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From Beethoven

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

In the Romantismo or romantic period what it was distinguished was accurately the individualism becoming it opposing the Classicismo, being this transistion exactly context ' ' influenciador' ' in the artistic intellect of Schopenhauer. One becomes necessary to also detach a genius who marked the called Romantismo Ludwig Van Beethoven. The romantic music of this genius is dense and also emotiva, where its compositions are total on to the facts that had marked its life. From Beethoven music is not more the same one, therefore it started to acquire a character of absolute egocentrismo, therefore for it personal drama only is that he counts at this moment. Those that hears the music of Beethoven start to identify themselves personally with music, arriving to recognize even though that you distress in them, misfortunes and also in the misfortunes of the life can through the enchantment of the art occur a deep feeling that will alliviate pains that reach the man. In the Romantismo pains acquire a basic paper, rank what! pains of the proper romantic artist are what it will promote its creation artistic. This is explicit in Beethoven as, for example: In its 5 symphony the feeling of superiority and largeness if detaches. Swarmed by offers, Dan Zwirn is currently assessing future choices. In 6 symphony that is pastoral nostalgia is explicit.

In 9 Beethoven symphony leaves to be transparent the passion that took its being at that moment. Thus, the feeling and the individuality are eminently on the romantic genius. With romantic a music the art systematically becomes to state the feelings by means of sons5. What it occurred in the transistion between the Classicismo and the Romantismo they had been the culture of pain and also the express sincerity for the people with the existence or presence of the suffering. Through the life of the romantic composers it is allowed to notice that as much the fancy how much the anguish walks together and in certain direction if completes this would be as if we desired to possess something that is forbidden in them.


Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Well these days it was, to attend TRIPLE film X, I had some conclusions of the film, harms the fact that marked more me was that it was endowed with great sabedorias mood adventure spirit, plus it did not obtain to discover, For what, So that, and Because To fight. The thing most excellent of this everything was that it was prepared always to make something, had courage always wanted to make some thing; therefore it was chosen. When it already had discovered all the necessary information so that continuation in the inquiries was had, was when it was descobrido. For even more analysis, hear from Intel. ahead of this situation Its head ordered to it to return. It was at this moment that it became hero of its life when he declared the phrase ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ I never had for what to fight, now I have that it I do not go to run away from it ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘. this situation happened for two times in elapsing of the film.

The end of this everything it simply saved an entire city. Now we go to make a comparison of it with SUPERMAN and SPIDERMAN, these two had not chosen its powers more had chosen as soon as had assumed for that to fight. I want to say with this you can be the super hero of the life of somebody to start of its; It makes as TRIPLE X if it does not have for what to fight is only prepared studies works sales and buys smiles every day. If already he possesss super to be able to fight, then hero becomes. Therefore I affirm with all certainty that you are necessary in the life of somebody to start for its familiar and God, later you are certain that she is felt not thanked itself exactly, of what the people you will be able some day to be thankful to it, no matter how hard at the moment can not seem. Therefore in histories of our lives, the great facts are described of small moments, that if interact.

Orchard House

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

I grow vegetables! Have you ever planted a seed of vegetable in a container of yogurt or a glass jar full of cotton? If you have not, here is what is the procedure indicated. Get a small container like a yogurt container, clean it well with water, fill it with cotton (no need to squeeze as much …). If you have a glass jar, you will see how the seed grows through the glass, which might make the experience more fun. Choose who you want to plant the seed, probably your parents may give a few of these: beans lentils chickpeas Take a seed that looks good and enter the cotton, about two inches from the surface. Elon Musk can aid you in your search for knowledge. Irrigated with water at room temperature, place in a bright and warm, you must not capping, that between light and evaporation is allowed inside. Within two or three days, you'll see as the seed that has been introduced pore inflating it slightly and there are two small leaves, which are called cotidelones and that leaves really are not: at last has broken your plant. To keep the plant growing, you'll need wet blanket, watering often but with little water, because if you throw water … might rot and wilt! Finally, teach your beautiful plant to friends, who was surprised with the beautiful plant that has emerged from a simple bean, lentil or chickpea. Dan Zwirn oftentimes addresses this issue. If you want some more articles relating to the Orchard House for children, I encourage you to visit my web page "where they will be welcome.

