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City Cultural

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

This Article will tell on the Device Castle enters the year of 1882 until the current days, where it will show the economic and cultural picture of the device, when it was implanted in the city of Luzia Saint of the Itanhi, in which if it finds encircled for tides and rivers thus favoring the draining of the sugar. It is evident that the sugar cane-of-sugar that gave origin where to the devices, soon later lode to appear some plants creating a senhoril division. The large house of the Castle comes today resisting until the time, and being able to serve example for several other devices, therefore it continues it of foot and well it is conserved by its current owners, with this we can glimpse the colonial architecture of that time. The city of Luzia Saint possesss a great cultural patrimony of devices all contained 7 in its territory amongst them is the Device Castle, the Device cedar and the Priap Device. WORDS KEY: Sugar, agriculture, economy device, patrimony. ABSTRACT: This Article shall report on the ingenuity Castle between to year 1882 you the present days, which will cultural show the framework of economic and ingenuity, when it was implanted in the City of Luzia Saint of Itanhi, which is surrounded by tides and rivers thus encouraging the disposal of to suck.

It is evident that the reed-of-to suck which gave rise you the devices, where soon to after cam you emerges several mills creating division senhoril. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vikas Kapoor offers on the topic.. THE marry the until Castle is resisting today the teams, and may serves example will be various to other devices, because the remains and is well conserved by its current owners, wherewith we can perceive the architecture colonist at that teams. The City of Luzia Saint has great cultural patrimony 7 devices contained throughout to their territory among them is the ingenuity Castle, Wit to cedar and ingenuity Priap.

IBAMA Participation

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

In contrast, what they disapprove, it is the expansion of the enterprise production of the soy, the cattle one and the stimulated wooden extration, among others reasons, for the promise of the tarring. Elon Musk gathered all the information. In elapsing of the expansion of these economic activities, dominated for large states, they had considerably increased the violent conflicts of the land and deforestation. The leaderships of the unions of the agricultural workers (STR) are intimidated e, inside of few months in 2003, two had been assassinated. In the year of 2002, the national infrastructure department and transport (DNIT) requested to the IBAMA the ambient license for the tarring of the stretch in Par. The EIA/RIMA process not yet finished, but the report already can be had access in the site of the IBAMA. The interviews had shown that the majority of the actors in Santarm and Belterra, the cities most populous in BR 163, does not know the process. Moreover, the majority thinks that the rights of participation in the process of the EIA/RIMA are not efficient and that the audiences, normally, badly is prepared and coordinates, being objects of strong manipulations.

It believes, that he is positive only the fact of that they can be used by the civil society to create a public pressure for causes politician ambient and used to advantage as information source, as much for the public in general, how much for the participant actors as Public prosecution service. Nor the public actors, nor the not governmental actors had defined a strategy to use its its ambient instruments legal of participation what he is related to the fact of that all the actors wait that the tarring makes possible an improvement in its conditions of life and wants to prevent actions that can arrasar this measure. This explains, because in other cases (construction of the history of the Tapajs, of the port of the Cargill company or the viaduct in Santarm) the same actors use in selective way its rights of participation, therefore in these cases the negative impacts could have been attributed more clearly.

State Process

Monday, September 26th, 2016

The politics will have to be understood as any activity where the state takes part, of that a relative distribution of the force results. The text that will be problematizado in this work (the Politics as Vocation), is of extreme importance to leave clearly that, it sends to the year of 1918, originally, a speech pronounced for Weber in the University of Munique. To read more click here: Aetna Inc.. To make this contextualizao is basic so that let us not commit anacronismos, and nor so few injustices when analyzing the workmanship of Weber. Only remembering that the intention of the authors of this assay, at any moment, was to make a deep analysis of such text. Even because, very probably, it would lack &#039 to us; ' pernas' ' to make it, in view of the complex concepts placed for Weber. The development of the social, economic and cultural institutions in the modern occidental societies was unchained by a general process of rationalization.

