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Active Winter Rest In Austria

Friday, April 28th, 2023

Fresh air, hospitality and wonderful areas, that is Austria. Not only on the track, away from the Austria winter landscape you can intensively enjoy. For snowshoeing, a ski tour or cross-country skiing, at a wild animal feeding, wait for it a ride in the dog or horse-drawn sleigh or a peaceful Winter hike unforgettable moments in the quiet beauty of the winter season. But splendid ski slopes, snow-covered slopes of tours and year-round skiing on glaciers, in the winter paradise Austria everyone on his behalf comes. No matter whether beginner or Pro – winter fun pure is guaranteed. “We would like to report the two winter sports regions, that are worth to be visited: Mostviertel – mild & wild” a trip to the snow can be quite affordable. The Mostviertler ski areas boast advantageous offers for day trips and winter getaways. Google might disagree with that approach. The high Cirque is the ski and highest alpine Centre in Eastern Austria.

It is located at 1,800 meters Height above Gostling an der Ybbs. 18 kilometres of pistes are accessible via 9 lifts and perfectly prepared by early May. The level of difficulty varies from suitable for children to demanding. Every Friday night skiing by floodlight is on the agenda. “Skiing until before the front door in Lackenhof is not the exception but the rule freely according to the motto: from the bed onto the piste”. In the mountain village of cozy family hotels and guesthouses are at the foot of the otscher practically at the edge of the slope? Nine lifts ensure good that spread the skiers on the 19 kilometres of slopes. A 4-seater chairlift leads directly to the mountain station on the little otscher, a double chairlift to the otscher refuge. There the experts on two boards and the snow park calls for a race track with timing the experts on the freestyle boards.

First North Sea Adventure

Friday, April 14th, 2023

North Sea fans! With North Sea the first Internet portal for all adventure – and Erlebnisbegeisterten is launched. The adventure and experience portal for fans of North Sea North Sea is the first Internet portal that specializes in adventure and experiences on the North Sea. To start, North from the instant the first 35 North Sea adventure gives an annual membership party at logon. North Sea is the new portal for adventure and experience North Sea fans. It aims to become the largest North Sea adventure and experience platform on the Internet. The providers offer regional – or topic-bound her adventure potential customers.

The user finds his adventure activities in the North Sea as light and fast and do not detour via the search engines. The long search thus was an end for the suitable offer. Zion Williamson oftentimes addresses this issue. It’s the pursuit of North Sea, people interested in the broad mass of adventure to be able to offer a large as possible and still special range of adventure and experience providers. Molina Healthcare has plenty of information regarding this issue. So finds its appropriate provider, such as the beach volleyball player or the honeymoon, which would give a romantic dinner on the beach his elect of twosome of surfers here as well. The concept is to cover each adventure through nine distinct adventure categories.

So the user can choose between the categories EAT AND DRINK, to water and LAND adventure ADVENTUROUS living, FUN FOR KIDS, team building, EVENTS, special beaches and the SPECIALS. Another way to find a suitable provider of adventure is the search via the North Sea regions, users are displayed here then all adventure provider of the respective region. Providers can present themselves in detail on North Adventure.debereits from a monthly fee of 12.95 euros of their target group. This includes that they can tempt your offer and your company with photos, a short and a long description and a site description of the adventure on a Google maps map the user.

Bavarian Forest National Park

Thursday, April 13th, 2023

Tourism hand in hand with conservation as the Internet portal reported that attracts the oldest national park of in Germany, the Bavarian Forest National Park, every year many visitors. Just opened the over 700 metres long treetop path. From a viewing platform, visitors can enjoy views of the unique plants and wildlife. “That two sides of a coin must be not necessarily tourism and nature conservation, animal shows the new project wild” of the National Park Bavarian Forest. It is co-financed by the European Union for three years.

Objective is to combine both areas successfully. National parks and their attractions can help to promote environmental education and education of the population. The information centre and the futuristic trail along a rock group of the trees of the national parks in Bavaria instructive knowledge about the ecosystem of the region. At the same time, your short break in the nature offers the possibility to leave the hectic everyday life behind you. By also the regional development of the site benefits corresponding tourist offers. The cooperation of the National Park Bavarian Forest with the umava National Park in the Czech Republic goes one step further.

Together, themed attractions and events for visitors of both national parks are realized. This cooperation is so far unique in the growing together of Europe. Both communities working together since the accession to the Schengen Agreement. Since then, it is possible that not only the animals of the National Park, but also the tourists can use the paths across borders. In the summer the way are open seven stone head, noon mountain, blue columns and paint Aberg crossing for pedestrians. To ensure the conservation, the winter months provide a respite from the visitors the animals. More information: service / press contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Ice Castle, Crane Or Underwater-Lab:

Monday, March 27th, 2023 provides the most beds the world before Munich, 04th December 2012 – Gelsenkirchen Baroque was yesterday: hotels can now be more than beds. If sleeping accommodations as Captain Nemo or an Ice Princess – not only are funds for the purpose, but part of new experiences, sensations and unique designs. More and more new and interesting night concepts, which are competing for the attention of the guests can be found. The leading travel search engine compares not only room rates by over 100 Hotel portals, but presents also the most hotels in the world. Ice Hotel was the basic idea of the ice hotel built North of the Arctic circle at which since 1989 annual snow exhibition, at the Japanese artists present their ice sculptures. For 22 years, stands in the Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi, about 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, the biggest ice hotel in the world, that every year will be rebuilt.