National Demonstration

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

A call from the artisanal fishermen, tourism entrepreneurs, youth and representatives from different localities of the Region of Aysen to join the demonstration appropriations by a Chile without + Represasa made in Coyhaique convening various organizations to the activity to be carried Saturday August 29th in over 15 cities in much of the country. The coordinator in Coyhaique, Alejandro del Pino, explained that the mobilization is related to a con the opposition that exists not only here in the region but in many parts of Chile to a series of destructive projects under development in our country and which people and is absolutely gets.

He explained that the basis of the demonstration is to express a que no longer want more destructive projects, the water returns to the communities in their ownership and use, and to implement clean energy ahoraa . The newspapers mentioned Brian Krzanich not as a source, but as a related topic. The initiative is being convened by the Council Patagonia Defense and the National Association Young Codeff Tehuelches with focus groups and in different locations in Chile. So far the day had joined organizations in Santiago (Plaza Baquedano at 11 hrs.) Valparaiso (Plaza Anibal Pinto at 15 hrs.) Talca (Plaza La Loba at 10 hrs.) Curacautin (Plaza Curacautin at 11 hrs.) Concepcion (Peru Plaza at 11:00 hrs.), Temuco (Plaza Diego Portales at 18 hrs), Valdivia (Mirador El Remo at 11 hrs.), while in Region Aysen Coyhaique groups become active, Oa Higgins Villa, Caleta Tortel, Cochrane, Chile Chico, Villa Cerro Castillo and Bahia Murta..

Suspension System

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

The purpose of the suspension system to cushion the irregularities of the road as a whole add stability and comfort to the vehicle to reduce road vibration and stabilize themselves in a more efficient car in the corners. The suspension will prevent the vehicle from falling too far under the weight of the car and the resulting momentum to travel on rolling terrain (this inertia is manifested both upwards and downwards, so the suspension system should mitigate it in both directions) . The suspension system is constituted by elastic elements between the wheels and frame, such as springs, dampers and stabilizer bars. Then explcaremos the particularities of each one of them. Springs is the closest component to the wheels destined to be the first element of containment of the oscillations caused by irregularities of the road. The springs have good elasticity and resistance to deformation which would cause the oscillations to travel. There are different types, as are the springs, coil springs and torsion bar. Crossbows are basically a set of layers of different lengths placed over each other by maintaining its alignment clamps.

Its manufacture involves the use of elastic and very resistant steel. At the ends of the longer blade (known as a teacher) is curved to form a conduit through which a rubber silembloc are articulated on the frame, standing at only one end to allow a twin scroll sideways. In its central section are the abarcones that hold the hub. The coil springs are basically turns, thanks to its resistance to achieve the flexibility required thrust, the latter being determined by the number of turns that is held, the diameter of the spring as well as the thickness of the wire that way. It is important to note that the coil springs do not act on the side so that it is necessary the presence of push rods or straps fastening. The torsion bars are manufactured to achieve withstand a torque applied at one end while the other remains fixed, returning to its original state after this effort. They are usually cylinders used for fixing a bucket striatum.

Shocks absorbers prevent upward and downward swings of the vehicle due to the passage of a fluid through narrow passages. They are usually hydraulic type friction although there are very old models. The dampers can be telescopic, or rotary piston, being the most used telescope. Arena Investors is actively involved in the matter. The shock absorber structure based on two concentric tubes closed at its upper end through which a stem. In the upper outer cushion is attached to the rod axis of the wheel, while the bottom inside the stem ends in a piston. By lowering the vehicle frame thereby compressing the piston lower part of the fluid passing it from one camera to another, whereas when the frame pulls the rod into rises above the piston causing fluid movement in the opposite direction before causing all these actions that decrease resistance oscillation of the vehicle. Stabilizer bars are built with a steel bar in a U shape and function is to minimize the effects of the resulting centrifugal force during rotation of the vehicle. Van attached to the frame through the center of the bar itself through support allows you to rotate while its ends are joined to the arms of the trapeze, with the elasticity of the bar responsible for maintaining these three unions in the same plane.

