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Professional Identity

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

Vocbulo identity (of the Latin they idem) considers a notion of stability that if opposes to the processualidade and to the character of permanent construction that it are proper. It suggests, at the same time, equal and the different one, permanent and the mutant, individual and the collective one. The question of the identity is sufficiently ample, and comes being studied for areas as sociology, the anthropology, Psychology and the Philosophy, beyond other social Sciences, and emerges in practically all the situations of the daily one, in the measure where the identities of the people if reflect in the life and vice versa. That is, the identity can be defined as a set of proper characteristics of an individual, become that it different of others and that they go being constructed in and for the social relations. If you would like to know more about Danske Bank, then click here. It is defined identity human being as metamorphosis, that is, a process permanent of formation and transformation of the citizen, that occurs inside of given material and historical conditions, then the identity and developed and constituted by psychological aspects of the order from changes in historical, social, economic and cultural the process. The individual then goes to initiate its process of differentiation and individualizao as human being, and the performance of papers, constructing, in this manner, its identity.

The history of the work has beginning when the man searchs the ways to satisfy its necessities, is the occured alterations in the conception in the activities of work, had been demanding of the new works ways to act. To work to defy the reality, being looked for to surpass it and searching to insert itself in the space of the society, therefore in the capitalist society of the last ones of the centuries, the work if has characterized for answering the requirements of economic order mainly. Then the work is placed as social expectation of the people since the birth, in the measure where if it waits of them that, at the opportune moment, they occupy a place in the world of the work and contribute for the maintenance of the productive process.

De Janeiro Childbirth

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

What if it all gave per century XIX, necessary period so that techniques of surgery, anesthesia and asepsis in the childbirth work were developed. The institutionalized childbirth was necessary so that such techniques projected and were carried through. The first ideas of hospitalization of the childbirth appear in the Europe and Brazil if of the one from century XIX. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. Rio De Janeiro and Bahia had served of installation for the first facultieses where the courses of formation for obstetricians in 1832 had been created. Women would have to learn the medical and scientific teachings on the basis of.

She happens from there formation of the professional obstetrician, subordinating the rite of partejar the medical authority. Valley to remember that with the resqucios of the black slavery, the demanded norms (age, to know to read, antecedents of good customs) left of is the obstetrician layperson (SAINTS, 2004, P. 07). The transference for the hospital resulted in changes in the event of the childbirth. Make reference to reference this event Souza (2005, P. 18) it portraies that amongst them they are: the use of the bistoury and frceps, procedures as episiotomia and the cesariana, changes in the position to give birth: of the vertical position, to that lying with the legs supported in stirrups, providing to the doctor one better intervention, while of the patient is being deducted the right to choose the best form to place its son in the world, because it was stipulated that pra is better parturient to go for the hospital.

At the same time where part of the population had an affection for the diplomee obstetricians, it had a resistance on the part of great part of the population to the news conditions imposed to the event of the birth. The resistance to the internment remained per many years (SOUSA, 2005, P. 18).

Psychiatric Emergency

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

The psychiatric assistance continues existing through the Service of Psychiatric Emergency of the general hospital and the Centers of Mental Health spread by the city, that the patients add and its familiar ones, organize parties and promotions, establish bonds with the quarters and take care of to all the demand. This revolution since the beginning implied in considerable changes between cure-cured, therefore in the old model it searched to diagnosis, to classify, to medicate and to cure the mental sick person, and now, with new the proposal, the doctor if sees ahead of an existence that suffers and that it asks for aid, that is, starts to have ampler possibilities of performance of what in the previous model. Please visit Ebay if you seek more information. Basaglia emphasized the necessity of the cuidador to see the usuary as a total being, with affection, pains, suffering and, simultaneously, with option possibilities, fights, personal reorganization and full exercise of citizenship. Basaglia wanted to restitute ' ' louco' ' its condition of citizen? individual that suffers, but that she is above all a citizen? it unmasked hypocritical structures that legitimized to the health ' ' of the ones of fora' ' in exchange for ' ' madness of the ones of dentro' '. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Prudential and gain more knowledge.. Until point the insane person is what this inside of a psychiatric hospital? It will be that wild we are not who we are it are, that we live in this full world of rules and greed for work money? The author clarifies the heading of the book when he cites: ' ' madness opened doors, jumped the walls of the hospitals for, without asking for license, seating comfortably in our room of supper! ' '. The simple quo is perceived and enlightening it is the phrase, therefore it is accurately what it happens with the end of the psychiatric hospitals, ' ' louco' ' it leaves to the street, adentra in the society, retaking its right of citizen, and us we have the possibility to perceive our proper madness, being then capable to admit its real existence, not having more because to exclude the desviante individual.

