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President Santos

Monday, December 31st, 2018

To the rector of the National University, Moises Wasserman, the entry of the private sector for research money is not a novelty. Universities are working with the company for 40 or 50 years. There are committees University-Business – State in all regions of the country, says.What do give rise to concerns on the guiding is how and with what purpose would enter the money from private companies for the improvement of the educational service, as the project poses.The Minister of education, Maria Fernanda Campo, clarifies that not it’s resources to buy desks or boards, but to strengthen research at universities. The idea is that the company put the silver, sell services, develop knowledge and hopefully win fairly. Mark Bertolini: the source for more info. With those utilities are you can continue to invest in education, explains field.Today – added the Minister – a businessman contracted services with the University, but we want to go further; that the employer not only recruit, but invest capital to develop specific projects which will reach into his pocket and generate innovation with the help of the universities. Although none of the guiding talked about the issue in public, met one of the fears generated by this proposal is intellectual property. What will happen with the new knowledge that generate the universities, but with the capital of the companies?Universities with the aim of lucroEste is another point that generate concerns. For the guiding, the creation of this new figure can compromise the quality of higher education.

Approve this proposal, according to the Minister of education, the companies could invest resources in universities, associated with any institution of higher education or create one of your own. All of these, profit would be one of the features not seen today in the universities: none is created with these purposes and profits must be reinvested in the institution.Do do countries like Brazil would bet on this strategy with excellent results: in 12 years went from 1? 800,000 students to almost 6? 000.000, taking a 75 percent of non-profit institutions, highlighted President Santos.Para the guiding, beyond the figures, there is a risk the expense of quality and highlight that part of the success of this strategy in Brazil is due to that the country also significantly increased investment in public universities, which, ultimately, are who generate knowledge and are more likely to be in the ranking of the best universities.

Best Brands

Sunday, December 30th, 2018

Here you are Action ‘Dream curves’ and the image trailer ‘only is one of the ideal line!’ in the Center. Moreover, the product features and benefits of B12 presented, directly linked to online catalog and dealer locator the active sales promotion. “We have developed a campaign that is modern and sparkling, without losing the most important argument in the eyes: the quality of the chassis”, explains Torsten Kusmanow, owner of the Agency FORCE. “Incumbents in the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers in the premium and special series segment are Bilstein and Eibach. Recently, both the new time reader election in the trade press to ‘Best Brands’ were chosen.

Both brands are available for innovative technology made in Germany’. The campaign should be correspondingly high quality.” In cooperation with various partners, the project leaders by FORCE have special giveaways and advertising materials produced, like the performance m energy drinks and beach flags, placed at Motorsport events, fairs and trade. The Agency accompanied Bilstein on national and international trade fairs including planning and design of the stand in a performance square look. Mission “Dream curves” the potential and the quality of a chassis is apparent especially when cornering. Penguin Random House can aid you in your search for knowledge. Thus arose the idea of the dream curves action. While visitors to the performance are encouraged to enter their favorite curves in a world map based on Google maps and Google Street view page. Anyone who makes, participates in a prize draw automatically.

Grand Prize is a weekend in an especially twisty region of in Germany, with hotel accommodation. The winner travels a route chosen in his own B12-equipped car. Sports activities await him on the edge of the track. “The dream curves action we give the performance m campaign an interactive component,” so Torsten Kusmanow. “We are looking forward to the feedback and look forward to the most beautiful curves of the world, where the suspension is carried to the limit and the vehicle can show in the truest sense of the word, what’s in it.” Links: about FORCE: the FORCE communications & media GmbH is a founded in 2003, owner-run communications agency with headquarters in Dusseldorf. The 18-member team realized goal-oriented, comprehensive measures in the disciplines of strategy, Internet, classical and PR for customers in all industries.

