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Central Massachusetts

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

The picture above was published in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette on November 18, 1995. Kyrie is the girl who embraces his sister Brielle and this is his story. The two Jackson twins were born on October 17, 1995 at the medical center of Central Massachusetts, twelve weeks before the expected date of childbirth. They took care of them in two separate incubators. Kyrie, which weighed at birth a kilo and a half evolved favorably, sleeping, gaining a bit of weight and keeping all your constants in good condition. Not so his sister Brielle. At birth he weighed only a kilo, and soon were observed cardiac and respiratory problems.

His blood oxygen level was poor and his weight was still alarmingly low after four weeks of life. On 12 November his condition became critical, severe shortness of breath, bluish, hiccups, and a very fast heartbeat. The nurse who took care of her attempted by all means help small, but without success. As a desperate measure, and against the protocols at the hospital, asked permission to the parents to put the girl with her sister. They immediately went to Brielle to the incubator of Kyrie, which was separated at birth. As soon the girl was inside began to calm. In a few minutes, ball next to his sister, his blood oxygen levels improved ostensibly.

Kyrie then passed his arm over his sister until he slept. Soon the girls were well and went home, where they shared their first cot. It has rained enough since then. Books and more books are published with studios above love, feelings, words, emotions, intention, and ultimately have an effect that is not only subjective but physical and measurable. These tests, do many lack because we are guided by what they tell us the heart and intuition. Personally, I’m of which need not know how works an apparatus as long as I plug it and I benefit from its use.

Tagus River

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Nevertheless not let me scare. I thought, if I just break, I already fix with glue then but today I run and pass. So I ran and spent! First phase, testing physical mission accomplished! Now came how easy. Examination type test of the chosen profession. Me I browsed masonry (knew enough level pawn by having spent some seasons doing such, by issue of pasta). Peeeeero when I saw the review with the twenty questions with four possible answers, I saw that he did not know any! -Aaaaaaaaaah, this cannot be! Took the questions of architectural books, it was a meltdown among Masons.

Everyone gave me soups with wave in terms of practical knowledge, because it was his profession, but clear a bricklayer does not study books to be, learn the craft in the Tagus River, this was an ambush! Good! I went back to calm me and I said to myself, it is clear that by pure chance some could hit so I started to be used, the etymology, the deduction, the reductio ad absurdum and any other trick of that nature to answer them all (not detracted failures nor the without) (response, was another era). He knew that he could have succeeded, but it was a rare feeling, leaving a review without having any certainty of what you have done, knowing that in the worst case you can have successful some, although you do not valieran to approve, and at best get even note. In any case he had to take a five to pass and move and each of twenty was counted as point. Zumbao I went home and I threw in iron on encyclopedias and dictionaries had (of course, not there Internet), to see that con. He had done in the examination.He had successful ten – Fiiiiiiiuuuuuuuu! -Got five! I had four bad, and the rest I couldn’t find anything, so you could skip anything, but my goal was achieved, which was the main thing.

Taking Advantage

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

One of the best things to educate at home is the intensive use which is made of any material or resource. All the brothers can use books, the videos are seen in family, magazines are read and reread, are clipped, images reaprovechan to make lapbooks, etc. With containers of cereals and vegetables we do crafts, any element of the pantry is likely to transform into mathematical or artistic material, and even study time is squeezed harder, since a brother can help another serving him one of review and the other as an initial explanation, or they can do many things together sharing their projects and tasks. During the Christmas holidays in one of our tours to the city we took a range of recreational and cultural activities of the season that includes recipes, articles and some games. We could read the articles, selecting some things that we wanted to attend, prepare some of the recipes, and when the season ended we cut what interested us and hung our Cork and the cut section of riddles and we have used it to put it in our bathroom as element of toiletschooling, we got ideas for an excursion and we feel that a simple free catalogue that sometimes people ojea and dismisses for us has become a huge source of resources. We are surrounded by useful materials, we only have to look around with other eyes, will always find materials that you can use and reuse of one and thousand forms..

