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Emperor Diocletian

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

The festivities of Santa Eulalia are dedicated, according to Christian tradition, Eulalia de Barcelona, Barcino, Hispania (current Barcelona, Spain) from in times of Emperor Diocletian (284-305) during the 3rd or 4th century, with Pope Marcelino. This Roman Emperor ordered to prosecute all the Christians who had been in the Empire. In the city of Barcelona, many hid while others fled. Today, the celebration is addressed especially to all boys and girls from the city, and then we will see why. If we go back a little bit until the time of santa, we can see that during the persecution of Christians in the region, Eulalia, a girl aged between 13 and 15 years, escaped from a field house located in Sarria (Barcelona Uptown district), where his parents had locked it that cannot be delivered to the authoritieshe openly confessed their faith and it was given to the martyrdom. After being subjected to various torments, small died on the cross, Although there are doubts about the veracity of the narrative of his martyrdom. For this reason, these magical days, all pay homage to the brave Laia (diminutive of Eulalia).

According to tradition, the best-known torment was throw it rolling inside a barrel with glass broken by the street Baixada de Santa Eulalia – Bajada de Santa Eulalia-, where an image of the Saint is in a small chapel. Since then, this girl has been a symbol of solidarity, justice and commitment to youth advocacy for Barcelona and, together with the Virgen de la Merce, is patron of the same. In addition, it is also taken by holy, insofar as it considers it the Roman Orthodox Church and Orthodox. His remains were located in 878 by Bishop Frodoino, who solemnly transferred to the Cathedral. In the year 1998, craftsman Xavier Jansana makes rebirth to Laia, a giantess that gives life to this brave girl, and is dedicated to all the boys and girls from the city.

Light Hiking Shoes

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Hiking is an beautiful employment – whether young or old. But hiking is not only a nice pastime, but good for the health. If you look around today on some Sundays in the forest, then met a stroller, which are better equipped than many expedition was formerly. There you can see men of older semester with zwiegenahten leather boots on straight roads so hobble, where our parents still with sandals and white tennis socks, once nagging us children in tow, from the picnic area to the tavern of the hiking walking. But it’s also different, today must be neither one nor the other extreme. The new generation of lightweight hiking shoes makes it possible.

Who now don’t know what because’s it with lightweight hiking boots, the one is the many online stores to recommend that now exist in Germany. The Bavarian company Tan has a convenient shop. First, this footwear in the truest sense of the word is lighter than usual companions, and secondly they are for hiking trails are built, relatively easy to commit. The weight of the latest models is usually not more than 1 kg, as the legs and feet are not excessively burdened. Because you must figure out I just how many steps to make a 10-mile hike. About 15000 steps are, and as you notice a big difference sure whether one more or less 300 gram so a hike has weight on the feet. It must not always thick leather be more is not always better. Imagine the following scenario, you can quickly realize that it’s not always on the quantity, when it comes to quality. When the German national team beat England 1-0 WINS football, that is certainly a great success with only one goal. If a district League club WINS 11-0 against an another district League club, nobody will argue better footballers were the only because they have scored more goals.

Andres Murillo

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

It is a basically sensory eroticism, whose purpose is pleasure. It differs Dario’s other romantic poets in the fact that his poetry lacks the literary character of the ideal lover (as it can be, for example, Laura de Petrarca). A single ideal beloved, many passed loved ones there but despite his attachment to the sensory, it passes through the poetry of Ruben Darius a powerful current of existential reflection on the meaning of life. His fatal, Cantos de vida y esperanza poem is known. The religiosity of Dario deviates from Catholic orthodoxy to seek refuge in the syncretic religiosity typical of the end of the century, in which intermingle Oriental influences, some a resurgence of paganism and, above all, various occult currents.(Wikipedia) 7 in Buenos Aires led a life of debauchery, always on the edge of their economic possibilities, and its excesses with alcohol were cause of that would have to receive medical care in several occasions (Wikipedia) in 1893, contracted marriage with Rosario Murillo. He is the brother of Rosario, a man without any scruples, Andres Murillo recounts Edelberto Torres; you know the intimate drama of his sister, who incapacitates her for being wife of any local punctilious gentleman. In addition, the case of Rosario has transcended to the public, and then Murillo conceived the plan of Ruben married his sister. Meet the half-hearted nature of the poet and the ennui that is reduced under the action of alcohol.

