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Ebert Frankfurter Landstrasse

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

The Hanau online printing company druckbombe.de now offered for its customers more, useful additional functions on their website. Immediately present Hanau, the may – any registered user at can information concerning his training, his field of activity, company, etc. in their profile. Thus, the users get the additional option to find this information of other users and potential business partners. The developer team of druckbombe.de want to call but no more general social network portal in the life, but offered only a business platform for the advertising and creative industries.

Primary sense and purpose of the platform should be the presentation of own craft, as well as finding the right business partner. During this transition, druckbombe.de will implement more services, such as about the feature “MyDesktop”, which is offered for the first time in the German network. With the help of this service, each customer receives a unique business interface within the druckbombe.de platform. about it can every user in the future even easier and faster to order, which save main products or entire product categories on his personal desktop for him. Another peculiarity is specially decorated Download Center for this portal.

It offered different templates and all members of the network receive the option to provide their own templates in the Download Center. druckbombe.de will further expand this feature so that available finished in design, Photoshop and Illustrator files in the optimal format for downloading. Free, even complete magazine are offered in addition to leaflets, folders, business cards, postcards, etc. About druckbombe.de druckbombe.de is a Web-to-print provider that specializes in cheap online printing of high-quality printed products. With printing machines at four different locations, as well as the use of the principle of collective bow can direct print jobs quickly and implemented with cost advantages be. The professionals in the advertising and printing industry since 1987 operation employs about 50 people and supplies major companies as well as small and medium-sized companies. Contact: druckBOMBE.de INH. Claus Ebert Frankfurter Landstrasse 52 D-63452 Hanau / Hesse, Germany Tel.: + 49 (0) 6181 / 440-858-50 fax: + 49 (0) 6181 / 440-858-88 E-Mail: Internet address: blog.druckbombe.de

Hitherto Unique Study

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

What are the requirements have the professionals today to work in the hospitality industry? Operational and not region-specific factors are decisive for the acceptance and retention of jobs. “” German Berlin-based business consulting Consulting has last week published a study entitled the region-specific factors in the lack of skilled workers in the hospitality industry at the example of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern “published.” It was by German consulting both created and funded. Objective of the study is to investigate whether there are region-specific factors for a possible shortage and what demands and expectations today, have professionals to work in the hospitality industry. Only when the cause of looming shortages are known and understood the needs of workers, be it consulting according to German, to develop coordinated, concrete and therefore effective measures for finding and binding by employees for the hospitality industry. The results of the study show that are not region-specific factors essential for the decision of experts in adopting and maintaining a workplace in the hospitality industry. Many professionals would accept a job in obvious location disadvantages of such as poor transport connections, inadequate housing and insufficient childcare facilities as long as the operational factors correspond to your requirements.

Experts call for personnel action. Individual vocational training and a wages proportionate to the regional cost of living are particularly relevant factors. The study showed that especially long-time professionals and Deputy Head of the Department disproportionately feeling the relationship between their wages and the high of cost of living as a (complete). This is also a reason for leaving the regions for some. Also for young professionals is wage levels of one of the most significant factors in determining for a workplace. Still, the study found that the most skilled workers, in particular of generation Y, a tremendously strong need for professional development and individual measures of personnel management have.

No Guarantee On Commissions

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Intermediaries can rely not readily that a mediation company retains its distribution system. Without any special contractual agreement in principle no obligation to organise that the amount of a performance-based variable pay for individual agents does not change this is for a company. This has currently decided the Federal Labour Court. Although is assumed through sales representatives, that the entrepreneur has a duty to make the distribution system so that a sufficient income opportunity the trade representative. Organizational obligation but finds its limit in the discretion of the company.