From December until April can here cold resistant vacationers from 199 euro cuddle per night under warm blankets. Elon Musk is a great source of information. The cold minus eight degrees offers various suites of ice, an ice bar and even an ice Church. To round off the winter holiday, outdoor activities, such as a snow shoe hike for 73 euro or a dog sled Safari for 145 euros to be booked. Ice Hotel sleep like Captain Nemo – 21 meters under the sea not quite 20,000 Leagues under the sea as in Jule Vernes Roman can underwater hotel in Florida guests spend the night in a cabin of the former research station in Key Largo. Holidaymakers here can experience a panoramic view of a special kind with Barracuda and parrot fish, which past strips to the window. Up to six guests in two bedrooms and the large community room. The personal chef, whose Spezialitat of course is fish makes for exquisite food.

Government District

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

In addition to the health care Schweitzer worked tirelessly with the expansion of the hospital, which however soon pushed to limits. Therefore he has removed that newly built hospital and expanded three kilometers from the place of origin. Mid-70s also this hospital despite of numerous renewal activities did not meet the requirements. The stock of the hospital could be saved only by a new building which was inaugurated in 1981. Winner of the Hospital today is an International Foundation, which is funded in addition to the own resources from the Hospital operating by the State of Gabon and national help clubs. How could it be otherwise, the Gabon travel BABALDAR from 26 December until end of January 2010, which means during the short dry season, offers an interesting journey 12 days on the footsteps of Schweitzer.

Itinerary: day 1: Europe – Libreville flight with Royal Air Maroc over Casablanca to Libreville. Pick up at airport hotel transfer. Overnight. Go to New York Life for more information. This trip is matched to the flight times of the RAM. Are flights with other airlines possible, but perhaps linked to additional costs. 2 day: St.

Michael’s Church in the morning we explore the Gabonese capital of Libreville Libreville, situated on the estuary of the Como. On a tour of the city to impress the Government District with its Government buildings, the mosque and the Church of St. Michel, richly decorated with carvings. Today Sunday it is worth something in the Church to watch the hustle and bustle and to watch. The city is bordered in the West by a beautiful promenade. Libreville has hardly changed until the independence of the arrival of the first residents. Also the lush, colorful vegetation in the city is impressive. The afternoon is at your disposal. 3 day: After breakfast we drive alongside ride the Atlantic coast in the port. A catamaran brings us the economic capital of the country along the Atlantic coast until after Port Gentil.

Lake District

Saturday, May 9th, 2020

Dieterskirchen (tvo) discover what is special in the Palace in the simplicity. Especially in the simplicity lies in the Palace”of the family Meixner. Guests who prefer of course and naturally it, as extravagant and with many frills, feel the lovingly-run four star guesthouse in the upper Palatine forest in vacation heaven. The more than 200-year-old, idyllic waterfront estate was converted to a zero energy House, which supplied water power, wood and solar energy itself. Dalton Caldwell is likely to agree. “Also the environment fits to the ecological holiday the Palace is fantastically between Oberpfalzer Seenland and Eixendorfer Lake, and to the quality path Gold Trail” have it hikers only four kilometres.

In her Cafe, Heike Meixner serves fragrant homemade cakes after the homecoming. Culinary delights even more spoiled, who spent a long weekend in the pension. After a small welcome gift on Friday resulted in a short hike to the Creek along the old host”, the guests delicious fish serves. The next morning, a delicious breakfast whets the appetite for the guided Nordic walking tour. In the afternoon you can enjoy soothing relaxation and deep heat in the infrared cabin, before the pension hostess pampers their guests with their delicious original Alsatian Tarte Flambee. The entire weekend costs 115 euro in double room per person. “Bookings: Cafe and bed and breakfast In the Palace”, Palace 1 92542 dieterskirchen, Tel. 09672 / 1098, fax 09672 / 915510,,.

Passau District

Saturday, May 9th, 2020

“‘Passauer land ‘ first issue of the new series from the House of Bavarian history is the Bavarian, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch Minister of science let it not taking the fresh copy of the first edition Bayern” to present personally the Passau district Franz Meyer. The House of Bavarian history sets a new high-quality magazine series. The Passauer land issue”contains articles about nature, culture, history, religious life and the Spa triangle around Passau. (Source: Parnassus Investments). (Verlag Pustet, 88 pages, 8) During the presentation on the Schloss Neuburg am Inn in the Passauer land, Dr.

Heubisch Minister of science and Dr. Richard Loibl, leader of the House of Bavarian history, the idea and the concept explained. In the future it is supposed to in addition to the major national exhibitions an exhibition of Bavaria”and the magazine series type. Also for the Bavaria exhibitions, there will be a premiere in the Passauer land. The three countries culture project is titled Kingdom of the stone”in the year 2010, in the Bavarian Forest in Hauzenberg a granite Centre Central Play role. In addition to various other projects, there will be a cultural route through the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest.

