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Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

When someone asks, what is your dream? do you spend the next 30 minutes talking non-stop, saying all the wonderful things that you would like to achieve in your life? If so congratulations really, because there are many people that when I ask them this question, don’t know what to say: when I give a presentation of my business or interviewed anyone to work on my computer, for me it is crucial to know the aspirations that have, in order to be able to lead better and help them have a goal clearthat will allow them to stay the course. And interestingly I receive any number of responses: some look only at me and wondering what I’m talking about and truth that they can’t think of anything. Then start to ask, would you like travel? and well they respond: Yes, and tell them to where? and suddenly respond something, more like guessing, that expresandome his real desire to do so, or drawing, his mind returns to stay blank. Others respond with a nervous laugh, and tell me: Carmen, do you do you think that in these times of crisis, can one afford to dream? You have to work to survive and give thanks to God for what you have. Other people respond me to something like: because more money of course!! as if that were to be the dream of all human beings, that in addition, earn more money isn’t exactly a clearly defined dream, because if you win 10 dollars more, the next month, you’re already winning more money, however, is just that what you want?. Others, curiously, see me with an accusing look, as if the fact of dreaming is something sinful and tell me, with an attitude of rejection of my question, I really is that I do not aspire to much, with which it has food in my house, a roof and health, I am not asking for more, there are many people that today not even woke up with life and look at me I here, alive and kicking, so I am lucky.

New World

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Located on it, scientists are planning to make a series of experiments to determine whether it is possible to clean the oceans from plastic debris. Subject 'garbage island' is very relevant and exciting as environmentalists and scientists as well as the international community. Look at the scale of environmental problems 'garbage island' you can in our PHOTO: Island garbage Pacific Ocean. Pacific island countries at risk of flooding Experts United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have argued that if in the near future to take effective measures, raising sea levels, caused by global warming on the planet, could lead to flooding of Pacific island nations. At the present time, climate change is a serious problem that can lead to huge consequences in all walks of life and human development. This problem is particularly relevant now – during the global financial crisis, and the most prone to natural disasters is geographically Pacific. Further increase in temperature will lead to an increase in cases of natural hazards to which people will be facing island states.

Already, many residents of several coastal villages on Kiribati have been forced to flee their homes due to the onset of the sea. UN experts believe that this is only the beginning of large-scale flooding in the Pacific. Pakistan has set a new world record by planting trees New World record for the tree planting has established Pakistan. In the delta of the Indus River 300 Pakistani volunteers have planted over 24 541 176 seedlings of mangrove trees.

Las Keys

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Abstract: In this article I show you a general key to be successful in whatever you propose. There are people who seem to succeed easily, or so it seems to us, and usually designated as fortunate. Or we think are successful because they were born rich cots and the like. The truth is that when you find out in depth the lives of those people who are successful, it is true that some are rich cradle, but it appears that others are very humble origins. Moreover even richer cradles the ancient origins of his family also was humble. So? Why we insist again and again, thinking that success is not for us, just because they were born into a wealthy family?.

And another question: Was the money is the entitlement to the success or not?. Everyone has the right to success, just by being human. With all this really mean to show you the origin of success is your beliefs. Of course, the people with money have a range of facilities, but there are people with money they do not take advantage and just broke. O humble people who win the lottery and the following year to be ruined again and I ask you again. So?. In this article I give some guidelines to achieve success whatever your situation. Bret communication (Practice active listening) This is usually our pending unfortunately, we tend to talk about double what we hear, yet we have one mouth and two ears. The art of communication begins with good listening, because unfortunately, the biggest blunders of this life are explained as a result of misunderstandings.


Sunday, January 20th, 2013

8. Search of agreements. Especially with persons, companies, banking and financial entities and institutions (mainly of the State) and potential customers, who are part of the chain that we have to convince that our idea is valid and cost-effective. The ability of conviction, and based on current and valid information, is necessary to facilitate the implementation of the idea of business and/or investment. 9. Information and data analysis capacity, to be able to propose solutions or problems that you will face, especially to rebut questions of technical, financial or market outlets. 10.Capacidad of selection of partners, that will accompany us in the adventure, prioritizing the verification of experience, exempt from legal and/or judicial problems aside from friendship and familiarity.

It is predictable that all who initiate the path of entrepreneurship also have these qualities, but they will be needed along the way learn them or at least properly select the person who perform those activities. Motivations to become the main motivation of becoming an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is the desire for economic independence, be your own boss and take all the experience to a new creative phase and evolution; However, many times there are short-term situations that do not require to be an entrepreneur without thinking, for example, when we lose the work, and the only thing we get is our liquidation and professional experience in the company where we work. In this situation we are left with two paths: we are looking for work or started an own company; It is this last route, which leads us to enter a new human spice, for entrepreneurs and businessmen. Usually in developing countries or emerging, this case is what most gives, and the entrepreneurship factor is very strong, it presents itself as a necessary and now only, output of survival. Original author and source of the article

New Station

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

With the change of season, all professional makeup artists prepare makeup trends for the new season. Fashion is constantly changing and makeup is an important part within the fashion world, so it is necessary to be constantly up-to-date. It is essential to have a good education, but it must follow updated knowledge, with courses and seminars to continue improving. Constantly emerging new techniques, new products and makeup trends change with each new season. New collections present a woman strong and feminine so it trends bring us a sophisticated and glamorous makeup. To have a perfect and flawless makeup is necessary to know well the trends that mark fashion: skin luminous one of the most important parts of the makeup is skin.

