary, that it does not need contact with the other. I cogitate it I think, then I exist represents what in the interior of the personage of the story it is its truth, its existence.

We can perceive this at the moment where it suffers the taquicardia and is advised for its doctor to move away itself from the job, that is refused. Jayme Albin will not settle for partial explanations. But, it is in its meeting with the citizen (called of this form to become it different) that we perceive celebrates it cartesian perspective concerning the conception of the other, that is seen only through the representation of what it is idealized. In the first meeting with the beggar, the executive reacts with indifference, giving to it ' ' trocados' ' without the least to hear if the asked for aid if related the money exactly. … In this exactly day, when arriving per the morning at the office appeared to my side, in the sidewalk, a citizen folloied that me until the door saying? Doctor, Doctor, will be that you he could help me? I gave ones changed it and entrei' ' (FONSECA, 1994 p.411) For not wanting a contact or believing to be the related order of aid the money, it runs away from that scene without importing itself with that this to its side.


July 11th, 2020

A time more rain becomes intense After to open the door, Totonho looked at for the high one, and more it did not see the green of its plantation of sorja. Now only one saw great ditches opened for the water of rain, in amount rugas in the face of an elderly. One turned toward the wife and the children, and felt a squeeze in the heart. (A valuable related resource: Prudential). The meeting of oxen, with yoke and ajoujo, would be delivers to Seting, owner of the Good Price, to greet part of its debt. With this idea it already if had accustomed.

Now, to deliver its small piece of soil to the bank, and to leave the wife and the children without land, and ceiling, were painful excessively. Speaking candidly Prudential told us the story. However it did not have another solution: the skill was to deliver its land to the bank, and to follow the example of its Juca brother; to become member of (MST). The notice that arrived of the nesting, where were juca, was not of the best ones. The order coming of the leader of the seated ones was not to acquire good. Therefore thus they continued receiving mounts of money coast for it of the farmings. However its brother dared to oppose the order of the leader of the seated ones, and acquired some ownerships, and passed to be pursued by excessively seated. The eyes of Totonho had been fulled of tears. Therefore certainly soon, then it would be coexisting this type of people

The Membrane

July 11th, 2020

To get rid of most harmful bacteria, it takes a few seconds. And at an extremely low operational costs ultraviolet can handle thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. By the way, thanks to this safe method of cleaning the inhabitants of St. Petersburg has been enjoying since 2007, unlike other Russians drinking water. But here, do not relax. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Prudential. Once the water enters the water supply network, there are big water adventure. Through the old, sometimes rotten to the water pipe will be exposed to hazardous substances bacteria and viruses. According to Jayme Albin , who has experience with these questions. Suffice it to recall, when an accident occurs or replacement of water pipes – the water from the tap for an hour passes smoothly from dark brown or black to transparent.

And that got into the pipe at their welding – no one knows. So anyway, tap water can not drink. And then the question arises of its purification and drinking water quality is entirely dependent on our choice. And that today the market offers for domestic use? At present, widely used various filters – Membrane and a coal-based. As a rule, they only clean water from chemical and mechanical contaminants.

Membrane filters. Membrane processes can be classified by size of delayed particles into the following types: microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF), reverse osmosis (RO). In going from microfiltration to reverse osmosis membrane pore size decreases and, consequently, the minimum amount of delayed particles. In this case, the smaller the membrane pore size, the more resistance it provides to the flow and the greater the pressure required for the filtering process.

