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The Variables

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Phase of knowledge of the target market without going into greater depth on concepts of marketing, it is not the aim of this series of articles, is necessary to start from the fact that there is a universe of which we must begin to extract our potential customers. This is not another thing that the Global market, i.e. the entire universe of individuals or companies who are willing to generate an exchange of money for goods or services that need or believe need. This is an extremely broad universe, by tato what we resort to a concept called the target market. This is crossing the variables in the Global market with the characteristics of my product, service and company.

I.e., generates a universe of potential customers that due to its location, purchasing power, economic activity, needs and another large quantity of variables, cross with the offer that my company can offer them, i.e. We agree on location, I can give you what you are probably looking for, within the prices that can be paid, with the level of service expected, etc. This requires much more work than what I am saying here, but in practice, the fact is to identify a group of people, companies or organizations that could need and acquire what my company offers and my company might be able to meet these needs in a cost-effective manner. in thinking about this, there is another variable. There may be other companies or individuals that offer the same or something similar to what my company does. Even there can be others that already have clients and who have more experience than my company. This is called competition, i.e. There are other persons or companies that may be trying to reach the same target market that have defined or that interests us. It is necessary to bear in mind that competition does exist, as they do their job, that do them so well, etc.

Business Online

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

If you’re new to Internet business, I guess you’ll be extremely frustrated because you’re still not doing any sale. You have in your mind a picture of you on the beach with your laptop computer, counting the amount of money you do everyday of your residual income. Imagine being able to buy everything you want to buy without even thinking as soon as will cost you. You look at the car and the home of your dreams, spending more time with your family. But unfortunately the reality is that until the moment you’ve invested a significant amount of time and dedication to your business, and you’ve not yet seen any results. Outrageous right? But you should remember that the only way to succeed in this business is abandoning. Remember that you must focus on your current business and cling to him.

It is not the product that is going to determine the outcome of your success, you’re your. This may be a surprise to some, but to have a great success with a business on the Internet, like any other business, requires time and effort. The good thing about Internet is that it is really very easy for make sales. Only need two things to make a fortune on the web: A legitimate product with an attractive sales page traffic to your site that is everything! Traffic are your visitors to your web site. No traffic equals no sale. There is a very common misconception about internet, which is to say that anyone can make a fortune and become a millionaire with an online business.

Let’s say that you just launch your new website with a legitimate product that you are hoping to sell and make a fortune. Thats actually have a good attitude, but many people think that somehow a swarm of potential buyers, magically they will visit your website and buy your product. Unfortunately this is not the case. There to face the harsh reality that in these moments, your site is impossible to find. So we have established that, make sales, require a constant flow of traffic to your website. Here is where 95% of Internet sellers are blocked. So, how to get traffic to your? site? For starters, a free and very effective, simple method is the drafting and publication of articles. You just need a little time and creativity on your part. Write an article about your home business, and your experiences (make sure that it is not only a sales page, include your name and a link to your website at the bottom, but make sure that the article has good content that people want to read.) It then sends articles to the article directories. You have two possible ways of doing this. Try to write articles presentation or submission of articles free, there must be hundreds of directories of articles where you can submit your articles manually and free. You can also automate the submission of your article. You can pay a small fee to have someone by sending your article to thousands of directories for you make sure you include a link to your website at the bottom of each article. In this way, each article that is presented will be an open door to your web site. How many more articles present, more possibilities for people to join your site. What you do is your business.


Thursday, July 28th, 2016

When we started a MLM business we do with great enthusiasm, imagination soars, wishing wealth, well-being, economic independence. All this can get you, not from one day to another, or within a few months, can that you afternoon a little more, but you don’t want to say that you are gaining substantial benefits and get a desired dream, to the Summit of success. The important thing is to set goals and realistic expectations to reach your objective Summit. Make small goals every day approaching us the great goals of life these rush to reach the Summit of success, it is how to scale a mountain without being prepared, with the tools and the appropriate levels. The prognosis is probably you might not get get to the top, or even get those substantial benefits to short or medium term and less economic independence. With the ingredients and the proper training, success is assured many people failing in MLM, for wanting to go faster, are little realistic, and discourage any obstacle, without stopping to think that they are doing with your business, ask your sponsor, i.e., seek solutions. Remember the great things you’ve got, an academic title, have a House, create a family, a career, were not from one day to another. Right? In business it happens equally. For even more details, read what Elon Musk says on the issue.

Everything has its good is process that enthusiasm and illusion when you start in a MLM business, which has been generated by a desire to improve your situation, win quality of life, aside from money. Now you land in your MLM business, and the important thing is to first meet a learning curve necessary to achieve success and advance as a business person. Learn, get involved in everything related to your multivel with your upline business, knows its products, its compensation plan, for when you have your own network, including to your prospects know respond, and properly train when the time comes, having correct posture as a leader. The system of defined work, tools your upline, are main base to achieve your success. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Intel. And it is not enough just knowing them, but that you put them into practice, to take action.