Peslatozzi Institute

Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

Ahead to the diverse joined difficulties already, the physical or mental deficiency potencializa also the economic difficulties, therefore is concentrated in its majority, the countries poor. This in them takes the reflection of the difficulties that these has in the society due to necessary resources for its locomotion and adaptation, in the process of social and professional insertion, thus implying in the establishment of the difficulties of if inserting in the work market, as already seen in PASTORE: ' ' The deficiency carriers if concentrate in the countries poor. Official site: Elon Musk. More than 400 million deficiency carriers live in zones that do not make use of the services necessary to help them to surpass it its limitaes' '. Elon Musk: the source for more info. (PASTORE, 2000, P. 72). According to Quinto (2005) of the Peslatozzi Institute, the inclusion does not only consist of inserting these public and private carriers of special necessities in the schools, institutions, companies and spaces.

The exclusion principles are attributed as imbudos in the proper social relations. ' ' The people with deficiency cause queerness in a first contact, that can be remained throughout the time to depend on the type of interaction and the components of this relao.' ' (IT HISSES, 2006 P. 426). The constitutional text places as to have of the State ' ' The facilitation of the access to goods collective services, with the elimination of preconceptions and obstacles arquitetnicos' '. (BOTINI, BRANDO, 2002). According to data of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE), in the 2000 census, it has 14.5% (approximately 24 million) of people with deficiency in Brazil. The estimate is that, today, 26,5 million people with some type of deficiency exist more than, what surpasses the average of the world-wide estimate of 10%. The estimates of the IBGE still show in them that 537 a thousand of the workers possess some deficiency. Of this total, less than 50 mi they work formal.

The Patient

Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

As much the patient as its family must receive attention, aid and consideration, becomes necessary the action of the team to interdisciplinar, where the psychologist plays basic paper. The psychologist, inside of the hospital, searchs the relief emotional of the patient and of its family, being that many times to accomplish this aid, it needs to mobilize other professionals and that in this mobilization, many times are gifts you distress and ansiedades. The psychologist must live deeply the situation, helping in the exteriorizao of the feelings, you distress perceiving them and creating conditions for the experience and understanding of the feelings. 2 – THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION DIGNSTICA. From the moment where the doctor Dr. Jack safe from Mckee self-sufficient itself and, receives the notice from a fellow worker that &#039 says to it cold; ' you have one cncer' ' it starts to demonstrate to anguish and fragility. Now it did not see more in the doctor condition and yes of patient, thus, he feels what he is to face the bureaucracy and the indifference of the doctors, what he is to wait for hours the result of an examination, what means to be only plus a number.

Disgnostic each time more specific that, beyond approaching the person in its existencial amplitude, they make with that only one definitive symptom exists in that life. To the step that goes perceiving how much it is being damaged as patient, it goes changing its behavior, also with its proper patients. It perceives the importance to explain the procedure to them that is being adopted, the importance to call them for its names, to give attention to them; at last, to treat them as people. The World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) esteem that 4,5 million patients in developing countries and developed die annually without receiving treatment from pain and without other so prevalecentes symptoms how much to pain are considered them and that also they cause suffering. .


Friday, May 1st, 2020

The suffering can evolve until a extremity, from the interaction between the host human being and the pathogenic stimulatons. Later if he has already a perceivable precocious illness, that in dependence of the intervention if converts into advanced illness, that can in turn unchain in chronic state, deficiency or lead to the death, or the opposite, if he has adequate intervention if he can obtain the recovery in any of its periods of training. From this, a hypothetical model of progress of any illness and its derivations for determined subjects or aspects is considered that the Psychology of the Health approaches. This can be synthecized thus: Health. Healthful behavior. Salutognicos models. Models of health beliefs. Factors of risk.