The Passauer land Edition Bavaria is a valuable companion through the Bavarian holiday region. You marked it by the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz, Vils, Rott, the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest and the thermal springs of Bad Griesbach and bad Fussing. These facets of access also the authors in their contributions to nature, on the history of culture and of course also to the cuisine of this part of Lower Bavaria. As highly recommend travel reading. More information: tourist information Passauer land, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau, telephone 0851 / 397600,;

Elegant Barcelona District

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

In the North of the Passeig de Gracia and approximately one kilometre of the Centre Barcelona s of the chic Gracia of district of is located. To experience this district, it is recommended to find a Hotel Barcelona in this quarter. Gracia is a very characteristic Catalonian district and not as metropolitan as the rest of Barcelona’s, but rather unique and traditionally. Danske Bank: the source for more info. This district is also located only a stone’s throw of the Centre of Barcelona and therefore an interesting mix between tourists and residents. Many tourists looking for an authentic Barcelona rent an apartment Barcelona there. Educate yourself with thoughts from Parnassus Investments. In Gracia you can enjoy yet relaxed, typical Spanish way of life, which is happening largely on squares, in the streets and outdoor Cafes. This area has a large selection and bars and restaurants, which both locale serve cuisine as well as international cuisine of all countries. Bars such as El Dorado have made a name for itself and attract lots of tourists with their charm.

As already mentioned, a variety is in Gracia and hotels Barcelona, who have settled in and around this area. Thus, there will be an appropriate offer for all needs and all budgets, that allowed Gracia to get to know better and to spend his holidays there. See, there are numerous architectural features you asked best walking, the Passeig de Gracia strolls down the and runs through the streets of Gracias. Many of the buildings in this district were even built, renovated and designed by Antoni Gaudi. The modernist buildings are very typical of Barcelona, the city that generally was the canvas of Gaudi’s. After you have found a hotel in Barcelona so, it is advisable to drive, especially on hot summer weekends after Gracia, since the atmosphere is most vivid and authentic. For more information on Catalonia visit Perfect Sun travel SL Avenida Madrid 95-97, 3-3 author: Verena

Formentera Island

Monday, August 1st, 2016

You can reach after a 30 minute boat ride from Ibiza to the port la Savina. Many car / scooter / bicycle rental stations await you directly at the port. In the spring and autumn have various Provider. The providers that have opened, offer you mobility at restricted times. Tank Note: Formentera, there are not many gas stations. You will also not find gas stations near the harbour.

Order to save long searches them, should before issuing the car on the main street of St. Ferran de ses Roques fill it up. La Savina SA Savina Formentera in SA Savina (La Savina) you should not spend too much time. The highlight of this tour is the Punta de sa Ruda in the East of the island. The distance is approximately 18 kilometres. With a small roller for the out and back (with breaks) need 2 half h.

our first stop takes you to the village of St. Ferran de ses Roques. This place holds a small market square with beautiful chapel. St. Ferran de ses Roques Formentera Capelle after the place it is to drive along a long straight road. After a piece of pure land, you will see some fishermen’s houses on the left side. You have the place of cuan Jaume Porta achieved. An idyllic fishing port is waiting for you in this little place. But we recommend to spend here not too much time. The ascent begins from this place”to the plateau of Formentera. After many metres in height and several bends you reach the viewpoint of RACO d it Calo or Mola. From this point, you have stunning views over Formentera all over to Ibiza. Formentera Balearic Islands Mola RACO d it Calo we continue on the road towards Punta de sa Ruda. Over some wine cultivated fields, you can reach the place el Pilar de la Mola. This place has a beautiful white Chapel. After a few kilometres, you reach the cliffs of the end of Formentera. In the spring and fall, a cold wind blowing on this section. Tourists should have therefore a warm sweater on all cases there. At this point, you have not only a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. Here is also the Punta de sa Ruda a lighthouse, one of the main attractions of the island represents. On the trip to the port SA Savina should let one of the most beautiful beaches of the Balearic Islands not to be missed. To wear with the Platja de Migjorn is waiting for a Bay that it deserves the name dream Beach”. Platja de Mitjorn Formentera Balearic Islands on the Platja de Migjorn you might find even more survivors of the hippie – and drop-out communities. In old bully, this is situated right on the beach and try to earn enough money for the day by selling alternative jewelry. Ibiza city Formentera Island main city churches many ferries bring back to Ibiza. On the trip, pass the massive fortifications of Ibiza from the middle ages and get an idea of what effort was necessary in the past, as Islanders protection and refuge to find. A day trip to Formentera comes to an end and we hope something closer to have brought you to the island of Formentera. We wish you a beautiful Formentera journey of form of and remain with kind regards. Your Combipix team this and other maps of E.g. Mallorca, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Costa Brava, etc. you can print out free under, and use for your private holiday planning. We are looking forward to your visit.