One Day I Go To Die

Monday, January 20th, 2014

ITS WORLD the world of a person is the addition of as many things that it is impossible to define, therefore the times and the movements are all dessincronizado and intangible that no matter how hard let us try to understand, intelligence for in such a way lacks. But, I can affirms that it has left of it understands the days of lives, the souvenirs of the past, the heat of the gift and the expectation of the future. The friends, enemies, the loves and the hatred, the listened to and said words, the thoughts and the dreams, pains and joys, the knowledge and the unfamiliarity, intelligence, the ignorance, complement it to everything, but he is not depleted in this. To each day that the life passes, I see my world being constructed and destroyed by me, the disillusionments and joys that comes and go; in high and low movements of, it if form, some times deformed. My world already was small great, infinite and finite, dicotmico and antagonistic, infantile and mature, simple and complex e. My world left already me wild, but it left also me in peace. It already was dolorido, sad, laborious, fearful, as well as was glad, it has led, smiling and happy. He was solitary, with much people in it; solitary, with me only.

In it, it was difficult to find and to release somebody, I had loves and homesicknesses. To leave the past and to follow the future already were difficult, but it was easy also. At some moments, it wanted to leave it in others, to be. But never it wanted the world of another one because my world I am Every day it becomes gift; awaken and the world comes stops of new being constructed and being destroyed. It seems that all dumb o my world, but, although everything, it is fascinating until one day my world definitively will be destroyed.

The World Has Two Halves

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Marco Tulio0 Cicero: The good citizen is one who cannot tolerate a power that pretends to be in their homeland over laws the world is divided into two: those who comply with the rules and those who do not meet them. Life in society implies compliance. In his book the social contract Juan Jacobo Rousseau that humans must find a form of partnership that we defend and protect. The fundamental problem of this partnership is resolved through that contract whose clauses must be well defined. However, any standard would be reduced, according to the author, to a single point: these well understood clauses are reduced all to a single, namely: the total alienation of each associate with all their rights to the whole society. Our Academy of language, in turn, defines society as: natural or agreed upon grouping of people who are different from each of its individual, unit to meet, through mutual cooperation, all or any of the purposes of life.

The fact of grouped for meet some or all of the purposes of life implies the vocation to cooperate with others and subjection to rules. In the case of the common good it is desirable that all individuals will voluntarily comply with theirs. If there is not a voluntary submission the State will exert the force and become an authoritarian body and most of the time unfriendly for citizens. If it does not it will be, on the contrary, a weak entity, object of mockery and the lack of credibility of the partners. The world is reduced in this way to two halves: those who comply and those who do not comply. The first do so because they are honest, good people and decision-makers.

Or they do by the fear of getting into trouble with the authorities. Moto taxi driver is not placed the helmet because they are convinced that need to do so to protect his life, but because of failure to do so will expose you to a severe financial penalty. Those who do not meet standards have different motivations: do not know them, do not want to meet them, can not or are simply ensoberbecido and do not believe in the obligation to fulfil. The latter is the case of drivers who stop their cars to speak among themselves and when they are called attention respond with obvious discomfort: we are in Colombia, or everybody does it. When this last happens, the world is divided into two: those who await with patience and those who curse silently. By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact to the cel. 300 8055526 or email. Please read their writings in MAICAO to D?A page in which you will find writings, chronicles and beautiful parts of the Colombian literature. Original author and source of the article

Metaphysical Sciences

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

In the field of Metaphysical Sciences, discusses with great insistence a change of imminent consciousness, exactly for 2012. Year in which the Mayans were curiously left without calendar and more pessimistic people are talking about the end of the world. The curious thing about all this, is the amount of people which coincides in this event and the diversity of specialties covered by these same people; Hindus, Buddhists, and other spiritual people does not seem so preposterous to speak of this topic. But indigenous peoples in remote places, and scientists from several areas such as physical or medical, make me think that it is not an invention of a few and so far makes me think. The change they preach is energetic, currently see are many climatic variations product of many factors which, it seems, they are changing all the known energy rolls.

The biggest change and dramatic will be produced on December 21 2012, then a magnetic field to change the fate of our planet. Not to speak of the end of the world, but a transformation. The human being is also governed by power, our mind to be the instrument of more importance in our lives. Vibrational waves emitted by our conscious and unconscious will be reached by this Ray generating an elevation in the vibrational range which will produce us this change of consciousness. Let the materialism and we will be more spiritual, more egalitarian with all, more connected with nature.

It sounds hopeful in this world that seems already not giving more. Who knows? And ultimately one mistrusts what do not know know about us from the nature of the energy? If everything is a permanent evolution why can not evolve the world in this direction? If ultimately the physical forces keep us in motion. Once heard in a sentence that said that a change of species than a change of consciousness is more feasible, but maybe I came while the consciousness also evolves and it seems that we play we witness it. Original author and source of the article.