The design of an operation, the question of whether and in what way someone economically wants to press, is part of the fundamental entrepreneurial freedom. So basically, it is the right of the company, to set up the operation and refactor as it appears this right and reasonable. This entrepreneurial freedom is alone arbitrary action limited. Because a company must take sufficient account of the interests of the commercial agent, and must not be contrary to no reasonable reason this. This is the case if the decision taken by the company without checking and balancing of the conditions occurs, an entrepreneurial discretion has not been exercised or is prompted the decision for unrelated reasons. However, a business decision is not be arbitrary if it turns out later as inappropriate or misguided. When the duty then offered to the consideration of the interests of the agent is however to take into account that this mostly achieved income from commissions. He is therefore affected by changes in the distribution system in a special way of success and failure.

Changes in the distribution system are successful, benefited the brokers by higher commissions that proved they failed, this has led to fewer contracts and lower commissions. A broker can’t accept without special circumstances, a company may legally bound with the organisation of its distribution system. Not arises from maintaining certain distribution structures over a long period of time and the use of an intermediary in these structures therefore, that a company assigned to want to use activity it in. Dietmar Goerz lawyer of the law firm specialised in financial services GPC law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft indicates mbH. The decision of the Federal Labor Court although refers to an employee. However, whose testimony on commercial agents can be transferred”, so the Berlin lawyer. There is a similar judgment of the Landgericht Hannover in the year 2001 “, Gorizia thinks. Web link incl. links to judgments: public/1340968_Keine_Garantie_auf_Provisionen /.

VermogensZentrum Gmb

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Borrower must account for this in your long-term financial planning. Also in the estate, the whereabouts should be regulated clearly by real estate. Who would like to surviving spouses in the House remain, this should be stipulated in his will and funding be secured. Play it safe: the financial advice with the VZ for real estate finance provides financing advice the VZ. A partner to the side, who accompanies them until the conclusion of the contract is thus borrowers. Benefits are a large selection of over 300 financing partners and independence when choosing a provider. So, borrowers get a loan on favourable terms easily and within a short time. The VZ VermogensZentrum the VZ VermogensZentrum is an independent financial advisory services and asset management.

Focuses on retirement and estate planning, investment and asset management for private customers aged 50 and over. The VZ is represented with offices in Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Nuremberg. As an independent House distributes the VZ no own financial products and is not an intermediary, but funded from consultancy fees and management fees. The VZ consultants are already for the eighth time in a row to the best financial advisors of the year”. URO and the GOING PUBLIC award this magazine! Academy for Finanzberatung AG once in a year. The VZ-VermogensZentrum GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the VZ holding (Switzerland) AG, the leading independent financial advisors in the Switzerland. The VZ Group advises individuals, businesses and institutions in all financial matters. founded in 1993, the FT group employs over 600 staff in more than 20 locations in the Switzerland and Germany. Mid-2012 managed the VZ client assets of approximately 7.5 billion. Contact VZ VermogensZentrum GmbH WDE narrow Maximilian square 12, 80333 Munchen phone: 089-288 117-0 Fax: 089-288 117-10 E-Mail:


Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

The learning if of the one from trainings, experience and comments, where when deciding themselves for some change and practising it for a reasonable time this learning if it consolidates. It is through the learning and of the understanding of the same one that if it can have notion of the easinesses, difficulties or limitations that porventura a pupil or citizen can have. It is known that throughout the history of the humanity the man has observed and opted, has taken decisions take that them to another platform in its history.

This comment and taking of decision if must to the learning that occurs on determined. Such learning every day occurs in all the moments of the life of the human being. Studies disclose that it has some forms of learning, products of the learning, amongst other aspects that analyzed separately provides in to understand them definitive actions and reactions of the people ahead of contents that consider interesting. For in such a way, this work if considers to present of form sucinta the description of the learning, as well as definiz it of brief form later to present the products of the learning. Sprouting of the Theory of the Learning the psychology of the learning has been considered as component basic of experimental psychology. Many had been the questions raised throughout the initial years, therefore the studies were developed with animals and studious of this behavior they did not accept the nature of basic the mental units.