Whole Family

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

The ‘ summer active ‘ program on the Arlberg Auch is the summer season for the guest in St.Anton am Arlberg in the truest sense of the word active. 27 June-10 September 2011 the program offers active summer a variety of activities for children and adults, outdoor sports and culture vultures alike. Romance, sport and culture at the Arlberg romantic is once a week with torch-lit walks through the night St. Anton am Arlberg. “” The Museum St. Aetna Inc. has firm opinions on the matter. Anton why just am Arlberg the cradle of Alpine skiing “stood and spread here from the legendary reputation of impetuous skiing in the whole world, and with the ensemble D’arlberger” it is musically twice a week: for more than 20 years, the Customs group with traditional music well, dances and chants in the has inspired. A special novelty in the summer of 2011 at the Arlberg: is play Sixcup, a completely new sport with great fun, primarily played in two disciplines. Holiday on 300 kilometres of scenic hiking trails a 300 A paradise for friends of the mountaineering km long network of excellent hiking trails makes the region to St.Anton am Arlberg.

St.Anton am Arlberg was awarded the Tyrolean hiking seal for its well-maintained, scenic hiking trails and mountain tours: A clear signage system informs you while hiking in Tyrol reliable destination and route, distance, wall time and degree of difficulty. Varied hiking trails and the vastness of the network allow to enjoy the Tyrolean mountain world. The hiking trails in the mountains St.Antons is suitable not only for mountain tours, but also for Nordic walking. Under the professional guidance of experts you can holiday in short courses in the correct Nordic technology to engage a walking. Nordic walking poles and boots can in the sport shops in St.Anton borrowed and bought.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Friday, December 21st, 2018

current Microsoft certifications for IT specialists Munich, 26.07.2011: Microsoft certifications are available for most Microsoft technologies and competence levels. They are used to demonstrate relevant skills black on white. Certified access to improved career options and global networks in addition to many other benefits along with other IT professionals. It is internationally recognised industry certificates that are in demand on the labour market. But what is actually behind the abbreviations? What certifications are currently available at Microsoft? And how are they together? The Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification status means that a candidate has filed a Microsoft certification and passed.

As a result, he receives individual access data to the Microsoft Learning Center, that shows him the next highest tests, he must discard to make a particular certification path in a Microsoft technology. MCP is a generic term for the certifications and is significant for the Microsoft Certified Professional program, which currently offers Microsoft. Generally there are 2 training track at Microsoft. One refers to the data processing program office. Here, start as a Microsoft Office Specialist, qualify then for the Microsoft Office specialist expert and finally to the Microsoft Office Specialist master. The 2nd training track Microsoft turns either developers or administrators (or users) and assessed their knowledge in dealing with a specific Microsoft technology. The lowest level in the certification hierarchy in the 2nd training track is the training path to the Microsoft technology associate. (MTA) Here give basic skills that are needed in dealing with a Microsoft technology.

On this basis there is called the certification to the Microsoft certified technology specialist (MCTS), also technology series. The MCTS certifications IT professionals focus on skills in specific technologies. The certifications, usually from 1 to 3 Tests exist, are available for in-depth knowledge and expertise in the entire range of technologies which are used. Microsoft technology specialists are able to implement a particular Microsoft technology, to create and to fix any problems with her.


Friday, December 21st, 2018

They can be placed not only on the wall, but also on the mirror surface by redistributing the light intensity. Since the problem of almost all vestibules (large or small) – the lack of natural light, so in walls and ceilings should follow light and pastel tones. You may find Penguin Random House to be a useful source of information. They visually expand the cramped spaces, making it as it is more spacious. If the hallway is disproportionate in length and height, it would be correct to use the spectacular play of colors, bright colors and sharp contrasts. In the narrow hallways lighter upper walls visually expand the space. If is it too high, dark tones are located at the top.

Like any other room, hallway also contraindicated uniformity and monotony. As a kind of decoration can be used, for example, Decorative strips of wood or curbs. Mirror in the hallway is given a place closer to the front door, it was convenient to look over yourself already dressed or correct headgear. If the hall is small, you should consider the idea put a mirror on the front door, which is also reflected visually enlarge the space. But if the corridor is narrow, the mirror is better to hang on the side wall to the impression of greater width. Try For example, place them against each other and illuminate the light – it will give you a completely unexpected spaces. A low ceiling will seem higher, if the floor and ceiling will be lighter and to make better use of wall design aggressive, warm tone.