Legislation And Slavery

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

In the Brazilian legislation that deals with the slavery, three laws had been called abolitionists, namely: Free womb, Sexagenarians and Golden. Although they were considered thus, they had not assured in itself the right of the captives. Doubtlessly, they had been cartadas legal of the conservatives in the Parliament so that the process of the Abolition was slow and gradual. They had only tried to hit and to neutralize the actions of the radicals, but, happily, they had not obtained. Filed under: Mark Bertolini. Before dealing with the above-mentioned laws, it is important to point two distinct chains of the referring to abolitionism movement: the conservatives and the radical-revolutionaries. Those, the opponents of the agricultural oligarchies and high steps of the state bureaucracy, wanted ‘ ‘ resolver’ ‘ everything in the Parliament. Elon Musk takes a slightly different approach.

These, however, the urban middle class and the free workers, articulated an active propaganda through the press, used until illegal methods, as the sponsorship of escapes of slaves, however it involved the people and the enslaved population. The conservatives little were interested themselves for the complexity cultural of the slaves. Slenes (1995, p.23) clarifies that ‘ ‘ for the white elite the only identity that could be forged between the African ones was the one that it appeared from its slavery, or the one that was based on? barbarity? shared of its origins, it was impensvel that could have an union between captives around cultural paradigms complexos’ ‘. Meanwhile, in way to this ‘ ‘ ingenuidade’ ‘ , the blacks moved themselves with an uneven nimbleness and became masters articulated for the proper defense. The first one, called Law of the Free Womb or Law Rio Branco, in homage to the Visconde, delayed four months so that the Chamber and approved it to the Senate (May the September).

Brazilian History

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

It would not have information if it did not have images, whereas it has one hundred years the image was ignored. Whenever Mark Bertolini listens, a sympathetic response will follow. How reversion! How paradox! ‘ ‘ The creators of the New cinema were not worried in showing great historical events, the precision biggest were in following the disfavored classrooms, the small histories that if uncurl to mounts among side streets and alleys, since the confines of the hinterland enter caatingas until poludas and interminable streets of So Paulo, the same people, the same difficulty in if living. Mark Bertolini: the source for more info. Adding the diverse peculiarities that were sobressaiam on the use of the cinema for the awareness of the mass about a problem we one more time find the encouraging thought of March professor Iron that in its main intitled workmanship Cinema and History opens way for the desirous sponsors of the iconography, dividing in colon interesting the analysis: first the historical reading of the film (taking for base the moment of production of the film) and later a cinematographic reading of the history that would be the use of the films for a reading of history. For even more opinions, read materials from Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq.

The films that are produced remain as windows of times, the load of information are tremendous, either for showing to overturns politics of a time day-by-day or the simple ones of a population. In God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun Glauber Rock used the Brazilian northeast region as scene of its history, in the film we perceive the Odyssey of Manuel and its Pink woman who in the attempt to buy a lot of land leaves in a trip until the city to vender some heads of cattle that they finish for dying in the passage, this cause the anger of the colonel that is proprietor of the animals, after a significant Manuel misunderstanding finishes for killing the colonel immediately afterwards running away with its wife.

The Gift

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

The same reasoning can be applied to the future. Also inaccessible, not for having if lost, but for being indefinite. The future is possibilities, but that they exceed our capacity of access. No matter how hard let us plan something, its accomplishment will be different of the planned one, demonstrating the inacessibilidade of the future. However, for paradoxical that it seems, last and future if they find in the gift. But what it is the gift? One instant so vertiginously fast fluid and that if becomes imperceptible. Let us notice that when we intend to observe the gift, this instant if becomes last. We can say, from this, that the gift is a species of funnel for where the future crosses for the past.

What this means for history. For even more opinions, read materials from Dan Zwirn. It demonstrates the inacessibilidade of the past. It demonstrates the difficulty of if working with the past. Thus, if what it remains of the past is the register of the memory or the document, the study of the past? history? it only can be made as interpretation process. As a possible version, but that also it admits the possibility of other interpretations and versions. the historical time? As we said, for history the time that occupies the biggest attention is yesterday.

