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Eastern Europe

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

A brief description should not be a follower of the aphorism "Brevity the soul of wit", and carry the most appropriate technical or consumer characteristics of goods. The site, which is taken as an example, we can point to obvious shortcomings descriptions and photos. Only a specialist is clear that the key is to complete the switch. A picture does not represent the colors are not specified in the description, not the design of product assembly. Another example, in my opinion, the correct design – a "warm floor". It can be seen it is understandable why you need.

Reaction to the buyer's order. All their actions, we create and send our site to attract visitors and inducing him to commit the order and purchase. No site is no substitute for further communication with the seller. The site is the only way to attract. The buyer wants to know everything if he understood correctly, is properly placed an order, how to make a payment, received the money when he gets his paid goods? All work will be done in vain, if the telephone numbers listed on the site no one picks it up and a sleepy voice said that we will contact you. I conducted an experiment (if necessary) by buying water filters, reverse osmosis. Of the thirty sites found: 25% – phone not answered, 35% – we will call you back, 30% – could not explain the features and differences of the filters listed on the site and subsequently did not called back, and 7%, we do not have this product and when will not know.

Only one operator received an order faster than I called back on his phone, agreed delivery time and payment method. Principle that must be embedded in the work shop: "No call, no order should be without response. Speed and response skills predetermine purchase. "Availability of goods and delivery time. The ideal situation is when all the goods are in stock. But not all trading enterprises, and even more factories, and sell products from availability. Than monetary emche product, the harder it is to keep in stock. "And here is the same only with pearl toggle switch is?" Issue visitor electrical exhibition. "Well of course these do not happen", the response manager know-all. But the opportunity to make a determined cost-effective and revenue transactions. So, do not hand over $ 1000 an exclusive option? Most importantly, do not fool with a possible delivery date. Shipping and payment. These two words can be alternated in sequence. The most familiar way of the Internet – Sales: payment on delivery. But this is not always possible for several reasons. In fact, the buyer does not resist against prepayment. Much more important to observe the rules on delivery. Promised tomorrow, but have not brought. Promised from 11 to 13, but not in time. The buyer is a man like us. He wants to timely and accurate information. Yes, no it turns out – Call warned. It's working! – Even more so call and let me know about this pleasant news. Bound – the bar a few firms. And the best advertising: word of mouth. Foreign intelligence agencies have used this method dissemination of information for Eastern Europe during the Cold War, "as one of the fastest.

Stores Sites

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Advertising can be both on ppc, and borrowed from their own customers. The latter is more expensive, but also gain more. Imagine your website in the "washing Machines are details of their vendors and suppliers. Naturally, the meaning of all this is, if your project is promoted, is popular and a good position in serp. 10. Selling affiliate products. There is internet Stores that offer you a commission for implementing their goods. 11.

Sites with online access. If you have a rare and unique content (a big advantage if it represents an economic value), then This kind of earnings for you. For example, a bank of legal information with a regular and timely update the content, terabytes of technical documentation for household appliances (can be used in workshops), etc. Member, The interested in this site, buy access to it by the month or permanently. Were related to several of these and was payment accounts owners – the money is 12. Development of Internet sites.

Income is not from the site, but if the matter is approached creatively and simply resell orders freelancers Disadvantages of this method is that the reputation may suffer from one or more failures, but if a good search engine traffic to organize – You can not worry. 13. 981376551136186%2CVSRPtargetId%3A138008206%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Lev Leviev here. Web directories. Best of all specialized, highly regarded and widely promoted. If a person is interested in the selection of sites for some topics, then sooner or later it gets in this directory. Earnings on Advertising, ppc and paid ranking websites in the directory.

Russian Picture

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Earnings on captcha is one of the most simple and at the same time promising ways of earning on the internet without initial .Etot version of Internet earning a number of advantages when compared with other ways the Internet earnings. First earning a captcha can earn good money without referrals Secondly earnings in the picture, much more reliable way of earnings than the clicks and postal sponsors. You do not hook any virus driving a captcha, compared with serfengom the sites and clicking on the links in the third portal where you can earn a captcha is renowned for its reliability, in terms of transfer of money earned. Now in the Russian language internet is just two qualitative online resource where possible earnings in the pictures – it LookandEarn and Kolotibablo. Both of these online resources have advantages and disadvantages, which can be read at. But most importantly, that they regularly pay you earn money.

If you decide to try to make entering the picture, I recommend that you register for both services. You ask why? The reason is simple – this will allow you to work on that resource on which this currently no 'quiet hours' – the time when the captcha is very little for their wages. Or work for them at the same time – enter the picture on the service, where she now is. and move to another as soon as the first human test result

Home Pedicures

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to a beauty salon and spend the whole day, but every woman wants to have a well-groomed feet and not spend too much time. Especially in demand well-groomed appearance of the legs in the summer, in time skirts, sandals and beautiful shoes to heels. Quality care to your loved ones feet can be provided in the home. What is needed that would bring order to the leg? Let's dwell on the beauty means to care for your feet. All of them can purchase online cosmetics store, which significantly saves time and money. The first tool that will relax and prepare your feet to follow procedures – a tool for foot baths. They may be in the form of a gel or jelly. In their composition contain ingredients that relax, moisturize, disinfect the skin, as well as promote healing of wounds.

