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Monday, August 27th, 2012

Tradition is tradition, people follows without understanding the reason very, mainly on ones to the marriage. The famous Tea of Kitchen, or pan Tea, as they want, has an origin nothing glamourosa, but it was absorbed by diverse cultures and today many times it is a glamourosa party in buffets or and restaurants for marriage. By the way, for marriages in So Paulo, it exists until some restaurants and other places with packages special for these events. Old, the women of few resources, without you endow, they did not obtain fiancs and they were predestinold to the solteirice. a>. It was then that from collective initiatives, friends of the fianc had passed if to congregate in confraternizao and, with a bit daqui and from there, to collect money and merchandises for the fianc in question. ' ' Bridal Shower' ' (Bridal = referring to the fianc/Shower = overflowed), as it passed to be known, started to have a paper of ' ' fairy madrinha' ' , since from this gesture between friends, future solteirona started to be a young woman casadoira. Reasons to the part, the great truth it is that the Tea of Kitchen if became tradition, independent of the necessity of the fianc. In the truth, as women adore to have reasons to congregate themselves and to fofocar, this type of meeting started to be a great chance friends to palpitarem them and to be knowing of more details on details of the party, of the dress, maquiagem, bouquet of fianc Also, to change figurinhas with who already passed therefore on details technician more as the choice of buffets and restaurants for marriage..

Motivator Par Excellence

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

It is certain that nobody trabajaria in a company if they do not pay to him. *** I have listened to people who say that: ” they work by necessity “. *** I have seen people who only knead money by the simple fact to feel ” seguras” economically. *** But ” not only on bread hombre” lives; . *** In this article will mention to him What deberia to be the real value of the money. usually is considered to the money as a booster one of external conduct (that is to say since you with your mascot do. If this it does ” suerte” that he has taught to him, you give a prize him. It is this case is but money).

*** This is certain in many cases, but not in all. So that. *** Imaginese you to a person whom it looks for to make much money by ” only fact of sentirse” that this progressing and being developed. For this person, the amount of money (AMOUNT) that obtains sera the indicator (INDICATING ) of its level of autorrealizacin, consequently the gained money becomes the measurement of whatever has managed to satisfy its personal needs. *** The money, in fact, is valuable by his ” value of intercambio” : each person obtains with the money which in particular interests to him. Some only look for money to satisfy their physiological needs (feeding, house, clothes).

*** Tries it mainly to Others to obtain to be able or prestige within the social group in which they develop. *** Also are some who wish to satisfy diverse types with necessity, like the security or independence. the money like incentive The money can be used like a powerful weapon of incertivo, if suitably is used it. *** That is to say, must bear relation to the effort realised by the person or the results secured by this. *** If worker manages to settle down the nexus between which he does and what he obtains, then the person ” aprende” the wished conduct. *** For this connection ” mental” , a series of systems of incentives has been devised. *** An example for the operative personnel of plant: The typical thing is to pay a fixed amount by produced unit, of way like the individual esfuerze to be increased its level of productivity in order to secure the money that wishes. *** In the case of the administrative personnel, but the common thing is to evaluate its merits to decide, with base to this evaluation, a certain level of economic compensation. *** Now Know you in that you use its personnel the money that receives? (To only eat), He considers it suitable so he realises (the nexus remembers)? He has not asked so that he feels (unconsciously) that, but early that behind schedule pediran an increase to him? *** Conoci a Manager who landed the subject to him, decia: ” He does not wake up the sleepy ghosts of the dissatisfaction, if you cannot do in front to them. ” ** Fodder that to the benefit of his company and of the labor climate of the same already is hour to respond to these questions.

Fernando Menin Gaertner

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Although the fort high of the stock market in last the three years, the multiples of Brazilian market still are attractive versus other Stock markets, fruit of the strong expansion of profits of the companies registered in recent years. For 2006, we esteem, one more time, a significant growth of profits, leading for the sectors of mining, oil, banks and consumption. Better consulting atuarialCarreira was in the Watson Wyatt of Brazil Ltda.Acertos in 2005 the providence market was in stand by, that is, with small growth. Economic projections for 2006 Will be one year where the pension funds will be working strong in the decurrent operational questions of the Resolution n13 and the new justinian codes, having many chances for administration service. Until ways meet to foment the multiplanes, the pension funds will mainly continue without significant growth, while the open entities will have to come back to grow, for the absorption and agreement of the new regimen tributary (regressive) and for launching of products more directed, with agreement and application simplified in regards to choice of profile of investments.

Better analyst of cmbioCarreira- Fernando Menin Gaertner, 32 years, was elect better analyst of exchange in this year. It has two years and way it is manager of exchange, responsible for the administration of> But the year of 2005 was marked by a combination of extremely favorable a external scene for Brazil (international liquidity raised the low interests) with an internal scene that also favored the dollar entrance, with the high interests and balances records in the trade balance. Who imagined this scene in the front gained much money, after all the dollar fell the entire year, with some sighs due to crisis economic polticProjees for 2006, Marcelo Axe receives the Prize Investing. The first one was in 2000, when allocation was elect optimum in asset. In this year, the strategist and director of research of the UBS earned as better analyst of the textile sector. Rightnesss in 2005 not economic informadoProjees for 2006