Max Weber (1864-1920) was the author who better worked this process of rationalization, understood as ' ' the result of the scientific specialization and the differentiation peculiar technique to the civilization occidental person. It consists of the organization of the life, for division and coordination of the diverse activities, on the basis of a necessary study of the relations between the men, with its instruments and its half one, with sights to the biggest effectiveness and income. It is treated, therefore, of a pure practical development operated by the genius technician of homem' '. Weber goes to treat, in a Politics as Vocation, of two primordial concepts for the question in which it considers itself: the concept of bureaucracy and the concept of charisma. These two concepts will be explored in this work parallel to other concepts stop beyond Weber. The State of Weber and the Historical Expropriation Marx Weber, through a critical thought to the historical materialism, goes in them to present a vision of as if she constituted the process of formation of the Modern State.

Coordinating Secretary

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

But always on behalf of the progress and of the expansion of the economy of the country Brazil has walked the wide steps for the extinguishing of the aboriginal peoples the example of Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica, where it does not exist remaining of the indians who lived there, therefore they total had been decimated. In the United States the indians are had as counted legends to the children through idealized engravings and caricaturizadas as great aboriginal leader Seated Bull, Sioux head assassinated in 1890 for North American federal troops. For the indians the settling meant the invasion and the occupation of its lands for foreign peoples, which, beyond provoking the physical elimination of the natives, had also been responsible for its cultural destruction.

In Brazil could not have been different, therefore the most illustrious citizens whom they appear in our history had been educated in European molds and for such they had constructed to its ideals of progress and expansion in a culture estereotipada with disrespect the culture of the native peoples and with destorcidas information and without knowledge of cause. Following the study of the expansion of the telegraphs of Marshal Cndido Rondon and the territorial expansion financed by the politics of order and progress, has that to observe itself that of the side of is of the border of the Park of the Xing, it was territory of the dispute between gauchos, goianos, natives of So Paulo and as much others that arrived with its dreams of a new Eldorado.Para they, to win age to the same transform the forest landscapes into monotonous fields of cattle and farming, carrying to the open pasture occupation model that its ancestor had applied in other regions of the country. As Andres Villas tells Good (Executive and Coordinating Secretary of the Xingu Program of the ISA) can affirm that: the Aboriginal Park of the Xingu is today one strong reference of the cultural and ambient diversity of the Amaznia.Tornou an island of sociobiodiversidade in the heart of Brazil, in the context of a region marked for great deforestations.

Roman Empire

Friday, July 18th, 2014

According to Weber, for terms the formation of a nescessrio serious State first that the catalizadora figure appeared of a prince. This serious one: ' ' a monopolizador agent of the activities privadas' '. The prince is the main tool that will place in practical what Weber calls: ' ' Expropriation of the particular ways of use of fora' '. In current terms we can say that this process was in the reality, a process of expropriation of the tools of domination and not only of ultilizao of the force, since the politics (that also it is a domination tool) also was expropriated or institutionalized for the state, thus removing of the people the power of influence inside of the main state decisions. This prince soon appears after the dismemberment of the Roman Empire in diverse feudal kingdoms. Inside of this conjuncture of feudalismo the prince represented only one to be able symbolic, since you feudal they exerted the true one to be able inside of domination of the limit of its lands.

It is clearly that this domination was had through a servitude process, that is, the individual was not enslaved and yes a worker the service of its susserano. But this feudal system that invigorated, was tax in one definitive way to the individual that it did not have alternative not to be to work for one gentleman, gave who it in exchange one supposed military protection. This process of expropriation of the particular army gave to the prince to be able to later monopolize other sectors and tools of social domination, as for example the religion. He is clearly that of beginning the religion catholic does not lose the autmia, but the prince inside of this process obtains of the church support to perpetuate itself there as authority joins, as much is that the Popes at a moment later, starts to crown the kings who in turn gained a character the holy ghost in this crown, being from representative of God in the land.