It lays out the plan to his sister and it accepts it. The sunset of one ill-fated day, Ruben is delivered innocent and honestly to the loving requiebros with Rosario, in a house opposite the Lake, district of Candelaria. Suddenly the brother-in-law, who draws a revolver and with insolent words threatens it to finalize it if not marries her sister. The poet, baffled and overwhelmed with fear, offers to do so.

Marx Model

Monday, July 8th, 2019

The so-called de el Senor Presidente Hugo Chavez to build the socialism of the 21st century, implies the urgent and imperative need to formalize an own and autochthonous theoretical model of socialism that is consistent with our historical, social, cultural and political context. We must admit that this theoretical model until now, neither exists nor has been formulated and believe that while this is so, the uncertainty in some of our groups persist social. is that there is no warm water in the barracks?. This theoretical model does not exist or will exist, will be never made because to do so the regime that you dare not denounce or even now, would be in the plight of be permanently contrasted in his actions, not against a glaring and tropical model of democracy as we had but against this idyllic socialist model that you dream of and you better that nobody should know that even in the most aberradas fantasies of the most high will find the most minimum intention that such a thing will happen, and happen could allow it mean something more than keep plowing the sea?; Ni talk! the effort and the work done so far would be in vain if Venezuelans could truly claim and achieve a fair return by the deviation of the reality with regard to proposed does not have years doing it?; He served something?; We supported you at some point? If the basis for the construction of the socialism of the 21st century is a scientific theory of the stature of Marx and Engels, that build on it is not it less, under penalty of the built structure do not run to be more than a humble hut, raised on the foundations of a skyscraper. Skyscrapers are big, high and solid stuff of many floors general Lord, look up, but not to see in the mirror of their very high already for that, we hope, You will have had more than enough, but for view space empty, hollow and quiet which, by pure justice, should be occupied today by Venezuela and permitting its Epiphany post-patada in the back is secured that such huts in front of their noses are not more than a fragile facade that make-up the other empty, the most painful and amazingwhich have left the rubble which was our homeland, our future and our dreams.


Thursday, July 4th, 2019

Continues the author of the novel El Apando, history not only moved by the will of the power groups, but that many problems of the country, such as the formation of a nationality, are of a historical nature (Perez, 2002: 259) with regard to the process of consolidation of nationalism, is also pertinent clarify that its establishment in the collective, at least in the modern sense ideology, i.e. the nationality as an imaginary community that draws its members with a sense of belonging (Anderson, 1991: 5-6, is a long-term process and took many decades to settle. That process, which was an important milestone from the 20s age, in the time of Vasconcelos and the creation of the SEP, had an added incentive in this lack of credibility which indicates Cosio in his essay, or in search of its reaffirmation. Not only through the creation of a patriotic Pantheon that serve as ideological underpinnings to the elite ruler, disseminated in school textbooks of basic education, but that the arts also had a leading role: suffice it to recall those Clemente Orozco’s murals and Alfaro Siqueiros reflecting on the walls of the new works architectural posrevolucionarias the dialectics of classes that permeated the intellectual reality at that time. Similarly, it is important to highlight the role of cinematography, sponsored in large part by public funds, in the creation of nationalism through tapes that up the exploits of the heroes of the match hegemonic demeritando the facts of those opponents to the power elite.

_ _ Cosio Villegas test discussion is a diagnosis of the decay of a regime which I mislaid their purposes and whose legitimacy this increasingly in doubt. According to the author, Mexico is undergoing a major ideological crisis because the revolutionary foundations that have moved the political ideology, social and economic of the country are meaningless. Over time the power and vitality of the revolution have been eroded in part by their indiscriminate use, but especially because the political leaders have not been at the height of the situation (Cosio, 1972: 103).