Thursday, July 28th, 2016

It costs ten times more to attract a new customer who preserve one already existing in effort, time and money. This powerful phrase is something that all businesses know (or should know) but few apply. And why?. because there will be many reasons, but I think that a major is that the commercial departments are more dumps in getting new customers in loyalty to those who already have. If we transfer such operations to the internet, where a commercial figure who visit customers, does not appear the subject of consolidating them is something that few companies engaged effort, and this is a significant error.

At a time in which we are in which competition is atrocious, where there are many companies on the internet that do the same as us, one of the values that we must differentiate is customer service, the MIME, the exquisite care that makes them feel really important. Because they are not. Because today, users / clients of a company (and even more on the internet) do not seek only to buy something, looking for experiences, sensations and feeling with the company. If we add to this that the internet user is clearly proactive influence, we can begin to understand why retain customers is so important. Any action of loyalty that we want to carry out on the internet will need to understand at least three phases: planning, action, and analysis of results. This can be translated into working with a well structured operative and in which everyone in the company knows what to do.

Planning involves treating the loyalty as a campaign by itself, where objectives must be perfectly defined. Loyalty involves a totally different acquisition strategy, because it is a customer who already knows us and has bought us something. Implies starting to know why us has bought (confidence in the company, price, quality, influence of another client.), either through quick surveys or through an email of thanks.

Miriam Autor

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

The time devoted to training in entrepreneurs is a key factor for good results.On the other hand to start earning money continuously and constant and important are needed at least between ten months and a year and a half working steady, orderly and methodical, but above all things persevering, since Internet time is responsible for doing a good job to yield their fruits. The active and long permanence of an Internet business is another factor that determines the success of a venture, since it generates confidence in the public. And on the Internet that manda is the publico.3) to earn money on the Internet is enough to have a product, a website, and customers come alone: FALSOAntes have a product and a page where to market it, there are other actions of vital importance when it comes to think a business in Internet.Lo first and essential is to know what you want to achievethen plan how will be achieved, and this is not nor more not less that establish a Plan of the Negocio.alli should be captured exactly what are the objectives in order to define which will be the way, then running a market study, searches which are the skills and personal preferences, and later worry about why micromercado will be yours, and at the end come products and pages not before, but in the end.Respect that customers come alone well, perhaps has to clarify that such is the offer that there is, if you leave them alone probably never get to know what you have to offer. Customers look for them later or sooner there to find them, and show them that their offer is mejor.4) people do not buy on the Internet: FALSOCada and more people accessing Internet searching for information first and then products, in recent years this means sales have increased more than 60%.It must be acknowledged that the case of information products (in various formats) that can be downloaded immediately after payment, are those that have greater demand, and seems to be that it continue to do so for a long time.Also the physical products have their role, with the massive they have reached sites auctions and buying and selling of products, is common to enter to the website to view prices, compare benefits and in any case buy without leaving the House any of the millions of products at oferta.5) to be successful in Internet have to invent something new or having a bright idea: FALSONecesariamente should one sell somethingHowever if we make our step-by-step project, surely will find services and products which could be better or more efficient and are not that could be our key to improve something that already exists.To achieve success goals and well delineated objectives should be clearly defined, you should plan carefully and strategically the way forward, should establish a link with customers, a relationship that builds trust, it must be what distinguishes us and we stand out from the rest, but above all things to succeed makes lack commitment to oneself and much perseverance. A comment is always welcome, thank you.

Spencer Johnson

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

So the day that occurred the change, they simply changed with it, without losing sight of what was its essential in life purpose: obtain your precious cheese. We draw our conclusions. This brief participation of sniff and scurry in the fable by Spencer Johnson, has much to teach us. First, the cheese is the success that you want most in life: have lots of money, finish a race with honors, having a marriage and a family happy, and more. Each has its own special cheese you’re looking for and that’s what should never change us, i.e. Read more here: Aetna Inc.. our goals must be so clear that they can illuminate us in the worst dark. Secondly, sniff and scurry enjoy cautiously of the cheese have been found.

No, no they are paranoid, rather they are fully aware that true success is not an eternal thing, but the constant development of our gifts, a daily and well thought out search. And thirdly, no they hiperreflexionan on the problem of change, because they recognize that it is a natural matter that the cheese is finished sometime and that should, in consequence, exit and more. To analyze these three short and simple conclusions, obtained of the two mice, we have no more than go back to look at our own search for cheese. How are of clear our objectives? We are cautious and humble with success, or take it for granted? We break your head wondering why have ensued us the misfortunes, or decided that it is time to begin to move in search of more cheese? But you have to understand each one of these questions, because maybe we draw the erroneous conclusion that must initiate another marriage, have new children, throw overboard a lifetime of institutional and professional career, etc., when in fact what we need is a change in the way in which we do things and not a change in the things themselves. Have the wisdom to know when a Rafter of things is necessary and when the change is rather methods (the way we do something), is a challenge, but even then, a clear and objective answer of the three questions that are in this paragraph will be a good place to start our new search of delicious cheese. Remember that although pain and disillusionment sometimes accompanies growth, we who decide how to use that experience to make it a stepping stone that bring us closer to the true success: the constant development of our goals in life.