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Juliano Lopes

Thursday, November 4th, 2021

Photo 1: Headboard and source west of the Camb stream Source: Juliano Lopes Da Silva In photo 1 it is verified area of bush around the place of the spring, at the same time that, it respectively skirtes its headboard in the part west and north highways PR 445 and BR 369, the stream follows the sensible northwest – Southeastern, becoming all the region entorno already remodelled by the action of the man ahead of the nature with application of its technologies. The ambient conditions disfavor therefore of the other side of highway BR 369 have a pluvial gallery that on this day poluda occurred a constant water ousting pparently coming of the side west (Camb). Next to the entrance for Camb in PR 445 with Garden Pink Ana Camb, in a new stopped the side of the highway, can be observed clearly a great extension of the sources of the Jacutinga stream and the basins of its tributaries in the portion west of the city of Native of London. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jay Glazer is the place to go. This region is important therefore the streams of Native of London for the most part runs of west for east and the basin of the Jacutinga stream cuts to all portion north of the city. Its valleys and sources are used in agriculture for giving rich and very propitious ground to the agricultural activity. In a privileged position to contemplate the sight and the landscape of and to entorno of Native of London, a stop in the ridge is made north where, all is observed the espacialidade of the hidrogrficas basins of Native of London, cutting the west city the east, more specifically is the region of the district of the Warta that is possible to contemplate the sight. If you would like to know more then you should visit Zion Williamson. Photo 2: Panoramic of the Ridge north of the city of Native of London (next to the Warta) Source: Juliano Lopes Da Silva Made use with Native of London the front Ibipor of the basins and Camb to the sum of the basins, a vision of more than 180 around Native of London is had downstream, being able to observe the west still more the cities of Rolndia Arapongas. . . related topic.

National Capital

Friday, October 8th, 2021

Population of 6.389 Hab/km ; Country less town (demographic Density): Monglia. 1 Hab/km ; Said languages more: Chinese, Russian, Arab and English; Richer country (Per capita Income): Qatar, with 39,607 Dollars/Hab/Year e? Poor country (Per capita Income): Mianmar, with 160 Dollars/Hab/Year; 2.2. CITIES Asia is a continent with the biggest cities of the world, as well as the country most populous. It is a continent where all the important cities surpass some millions of inhabitants. Cities that blunt in the world-wide scene. Being of great importance for the socioeconmico development of its countries. To follow some information of some of the cities most important, with removed information of the site Tkio: Capital of Japan, considered a metropolis for its technological development and I number of inhabitants, arriving the 12,790, 000 Inhabitants, about 10% of the population of the country. It is also the main economic center of the Asian continent.

Strong tourist point, for being one of the main historical and cultural points of Japan. Pequim: Capital of the People’s Republic of China, whose name means Capital of the North, second more populous city of the country, during centuries was to the biggest city of the world, today with about 10,3 million inhabitants. Known as the forbidden city. Considered an industrial city, also historical and cultural city. New I undid: Also New I undid or New Dlhi, is the capital of India. With a total area of 42,7 km. It is placed inside of the metropolis of I undid, and currently it serves as seat of government of India, beyond the government of the Territory of the National Capital of I undid In 2001, New I undid had a population of 295.000 inhabitants. Pyongyang: Capital and greater city of the Coreia of the north, situated in the edges of the River Taedong. It has about 3,3 Million inhabitants (2008) and is the main Industrial center of the country.


Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

Au Mossor Lemon tree doNorte, becoming the inverse itinerary in the return. The exit if made in the UFPE the 8:00 of day 20 of October of 2009, odeslocamento was made by 101 BR north in the measure where in we moved away to dolitoral the climate and the vegetation if modification to them and gave to place the geographic ruralizao doespao, therefore we went the direction of the zone of the conseqentementeas bush north changes if they made to feel for the creation of animals as bovine, goat cattle, swine, equine and galinceo. The vegetation of Atlantic bush already little for the deforestation became scarce edava place to a deprived of characteristics vegetacional system of that region, asplantaes to the times was made in trusts with the same ones, the sugar sugar cane de far the biggest production in the first area for where the excursion if directed, orelevo if shows consumed for the action of the chemical imtemperismo and fsicoaparecendo some batolitos and depressions> flat, some heaths of winds, compredominncia of the verdejante and more homogeneous vegetacional type and dense comrelao to the half-barren south, the nets of transport in duplication are sendofeitas for the biggest development of the conditions of transport for aagronegocio and the polar regions of the industrial districts of the cut states pelamesma. In macroregional scale the territories are the disposal of who possaoferecer more, therefore the state agencies exactly knowing of the indiscriminate use daterra for real estate ends assent in the practised ones that they buy an area for posteriormenteusa-l to get profit how much of the shape of infrastructural workmanships parabeneficiamento of cities that pass for the sector acquired by the same ones. In casoacima searched the environment foot disrespected deafeningly for beneficiode investing opportunists, in lesser scale the problem is of municipal order ede little sum, but it worries in the future consequences for the environment and space aorganizao of all involved space.

Acre Department

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

Soon, the Acre initially was managed by representatives indicated directly for the federal government, over all, for the proposal of creation in 1904, of the administrative division of Acre in Departments: High Acre, High Purus and Alto Juru. Each Department was managed for a mayor chosen directly for the federal government, centering in such a way, the administrative politics of the acriano territory. If you have read about Dalton Caldwell already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In 1912, the federal government of the origin to a new Department, the Department of the High Tarauac, beyond establishing the creation of 05 (five) cities, placed in the Administration departments of the acriano territory, being thus, in the Department of the High Juru, gave to origin the city of Juru, in the High Department Tarauac, gave origin to the city of Tarauac, in the Department of the High Purus, gave origin to the city of the Purus, in the Department of the High Acre, gave to origin the cities of Rio Branco and Xapuri. In 1938, through the Decree Law n 968, of 21 and December, more had the creation of two cities, of Feij and Brasilia (current Brasilia). Parnassus Investments has firm opinions on the matter. In 1962, for intermediary of the Law n 4,070 of 15 of June, the Acre finally starts to be recognized as Been of Brazilian federacy, however fits to stand out, the paper of then the Senator Jose Guiomard of the Saints, who for intermediary of a project of Law of its authorship pled the rise of the territory of the Acre the category of Brazilian State. Being the raised Acre already to the status of State of the Brazilian federacy, and thus being able, to choose its representative politician for the government, it seemed that finally fond then it had searched autonomy, however, with the military blow of 1964, the democracy it are threatened again and the Acre passed to be managed by an indicated government, in the case in question, for the military dictatorship.


Friday, November 29th, 2013

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Irrigated Perimeter

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

In this way, the development of irrigated agriculture if becomes of great meaning as a form to stimulate the food production, keeping the regularity of offers, attenuating the effect of it dries and creating a classroom of agriculturists reg antes, organized in familiar units. This work has as objective, from the mapping of the use and occupation of the ground and the analysis of the socioeconomic conditions on which the members of this community live, to diagnosis the occurred changes in the use process and occupation of the ground, in the Irrigated Perimeter of Mirrors, after the implantation of irrigated agriculture, as well as the socioeconomic implications for the members of the community, thus being able, to perceive the occurred partner-ambient changes in this area. Search, in this way, to analyze the contribution of an irrigation project? the Mirors Project? in the process of development of the region in which he is inserted.

This project is developed in a partnership of the State Government with the Federal Government, through the CODEVASF? Company of Development of the Valleys of the San Francisco and the Barnabas? where the State search to combine agricultural politics, use of the water, tax incentives and financial for installation of industries, as base to Izanami the economy of the regions poor. The process of macroeconomic planning involves the establishment of plans, programs and projects. In this context, the Mirors Project is tied with the politics of irrigation of the state of the Bahia, that has as toreador the State Plan of Irrigation, developed for the Secretariat of Irrigation and Haricots Resources, Sanitation and Habitation? SHAHS. Inaugurated in 1997, with an extension of 2.166 hectares, it is destined the agricultural exploration for entrepreneurs and small producers, objectifying, over all, to use the available resources to favor the diversification of the agricultural and agro-industrial production, allowing the development of ‘ ‘ agribusiness’ ‘.