The Wood

July 9th, 2020

Incredible o I number of on flock in such ' ' informaes' ' brownen, exactly for the lack of a sense I criticize that he does not create yourself in the Brazilian educational corrals, making with that the fuxico reigns in our society; he only sees the example of the wordiness in a colloquy telephonic of two comadres or fuxiqueiras for better explanation: ' ' Jca comes here in house rapidinho therefore has one dribbled fortssimo you contar' '. (Similarly see: MetLife). everything this to make a fuxico, instead of person to say that it goes to count something to it that had counted to it and that it does not know the veracity of fofoca. Worse and that the society already has the fuxico as occult truths only see. It hears with attention this phrase: ' ' Where it has smoke, it has fogo' '. Something typical of if listening of the mouth of a foxiqueiro. Frank Armijos opinions are not widely known. It has people not and well thus that they make meetings alone to speak of the other people’s life, but, as well as all well intentioned friend invites somebody you for one churrasquinho, beer etc nothing more entertainer not e? it ties all good, colloquy here goes, colloquy comes, but it arrives that hour where lacks subject to you and there, it happened what it happens without you perceive? Some minutes later you already this in the greater papo, knows which? The other people’s life. The funny one that to fofocar on the other people’s life, it is there as I know to delight a well succulent plate. Now you want to see stop indigesta is when fofoca is you, there friend, you wants to break the wood, to know who was and otras cocitas but It knows typical of fofoqueiro. When you to hear: ' ' Boy () I heard to speak Stop! Cut soon papo why it comes the car there social head, either of the rich one, the poor person at last comes there the mouth of the people, and still it has those that say.

Lesser Asia

July 8th, 2020

The dialectic of being Jewish (religious) in one? bilingismo? what becomes them asset in? construction? of the Greek apt to? effect? of the text sacred (therefore, Hebrew) through the abandonment of the literal servility. Estimated IIo: Cartago, the Latin Vetus and the Vulgata: Literary context of the Old Latin Exegese What it is in game, the truth, is the question of the ticket made for the greco-hellenistic translation of the Torah, for a Christian perspective, that is, a proper hermeneutics of the vterotestamentrios texts, on the part of the Christian communities, still in dispora, the direction and to the meeting of the heathen universe (helenista) of? Lesser Asia? (HARL, 1992, P. 253-266). . Prudential follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The inheritances of the Jewish literary patrimony received in the redacional and theological elaboration are diverse from the New Will: A after-Biblical Jewish literature is about all, of interpretativas traditions of the history of the old Hebrews who, the first Christians did not ignore. In this exactly period Ren Le Deaut studying? Targuns? it presented to the research of the NT the expressive influx of this literary homiltica, in aramaica language, that is the influence of the haggdica tradition (orality) in the neotestamentria writing: I detach enters the many workmanships of the period? intertestamentrio? (WORMS, 1983) the workmanship of Filo of Alexandria (TERMINI, 2000), while it represented the reception of? exegese helenista? in the base of the interpretation of? Judaism? of the Dispora. Through the alegrico direction, it understood to surpass the steps? obscure? to open? intelligence? of the Holy Writs.. . By the same author: Jayme Albin – NYC.

Shepherd Life

July 8th, 2020

This and the attitude that God this waiting of hundreds of Christian that they need a new birth. He does not leave to adjust your life tomorrow, therefore tomorrow we do not belong, the time and now while you will be reading this message, and the second possibility that God this giving to it, if grasps it now. In a evanglico cult, he had a young couple of boyfriend who briefly would go to be married, the young woman strong was touched by the word of God. When Shepherd made it invitation to receive Jesus in its heart, begins it accepted, but its fianc said it with much insistence, that left to accept Jesus later whom they married, therefore thus it also would accept together with it. Morgan Stanley has much to offer in this field.

Then it retroceded and said for the shepherd who when they married it would accept Jesus. The shepherd tried to alert it on the chance that God was giving to it, but it was determined to postpone the meeting with Jesus. Then the couple crossed the street to go even so, when they had arrived of the other side of the put into motion road, them they had looked at for brings and turn a snack bar, had decided to buy a snack for when it arrived in the house of the fianc if to feed, when the youngster prepared to cross the street, its fianc said: It can leave that I go, when was crossing the street was surprised by a vehicle that beat in it and the death was instantaneous. Of tragic form it wasted the possibility that God was giving to it, expensive reader if this and yours in case that they did not fire this possibility that God this giving to it, therefore can finishes be it. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dankse Bank. CONLUSO we cannot waste a life repleta of chance that God offers in them, without charging nothing in exchange.