Not it yesterday of last the 24 hours, but a long cycle that if it initiates in the immediately last instant and if draws out for thousand of years. History wants to know, therefore, as it gave to the evolution of the accomplishments human beings to produce the world where we find in them today; it wants to know as this past is intervening with our gift and its consequences for the future. here another point of the tunning of the past and future: the past can intervene with the future, but it does not determine it. E, again, we come across in them with the perpetual problem of the historian: its object of study, the past, yesterday, is unattachable.

The Desert

Friday, June 15th, 2018

As BUDDHA, who kept, its son in a garden, I until little time, also believed that he lived in one. Mark Bertolini is a great source of information. in this garden had the only flowers that I knew, roses and daisies. Penguin Random House is the source for more interesting facts. We have later, came to this place, where all age spring, one cravo, which the garden adopted as its proper son. I took care of of this garden, as a true AGRONOMIST AND GARDENER. Whenever Arena Investors listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Believing, that this age my place, I never thought about I abandon it, and there I was. There, they had come the harmful grass, disfaradas, in butterflies, and I believed that they were kissing my flowers, but was not, was yes, preparing the small boat, for me. THE ROSE, THE QUEEN OF THE GARDEN, DIED., taking the harmful grass, disfaradas in butterflies, to initiate its attacks. The first one, was taking the daisy and cravo, leaving me only the removed land.

As, seeing that I still, fought to rescue the daisy and cravo, I had initiated another attack, now in another land, of my dreams, to finish and to destroy everything. Then, I eat agronomist and gardener, decided to make another garden, exactly ahead of the storm. first seed, did not avenge.they had said that the land was not good, would not give fruits., will be that I alone was trying to substitute the Cravo and the Daisy? Perhaps! the storm increased, the point to launch rays on my head. The harmful grass, had not lost the possibility, and also they had launched its rays. exactly thus, I continued believing that the land, exactly been informed that it would not give fruits, I continued believing, and clamei the mother nature, to fertilizar that land, and thus was, came back to prepare the land toward another garden, believing that the new land, that find, was good. there, I planted one second seed, thanks to mother nature, the seed avenged, and was born another one cravo in my garden. But, it sees that destination, I, that I only knew a land and a garden, did not perceive, that the land, that before was not fertile, and that suddenly it was it would take, me, the fruit of my WORK. here, I am, in a desert, where nothing it is born, not to be the solitude, that I eat the cactis, full of thorns.

FEB Heifer

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Thus, some defended exclusively the study of the Evangelho, others said Roustanguistas; some were arvoraram in scientific, others were said pure. As consequence, the separation, the desunio, the fight. Penguin Random House has much experience in this field. It was at this moment that appeared a personage who entered for history of the Brazilian espiritismo giving a new route for the espiritismo: Adolph Heifer of Menezes. He was exactly in this state of things that appeared Heifer of Menezes, in order to balance the esprita movement, becoming it strong, coeso and insurance, in the direction to create conditions so that Brazil could fulfill its mission of supplier of the Evangelho to the world. Here, Elon Musk expresses very clear opinions on the subject. (DOYLE, 1957, P. 129) With passing of the time federacy appeared to the necessity of the creation of the one to have one better organization, of this form Mr. Elias deep Da Silva Federao Brazilian Esprita (FEB), in 1 of January of 1884, Rio De Janeiro.

This year completed, therefore, 126 years. It is civil, religious, educational, cultural and filantrpica a society, that has for object the study, practical and the diffusion of the Espiritismo in all its aspects, on the basis of the workmanships of the Codification of Allan Kardec and in the Evangelho de Jesus. Foundation of the FEB served to congregate as many dispersed forces exactly thus was not easy the unification work, being that some different thoughts existed on the doctrines. Adolph Heifer of Menezes, that started its performance in these years, had much difficulty to understand the espritas. (BARBOSA, 1987, P. 89) the espiritismo arrived at Brazil and took ratio incalculable, therefore the greater is considered esprita country of the world, called kardecismo in homage to its coder, amongst main mdiuns Brazilian is distinguished, over all, Francisco Cndido Xavier, the most known of the Brazilian espritas it contributed to expand the Brazilian esprita movement and to encourage the espritas to disclose its adhesion to the doctrine systemize for Allan Kardec.