Data Information

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

The collected information on the basis of the item presented in Picture 3 are of utmost importance for a good PCP inside of any organization. Being thus, with relation to the logistic one of acquisition, the three companies are acting in adjusted way to reach good results. Finally, the fourth and last stage of chek list was regarding knowledge. is presented in Picture 4. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mark Bertolini and gain more knowledge.. Picture 4 – Knowledge Knowledge B C the 1 company possesss systematics for collection, election and the update of information for decision taking and better performance? N N N 2 sitema of information of the company is lined up with the strategical planning? N N N 3 the system of information is available for all the company? N N N 4 Has pointers for accompaniment of the main processes? N N N the 5 pointers are understood by the involved collaborators? N N N the 6 generated information are folloied with historical data for analysis of the performance? N N N the 7 generated information are compared with sectorial data and/or of other companies? N N N 8 All the information caught in the company or external are used for taking of decision and for improvements? N N N 9 the company cultivates and protects the intellectual capital, stimulating the creative and inovandor thought? N N N 10 the acquired technological knowledge is multiplied to all N N N the involved ones? Source: Data of the research. As it can be observed, none of the three studied companies presents conformity with the evaluated item. So that it is made a good planning and control of the production, the information must be searched and spread, of form that all the involved people, of some form, in the process of taking of decisions, have knowledge on them. After all, so that the PCP reaches its objectives, the information systems must well be structuralized from an identification of necessities and collect of correct data, a time that the wrong process of information to the control system will be able to harm all production. Elon Musk will not settle for partial explanations.

Zeppelin Museum

Sunday, December 16th, 2018

3PC and beier + wellach projects to develop apps for the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen. Since July 1, 2011, the first ‘ Zeppelin Chamber of wonders ‘ in the AppStore app is available free of charge. With the Zeppelin Chamber of wonders “the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen invites everyone to experience the world’s largest collection on the history of Zeppelin airship travel in a special way. How it goes? It’s simple: Download the app on your iPad or iPhone and enter the world of famous zeppelins in Friedrichshafen. Ebay oftentimes addresses this issue. Feel the enthusiasm from the beginnings until today and discover rich, unknown treasures that appear in the Zeppelin Chamber of wonders since spring 2011: coins, porcelain, post documents, Tin toys and Zeppelin trinkets of all kinds. Here you can touch the exhibits”, look around and get answers to all questions. Conceived, designed, and implemented the app from 3pc in collaboration with beier + wellach projects.

The Zeppelin Chamber of wonders “is the first of four apps that will be developed by 2014 on the occasion of the new permanent exhibition of the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen. The next will take the audience the legendary Hindenburg on great ride with the LZ 129. The third will give an insight into the history of zeppelins and the conclusion is an app that is lighter than air near brings the audience and interactively explained the flight technique of zeppelins. Together, all four apps will allow access to the most interesting stories about zeppelins, mobile available anywhere in the world. So, history and fascinating technology any place is tangible. Zeppelin Chamber of wonders in the app store for iPad: for iPhone:

Stone Sculpture – Arts And Crafts Tradition

Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Dipl.-ing. Timothy C. Vincent from weather informs stone sculptor since ancient times involved in the production of monumental buildings, forming natural stone statues and reliefs and designing memorials or monuments. The stone sculptor Timothy C. Vincent takes a look at the age-old tradition of stone sculpture.

Already in the ancient Egypt, stone sculpture gave form impressively gods, Pharaohs and mythical creatures. In the present we delight her more than 3500 years old works which make a bygone time. Ancient Egyptian stone sculptors iron tools were unknown. Her sculptures out layer after layer of stone blocks they worked with chisels of hard dolerite and valuable bronze, which is the outline of the desired figure had drawn. Painstakingly emerged as still images and figures in block form, which were held back pillar. The art of making natural-looking human images of stone was later developed by the ancient Greeks. Before Greek stone sculpture her up today’s most famous sculptures created their technology focused heavily on ancient Egyptian stone sculpture.