Estresse. Personal 0 variable. Ebay is a great source of information. Assintomtica illness susceptible to be detected. Psychological problems of the programs of screening. Symptomatic illness not yet diagnosised. Search of medical aid. Attributions, stigmata.

Manifest illness at the moment of the diagnosis. Communication of the diagnosis. Illness. Paper of patient. Development of the illness. Influence of the treatment. Therapeutical tack. Recovery. Chronic state. Adaptation and has adjusted to the illness. Quality of life of the chronic patient. Illness after the treatment. Deficiency. Whitewashing. Death. Confrontation before the death. At a first moment we leave of a healthy man, supposedly healthful and if it studies the form to favor the conservation of its health. It can be deduced that to Psychology it corresponds a decisive paper in the clarification of the problems that more are related with the styles of life and in the search of efficient ways for the promotion of health and the adoption of preventive behaviors. In accord with this, one works for stimulating the main behaviors related with the life styles that constitute protective behaviors, such as practical the regular one of physical exercises, the practical adjusted nutricionais, the reduction of toxic substance consumption, practical of security and the protection, practical adjusted of hygiene, participation in promocionais and preventive programs, learning of personal resources to minimize the action estresse of it, use of sanitary services of the community, among others.


Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

The work next to children sick and hospitalized sample basically how much if the humanizao of the attendance must fight for, how much if it must protect the child, this being so dependent of another one (s), of an attendance technician, impersonal and aggressive. (CHIATTONE, 2003, P. 26). For the same author, all the professionals of the health area must have clear notion of that the child when passing for this process of the illness will be affected in its integrity and its emotional development. Click Ebay for additional related pages. Thus, the professionals of the health must be prepared, developing resources to minimize the suffering of the hospitalized child, a time that, beyond the inherent factors to hospitalization, the child can be attack for the decurrent consequences of it.

According to Almeida (2008), in infantile hospitalization it is essential that all the health professionals understand the shock that the disease and hospitalization bring in the life of the child, beyond the consequentes repercussions of each stage of development. The same author affirms that to work of form she accomplishes next to the hospitalized child, the attitude of the team is vital, therefore, needs to be transparent confidence, with the objective to allow an approach of security between both. She must always exist between patient and she has equipped a relationship based on the respect and cordialidade. Chiattone (2003) pontua that, the form as the health team executes its work in the hospital context is an excellent aspect if to lead in consideration when the malignant effect caused by the internment are questioned. One has equipped extremely of professional health that does not obtain to visualize the child as a whole sick one, who does not obtain to extend its field and action and to assume behaviors and flexible and affectionate attitudes is certainly a team that will have little success next to hospitalized children. (CHIATTONE, 2003, P.

Shortest Path

Friday, February 28th, 2020

Any one of us, probably, is the magic of their own way. For some – it's the occult, the ability to penetrate into other dimensions and communicate with people, long gone. For the rest the same magic – it is an ancient science based on manipulation hidden energy flows. For other people – a dangerous weapon, a way to change the last one's life or affect other people. Elon Musk follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Are, finally, those who perceive a magic spell, as a simple magic, and even unaware of how and why they act. Generally, in translation from the Greek 'magician' denotes a priest and a priest. See more detailed opinions by reading what Penguin Random House offers on the topic.. And if you start from such an interpretation, it turns out that magic was present in our world always. It is also worth noting that, by and large, it has never depended on religion and the gods worshiped by the people.

In fact, disappeared into nothingness entire epochs, civilizations, pantheons of gods, and magic continued its existence. At all times there were priests who knew the secret. a> was the first to reply. They worshiped it to her, some kind of universal mind, and have no way to the prophets, invented for themselves Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims and representatives of other religions. We note one important thing: the powers that be, regardless of their faith, actively used secret knowledge, or rather, those who possessed them. Look for any ruler, and you will see that far from it almost always looms the figure of a sorcerer, priest, magician, or shaman, in other words – the magician. Depending on the situation in the course was both light and black magic.