Scrub for the feet – a creamy product with exfoliating particles of pumice or walnut shell can be made from artificial materials. It removes dead skin cells, stimulates circulation, and accelerates skin regeneration. The mask for the feet – is applied to the foot, after it has already been processed scrub. It can be cooling or warming. Cooling has a tonic effect, removes the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Warming mask relax and relieve fatigue. Just mask deeply moisturizes and nourishes it. And the most important tool is a caring foot cream, it should be applied several times a week. It will help moisturize the skin, prevent cracking, but it will also Skin care for your feet.

Read Services

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Choose one of them, click on it to see how it works. Before you add a blog or individual articles requires registration in each of the tabs. And you can register BPoster.net and then add their own bookmarks at once in all the available services. It is very convenient and fast. And if you have the money, after paying vip account get access to autoenrollment more than 70 available services.

There are other benefits for vip, which can be read on the site. 5. Look for similar topics blogs and write comments. Make comments on the need Essentially, the better and better write, the more likely that your blog will not only someone to whom you wrote, but other commentators on this blog. Also helpful to leave your comments in social networks: and others that you can easily find in any search engine. 6.

Qualitatively, Pick your keywords for the post. Read the article that helped me a lot in this matter. I also recommend to check with the selection of keywords in the service Yandex, following this link:. This is a very useful service. Number of keywords on the page should also be within reasonable limits. The high density of keywords on the page will make the post unreadable. 7. Looking for friends on blogs and in the social networks. This item is in tune with the writing of comments and I think that is quite understandable. 8. Pingator blogs. What is it? This tool sends a message about the changes on the blog in some search engines and services. This helps rapid indexing changes these blog services and search engines. Here’s the link:. Know the rules, faq and ping to health. 9. Crossposting – a reproduction of the blog to other services. You probably already have seen that many services, hosting the blog, offers imports from the blog, which you already have. Why do you need? The answer is simple and clear. To attract more visitors. What services to choose this to you. Here some of them: You easily can top this list. 10. Ran into a very useful site:. Will not take your time documenting all of this site, I will only mention one, which, in my opinion, is most useful. This Crossposting to all services. That is how many services you have duplicated your blog on as many services you can immediately add a new post, writing it only once. How do you like? 11. Another useful nuance in the promotion of your blog. Publish Articles 1-2 times a week. And if more, or better. Search engines react to this positively. 12. Having your blog or website Free mailing list to notify their subscribers about the release of a new post by automatic mailing service. 13. If you do not want to spend much time on the promotion of your blog, you can register and give it an ad. Submission of ads on Yandex can be lit as a separate issue. Write to us if there is a need for it, then tell you in a separate post. Here is a list of steps that I have chosen and used for promotion of your blog. This list is incomplete, there are many other ways. I decided to confine these. Time will tell what the results will be.


Friday, January 15th, 2016

The complexity of the installation of contextual advertising is the need to accommodate a special code. Not Every blogger has the opportunity to access the code page of the site and knowledge of its installation. However, the detailed study of the installation instructions, to achieve the desired advertising is not very difficult. 3. Earnings on references.

There are specialized automated systems for selling links (Sape, GoGetLinks, Liex, Xap, etc.). You register in these systems and get a reward for placing in the pages of your blog advertising links. Here has a value such characteristics blog as tic and PageRank, as they are higher, the more chances to earn. Links are placed on the code base, which gives the service at registration. One day, setting the code, you can forget about it service and continue movies.

The money will be transferred to your account in a month, however, each system has a minimum level of output of different (from 250 rubles to $ 100). 4.Esche one kind of earnings – is selling the place under the direct advertising on blogs. To do this in a convenient location in the articles are placed various kinds of banners and ads (popander, klikander, peel-down, ICQ-window, bodyClick and stretching). They differ in visual effects. For every click on a banner posted on Your blog you are awarded bonuses at the end of the month is converted into a monetary unit. You can work with already established online systems, or to negotiate directly with advertisers and to place its banner on a monthly basis for fixed value. 5.SEO copywriting. You can write custom articles advertising of products or services and publish them on your blog. Based on the specification written laudatory articles, and for every 1000 characters are charged with the advertiser fees. Depending on the topic and the popularity of your blog, you can earn up to $ 10 per 1000 characters. If you write on a regular basis, then the result is a good and stable earnings with a favorite hobby. 6.. On the blog you can put information on how the way you can thank for the fact that you write some useful articles. Make an interesting text and indicate where your details of electronic money or bank details. That's probably all the essential ways of earning on the blogs. But no matter what type of income you choose, the important thing to remember about the development of your blog. Only with high attendance blog, you can expect a high level of income. So before you choose a way of earning, make sure that your site is registered in search engines and the reader's interest.