The trend marks much luminosity by what they left behind Matt furs and lifeless. To get this juicy and flattering touch that will transform the make-up, we need to prepare the skin very well. Must be clean, tone and moisturize before you begin to makeup and apply a pre-basic to set makeup. The next step is to correct the shortcomings with the help of a copyeditor. So disimularan dark circles and Granites. Then applies the base with a synthetic brush to unify skin. To set makeup, use translucent powder and a thick brush. Looks smoked eyes cobra prominence this season and becomes the Queen of makeup.

Smoky eyes are the absolute Kings of the party. Dark colors come stomping; Brown, blue, green, grey and of course the black will be the protagonists of the eye makeup. To achieve a perfect smoky eye, should get the area of the tabs is very intense and color will be fading toward the eye basin. To give a touch of glamour and a total look should delineate the eye inside and out and apply rich lash mascara. The eyebrows should never be forgotten, they must be perfectly dehaired and makeup since they are the framework of the gaze and can totally transform the make-up. Lips to everything color this season, make-up trends mark the lips in intense and flattering colors. The range of Pinks, passing by the strawberries are a perfect option and the reds are always trend. To get a perfect and juicy mouth you need to moisturize very well with a restorative balm lip. Then should sharpen its contour with a tone of pen similar to the rod’s lips. A synthetic hair brush is used to apply lipstick and the result will be perfect. Cheeks toasted the trends of the season presented us in soft tones and toasted cheeks to not overburden the makeup. To achieve this you can opt for a Rouge in an earth tone, mark the cheek gently, blurring the product with the help of a beveled brush well. About author: Does looking for the best schools of makeup? eMakeupFormacion provides information about the school of professional makeup. Please visit our site for related articles.

Investing In The Stock Exchange

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Of the first things people think when he hears the words stock exchange are: / which is a game of pure chance and good luck or that the only strategy may be buy cheap and sell expensive. Ignorance of how it works stock has moved away to many people very good profits, this is due to several factors, among which is the emotion produced by the ambition to make lots of money quickly and panic great losses unexpectedly. The truth is that these factors produce that professional investors, i.e. those who have really learned to invest in stock market, are those who stay with 95% of the profits. An example of this is that when the price of a stock is going down many investors are scared and go out to sell, then is when professional investors go to buy.

Because they know understand market cycles and leverage to buy cheaper shares. But invest in stock market is easier to what one might think, that Yes, It is necessary for the investor to know how the stock market works. Not only are trained that you learn to take direct responsibility for their investments. Today, it is possible, thanks to technology investing in the stock market from the comfort of home, the only thing you need is a computer and a high-speed internet connection. As they go from being a game of chance at a true investment investments in the stock market?The main thing is to be trained to understand and learn how the stock market works, having the proper mindset, take control of investment, waiting for opportunities. We could also say that the stock market represents a great opportunity to see grow our money more quickly and cost-effectively than other traditional investment products. An example of this is the valuation that have taken actions this year, for example: ETB (Colombia) 101%, Ecopetrol (Colombia) 27%, Isa (Colombia) 58%, Bancolombia (Colombia) 61%, Apple (Usa) 125%, HP (Usa) 35%, Walt Disney (Usa) 35%, Petrobras (Brazil) 48% accuracy is one of the factors that determine success or failure in investments in the stock market.

Accuracy is simply to invest at the right time and in the appropriate trend. This factor separates winners losers investors investors. Most people only invest in the stock market by buying shares, because they like the company because someone has recommended them are very well, or simply because they have heard in the financial news of the T.V. or Internet that this company is very good for invest. But that is not enough! Of course it is important to invest in companies that have growth in their sales, profits and who have a good product. They are also growing in the market, and have a good portion of your target market. But this is just one of dozens of factors that you should consider before investing in the stock market. The most important factor is invest in the right time and in the proper trend, this is precision.

WINS Investment Funds

Friday, January 4th, 2013

As the phrase tells us: that nothing ventured; you don’t win, is why should you put your money in investment funds. The crisis has influenced that investors begin to look for options in emerging markets or in a critical point in border markets. Frontier markets consist in developing in market economies more small or less liquid than emerging. The fact that there are more investors interested in this type of market, have made that you implement the creation of new investment funds quoted. Although the reality about these new funds is already existing funds sobresaturan, as the bag is for example China, which as it has great profitability and great benefits, cause I have at the same time many investors betting on it.

If you are looking for is risking to have a better response in the investment fund, then funds investing in frontier markets is becoming the option to invest in a not so crowded market in which the risks have increased but at the same time the profits can be much larger. If you are not concerned about the way they invest their money and it is akin to the phrase that nothing ventured nothing gained, then frontier markets are the best option so that you can invest in mutual funds that bring less liquidity and are smaller than the markets in which it is customary to invest. M. Marin employee Hold Asociados hold.