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Sunday, March 31st, 2013

At this time taking advantage of new technologies such as the Internet and the new concepts of Marketing, big types of business opportunities that allow you to create large companies have opened. Four trends: an opportunity can be defined as a favourable combination of circumstances. In the world of international business this usually involves the explosion of trends favourable to initiative. While we cannot say that we are experts, a great trend we know when we see it. Moreover it has been said that success occurs when it is the opportunity and preparation. If that’s true, then should be even clearer when four explosive tendencies join!.

No.1 Internet trend: The biggest of our lives change. Even if you are not interested in computers, it is hard to ignore the impact that Internet and e-commerce in our society have had in the last decade and a half. Piar is it. Fifteen years is not so long! A single child at that age is in tenth grade but this child called Internet is already a commercial industry in the category of trillions of dollars not bad for a teen!. Trend No. 2 distribution: the greatest opportunity for wealth.

The renowned economist Paul Zane Pilzer says that during the last century, manufacturing technology has advanced considerably, leaving the mass of a product cost tied in the process of distribution between the manufacturer and the consumer. In fact, it estimated that average basket of goods, the product assigned to the manufacturing cost is only 15%, while the other 85% can be attributed to the distributions. Trend No. 3 franchise: the largest in the past 50 years trend. Before the Internet arrived, perhaps the biggest trend that hit the business world was the concept of franchising. An old idea actually found acceptance and the subsequent global expansion followed the efforts of a man, Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald s Corporation.

5 Points Important About Business On The Internet

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

In the few months I’ve been in this GDI business I have encountered people of all kinds, as well as in the daily relations, know different people and each thinks differently. I say this because I have encountered some people who agree in their way of thinking, and I remember that I also thought the same way before me well informed about business on the internet. The reality of things is that, to not be constantly studying the different opportunities that the internet offers us, we do not realize the potential that we can achieve if we are in continuous learning. Specifically, I want to talk to them about those people who have told me: If Lorena, sounds very good business opportunity, but I don’t want to invest, not the internet; give me confidence you sound familiar? probably, to me sounds very familiar because I thought so once I researched and I nutri with information from expert authors on the subject, I realized how wrong that was. So far, I can’t say that I’m rich, I can also tell you that I live with what GDI I da; what I can say is that I receive a sum of money monthly to meet my business on the internet in my spare time (and go that my spare are soooo few). I have found the way to automate a little all this my blog, my posts on twitter and sending electronic newsletters; in following posts I will tell you some of these tips so that they can use them also, but on this occasion I will not deflect me with that lens. A.

where I is that, if you’re one of those people who still doubtful about the reliability of the internet to do business, I want to tell you some important points: * Internet not gives you money * on the internet you can have your business if you invest a little * TU business needs your patience, your work and your perseverance, without that there is nothing * internet business investment is much lower than the investment that would you do if you want to mount your business physically * the security of your personal information is secure on the internet I invite you to meditate on these points that you mention, then I’ll send you my whys and We compare criteria, what you think? Link to the article: Lorena Eng. Beltran N. Director of discover as starting your own business in Internet in your free time and really earn US $21.699 monthly before 20 months.