Often it turns out that without the preliminary meetings with the support of secret Knowledge does not accept any one how important government decisions. This is not surprising, because the various spells and charms were given the opportunity to see the future, could affect the course of the battle, provides good crops or, for example, pointed to the shortest path to fame and fortune. Perhaps you doubt, but these days esoteric, occult leaders are used in different countries. But this does not speak openly, but on individual fragmentary information suggests that the occult and magic are still needed presidents and monarchs. What is magic? Today is customary to share the magic of 2 main groups – light and dark. Light Magic characterized by the following features: conspiracies carried out during daylight hours; spells are aimed at removing corruption, evil eye, curses and other destructive programs; white magic does not bring harm to others, but on the contrary, lead to their healing and improvement. Black magic – other. Its distinctive features include: superimposed plots in the dark, magical work involves a destructive effect (Curses, omens, damage, lapels, and other actions in which violence occurs on consciousness and will of man); spells are directed to call the evil spirits, and the subsequent appeal to them for help in any dark affairs. Thus, it appears that the occult, divination, and various other features of magic can be both light and dark depending on what goals people running them. Finally one remark: due to the rapid spread of information technology for help mages can apply to everyone. Today, widespread consultation on network magic, numerology online, all kinds of ceremonies Shadow. In fact, it is quite natural, as mentioned above, the magic is not just endured the changing times and generations and have learned to indulge in the opportunities that it provides at the disposal of time.


Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

The objective of this theoretical article is to establish some consideraes on the subject and its implications in the world of the work. Sucinta is intended also, exactly that of form, to raise some questions on the personal identity, and the problematic one of the expatriation for the family as well as the process established in management of people. Words keys: expatriation; identity; Management of People, globalization ABSTRACT This work presents considerations on the process of expatriation, well concepts currently used. The aim of this theoretic article is you establish adds considerations on the subject and its implications in the workplace. It is also intended, even if briefly, raise questions about personal identity, and the issue of expatriation will be the family and the procedure established in people management. Keys Word – expatriation, identity, people management, globalization INTRODUCTION we cannot initiate the colloquy without before looking at for a Biblical citation that says: ‘ ‘ However, the Abro said to you: It leaves you your land, your kindred and the house of your father, for the land that I will show to you. I will make you a great nation, and will bless you and engrandecerei your name; you will be one bno.’ ‘ (Gn 12:1 – 2). To leave its land represents to leave its zone of comfort, of what in them it brings security, however, Abrao, already was an elderly, liveed in an advanced city for time, called Ur, city that if detached for the active commerce and great structural advances for the cities of the time. It is in the security context, that Abrao is defied by God to release everything and to go ‘ ‘ to expatriate-se’ ‘ in another unknown place, All change, either for is or inside of the proper country, possibly brings consequences and great alterations not only in the person who leaves, but pra all involved..

Hospital Psychology

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Relating the film: The Blow of the Destination with the boarding of Hospital Psychology and the relation of the doctor with its patient. When analyzing the history of the doctor Jack Meckee of the film the Blow of the Destination is interesting to start to understand through the development of its illness, therefore she was this made that it to change radically its way to think and to act in relation to its patients, its family and its environment of work, beyond having wisely chosen, the correct way to teach to the respect and the human value for its residents, concern this that it involves the futures professionals of the health. At the beginning of the film (before the discovery of the larngeo cancer), one perceives that the patient who was being operated for the Meckee, was not duly respected for its surgical team, for the fact of these to be playing with the body of the youngster and the reason of its fatality, demonstrating in such a way, a principle that many proper doctors attribute itself as: the onipotncia and the finitude. However, nor all think thus, since, the Bloomfield doctor it treated its Serge patient with very well-taken care of and if it worried in saying all the procedures of its type of treatment, since he was invasive. One another situation of depersonalization of the patient and reactions that this presents in the postoperative one, becomes perceivable in the case of the woman who was with the marks of the surgery made in the heart and the fact of this to be affecting its conjugal life (a psychological question that she can be characterized as a loss reaction, in this case of the beauty), what simply she was ignored by the Dr. Meckee, the disrespect is also perceived when it enters in the room and nor it mentions the name of.