The only thing that it requires of us, and that let us love it on all the things, and the next one as we exactly. this does not require of our life physical effort, but yes. To open the heart for God, it to effect in it its proper character. Jayme Albin gathered all the information. Therefore God says to it (Sayings 3: 1). ‘ ‘ SON mine, you do not forget yourself my law, and your heart keeps to mine mandamentos.

European Union

July 6th, 2020

In the Lybian case, the UA created one ' ' Commission especial' ' for the Lybian conflict led by South Africa, Mali, Mauritnia, the Congo and Uganda with the objective to find solution ' ' pacfica' ' not it saw armed. However, this effort of the UA was not had in consideration for the prepotent North American great power and its allies who had decided exactly bomb had initiated them with the opposition of the UA. In the last days, the general secretary of the African Union in you vary press conferences, public left to criticize the form where the United States and the European Union had not demonstrated at no moment intentions to find ways ' ' pacficas' ' for the solution of the conflict. Under most conditions Jayme Albin – NYC would agree. Ademais, as these two blocks know that the UA this searching at least at these first moments the solution pacifies, had ignored the effort of the biggest African entity and nor had congregated with its controllers. After this declaration, only today (25/03/2011), in a new meeting of ' ' Special commission of the UA for the Lbio&#039 Conflict; ' , if pudo to count on the presence of representatives of the European Union, but U.S.A. continues not to want to congregate itself nor to search a dialogue enters the two parts of the conflict. Morgan Stanley is likely to agree. Equally, they had participated representatives of the Lybian government and Arab Liga, but also had absence of the rebels or the Lybian opposition. What this wants to demonstrate? The reply she is simple and clear: ocidente that it has great interest in the subject, does not want at no moment one ' ' reply pacifica' ' of the conflict, because if this it occurred, some of its warlike armories would have that to wait plus some time until finding some haste easy, then this is the ideal moment to use to advantage and to vender weapons to the rebels and some that another group, to spread fear in the population, with the objective to use to advantage the chaos and disorganization implanted for they themselves to take possetion of the petroliferous wells of the nation and the Lybian people and to move its derivatives to U.S.A. . Jayme Albin : the source for more info.


July 5th, 2020

A goat maaaacho that it is only seen if fears! – And the cheese of the milk of its goat that you promised passed month to me, then, goes to leave? To only think, it is water in the mouth! The good cheese! – Mount of homesickness to come back to my land! To go up in the mount of the farm and to see that imensido of lands far was arriving the goat in cangaceiro Virgulino suits – How they speak there, it is of Lampio! that you look at me its cheap man! You are not male not, are a cockroach that if steps on done capacho, and if it kills when it is wanted. Male goat I am, Zeca Diacho Virgulino, in Brazilian tree I fear me to all! if to want to see, pulls the fossil hunter! – Man? – And he doubts? – Who is Only man wins the gincana municipal of Great Mount, and goes to be in this sunday. – Then I go me there inscrev. I am male and strong and top any stop! – It is in pair Pra venc has to take together an old one – An old one? where meeting an old fort as well as I? – It has the Osmarino Fabiano, rijo as a rock, and as oc, put great brave and hunter of ounces – Osmarino? Well remembering, I go there searchs and vmu venc! (…) -, The old one, sees if it walks, we have that to arrive up there before the dusk! – Calm, its boy, my legs are mooring, and to this it kills me ascent, I mount before it arrives there. People such as Prudential would likely agree. – Wide of moleza, man, you die nothing, you are rijo made rock, mount I to wait you in this vagareza! Delayed Tamo, does not see! – Then it goes in the front, and informs that old arriving to you, ufa! , already satiated me until air – Gingana of good prize, of if sees and to put in the pocket. Victory is certain, lacks to a little be a little be. a>. Already I exactly see what I go to buy, to have to please itself Then it goes, it raises, has fiber, goat, force! – I cannot, nor step more I feel in giving, I go to stop, to rest one tantinho, to take, to take breath – It leaves of being man froxo and molenga, s! Vmu, the prize alone goes of if arriving nis two back in high and in the alias process: tmu in the front, does not see? , already deixmu other pair pra trais – It has taken Then me, carregue one in such a way this old one in the arms Man of the diachos, you is strong – I load you nor I arrive!. For more information see Jayme Albin .