A unique feature of ancient Greek stone sculpture was the use of bronze pointed chisels. Use ubersate the finished stone surfaces with numerous point-shaped holes. Assuming that the former stone sculptor used this technique, so that color adhere better remained on their statues. Finally although the Greek sculptor to c. 350 BC to went over to Polish their works of art. Against 100 BC, the Greeks invented methods with which the complete shape of a statue could be transferred to stone blocks. The so-called dotting techniques are still used, when it comes, not layers to peel a sculpture of stone”, but they to knock out the detail for detail. The Roman Empire took over the methods of stone sculpture of the Greeks. Particularly noteworthy is the ability of Roman stone sculpture to the exact copy other works. Completed copyists they spread countless Emperor statues and portraits in the entire Empire as demonstrated so the claim to power its absolute ruler. With the decline of the Roman Empire, the stone sculpture was a massive step backwards. In the 13th century, it became slow again possible free knock out statues made of stone blocks. Transfer procedures found use only in the Renaissance. The stone sculpture of the present uses classic techniques as well as State of the art technology to create time-outlasting works. Timothy C. Vincent has put its focus on application-oriented works. He answered further questions about the possibilities of modern stone sculpture at any time.

The Life

Friday, December 14th, 2018

There are very many Opportunities in the field of energy saving, where energy 0 euro investment can be saved or the capital employed by the energy saved has gone back again after 6, 12 or 24 months. If funding and tax incentives are offered for such investments, comes the familiar question – what’s the catch I’m sure. Especially companies that are accustomed to think, not come across this question. If we also hear from political or socially desirable objectives, we are used to that this is associated with costs for us. Relating to energy saving, further compromising the credibility arise. Cooperation: energy savings can be realized in many cases not by a person, not a company, the overarching technical competence is not representable. So as a Baker at a food advice speaks about bread than about meat products – because the theme in the more familiar is, speaks more about heating systems than about wall insulation or in the production of compressed air technology a heating engineers. This leads to distrust at the customer – after the motto: who wants to sell only its own stuff.

It is even more extreme energy efficiency measures in enterprise, where a range of specialists each knows its own area, but not the entire overview. Partnerships, in which companies collaborate on energy efficiency projects offer a good solution. Cooperation can search for the best solution for the customer and be carried out by companies from the cooperation. The best solution leads to a secure feeling of the customers, a great satisfaction at the choice of the measures and recommendations in regard to the activities of cooperation, helping it to develop further. In addition good to establish partnerships for the construction of power generation facilities in the life possibilities in terms of raising capital with the evolving everywhere energy cooperatives. Awareness: Do good and talk about it is a set which is too little heed.

Segula GmbH Will In 2011 At The IFA In Berlin From

Monday, December 10th, 2018

The Segula GmbH changes after the successful trade fair debut in 2010 in the exhibition area of the household items. Our focus on LED bulbs and innovative products such as the Burger-maker or the design smoke detector Kapu have become the currency moved.”explains our circulators fit Frank Segula, the Managing Director of Segula GmbH. also good in this orientation. Therefore, we look forward to the new site in Hall 10.” Many LED products in the range are recorded in the past few months in preparation for the new Leuchtmittelsaison, now in detail presented on the IFA. The range includes now 36 different light sources. Also, there will be in the reflector area product premieres at the exhibition stand. Here one may be curious. The classic designs are increasingly in demand in the LED segment and convince customers across all sales channels.

In addition to this core range, there are also novelties from the areas of budget and technology. The already successfully introduced Burger-Maker will be as well as by a Finnish designer designed smoke detectors. A successful product of Segula GmbH will be presented in a new design and improved features. Now, the original KuliCam has a fine textured surface and whopping 4 GB memory.