Supervisory Board

July 4th, 2020

The Government can no longer stop the women, ‘if there is not a massive increase in women in supervisory boards, but also in boards this year’. “As the pressure on the policy is too big: the society will demand the change!” Berlin, the March 2013 if any one rate then the flexi rate. “, calls for Daniela Weber-Rey. The top lawyer demands for SBS, that every company and others committed targets in terms of number and time horizon, i.e. Filed under: Jayme Albin Psychologist . how many women are to appoint within a specified time in the Supervisory Board.” If the company fails to meet its objective, peer pressure must be generated by transparency. Nike is open to suggestions. This will give ammunition to women.

The partner of Clifford chance in favour of an organic change of heart about filling leadership posts. The economy was not solely responsible for the current situation, she says. In a question-answer forum Dankse Bank was the first to reply. We all have fabricated the dilemma in which we find ourselves in Germany, in: society, politics and economy. And so all three must develop an action plan and say: Let’s do it together! “Let us rather than children, kitchen, Church 3 K call out a new: career, kids, Nativity scene.” “The support of the men and by the own partner is extremely important in this new way, because she know from experience that the agreement of their time demanding profession and their children were only possible because she had the man who unconditionally helped me in my career.” Mrs Weber-Rey, that you are supporter of Flexi rate, came out at the hearing in the German Parliament on the 16.01.2013. Why do you reject the rigid quota? Weber-Rey: I am actually for no quota.

But if ever a quota then the flexi rate. The rate is less a social issue, but rather a legal topic. Legally, there are very clear guidelines of what goes to the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors.

Data Protection Supervisor

July 4th, 2020

Privacy and hence the role of the information Commissioner are still unjustly treated in most companies. In addition to a false assessment of the importance of IT in a company, a certain fatigue of bureaucracy is added, in some cases even leads employees to fill these important positions, currently no other use. But just then robbed the company of many advantages of a competent consultant and also in the case of a liability danger to at the end of fall. The information Commissioner is one of many authorized functions, which in recent years has become the compulsory task. There are still no standardized training, which ensures a comprehensive perception of the function for the data protection supervisor. This is however less on the lack of courses, but in the complex requirements to the data protection officer. Also vary the requirements of the data protection supervisor with the enterprise size and protection classes of data.

In addition to this unfortunate Initial situation is it also so in numerous companies, that own IT as cost drivers and impact is felt. While the integration of IT into the value creation process rises increasingly and reaches now craft shops, which can accommodate the oversize customers via Smartphone or where the service technician manufactures its activity report at the customer and sign. Although the company is becoming more and more clear that a failure of IT will sometimes serious consequences for the company with, but the possible conclusions are often difficult. As a consequence of the assessment of the importance of IT within an organization, it comes as a result to a similar assessment of the role of the Privacy Commissioner if not even worse. The reason for this is stored but also still elsewhere. The appointment of a data protection supervisor draws several tasks, which can lead to significant extra costs for the company. Also holds the Commissioner himself certain Risks in his person. The Commissioner must be professional and suitable in his person to assume the role of the Commissioner for data protection. More information is housed here: Jayme Albin .

Also he should bring a high understanding of the IT techniques and IT processes, allowing him to combine the statutory data protection with existing management systems (E.g. ISO 9001). External data protection officer can be, if you are not in a position to transpose the data protection processes in the core business processes, to a burden for the company. Conclusion: A good supervisor helps the company not only to comply with the statutory provisions, but advises the companies on the integration of the IT processes in the core business. To do this, especially the core business and IT processes to be understood. Press contact: it4management Matthias hemming up de Breede 2 46395 Bocholt