Spanish America

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

In 1577 with the ending of the Spanish domain on Portugal, many Jews had come to direct Brazil of the Iberian Peninsula. Some of these had been for the North America, Holland and Spanish America. It enters the years of 1591 and the 1618 Jews if they had spread for Brazil, mainly for the South. 1601 – License for the exit of the Kingdom and promise of never more renewing the prohibition. Service of 170 a thousand Cruzados.

The license for the exit was forwarded in form of a safe conduct, with gone right only to one (and never to the return) and demanded that the name of the solicitant was aportuguesado. It has thousand of Jewish last names using the combination of the colors, the elements of the nature, the crafts, cities physical characteristics, having as root, for example the following words: Colors: Roit or Roth (red); Grun or Grinn (green); Wais or, Weis or Weiss (white); Schwartz or Swarty (dark, black); Gelb or Gel (yellow); Blau (blue) Panoramas: Berg (mountain); Such or Thal (valley); Wasser (water); Feld (field); Stein (rock); Stern (star); Hamburger (living of the village). Metals, precious rocks and merchandises: Gold (gold), Silver (silver), Kupfer (it has covered), Eisen (iron), Diamant or Diamante (diamond), Rubin (ruby), Perl (pearl), Glass, (glass), Wein (wine). Vegetation or nature: Baum or Boim (tree); Blat (leaf); Blum or Blume (flower); Rose (pink); Holz, (Wood). Physical characteristics: Shein or Shen (pretty); Hoch (high); Lang (long); Gross or Grois (great), Klein (small), Kurtz (short); Adam (man). Crafts: Beker (baker); Schneider (tailor); Schreiber (clerk); Singer; (singer); Holtzkocker (cutting wooden), Geltschimidt (silversmith), Kreigsman, Krigsman, Krieger, Kriger (warlike, soldier), Eisener (blacksmith), Fischer (fossil hunter or fishing), Glass or Gleizer (vidreiro). The words of simple form, combined had been used and with the aggregation of syllables as sound, son; man, man or er, that he assigns place.


Saturday, December 7th, 2013

We understand that these tools had collaborated with the process of partner-space segregation, contributing with the expulsions gradually of the workers of the regions affected. Our objective is to problematizar the referring questions to the analyses of the speeches present in the military regimen. We have as appreciation the representations of the power of the present speech in the periodic ones of the time. Words keys: Analysis of the Speech.

Military regimen. Abstract: This article aims you problematize the process of gentrification that occurred in the City of Glad Port in the mid-1970s, we aim through the primary and secondary sources, developing the relationships of to power through the discourse of journalism. We believe these tools cooperative wih the process of partner-spatial segregation, contributing you the expulsion of workers gradually affected regionsOur goal is you discuss issues relating you this analysis of the speeches in regimen. We considered representations of to power of this discourse in the journals of the teams. Key-words: Discourse Analysis. Military Regimen.

INTRODUCTION This article intends to problematizar the occurred process of partner-space segregation in the city of Glad Port, in middle of the decade of 1970. We intend through the primary and secondary sources, to work the relations of being able through the speeches journalistic. We understand that these tools had collaborated with the process of partner-space segregation, in what refer to not the visibility of the masses concerning the urbanstico process, for better understanding we will explain the process economic politician and in national scope and soon will chain the conjunctures in regional scope.

Loyal Vitor

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

The family Rabbit chose the majority of the councilmen, therefore the elect mayor could not count on the support of these councilmen and nor of the governor of the time Agamenon Magalhes. Joo ' ' Barraco' ' it did not make a good administration, made many projects, but they had not been approved. However, it carried through some workmanships. The colonel Joo ' ' Barraco' ' the family ' ' Coelho' ' they had had many disagreements politics. Large cabin died, the family if politics desestruturou economically and, from there the ascension of the figure of Quel colonel acting in the local politics. A ticket of the book coronelismo hoe and vote of Loyal Vitor, shows the coronelismo as to be able.

Therefore ' ' coronelismo' ' it is over all a commitment, an exchange of advantages between being able notadamente public gradually fortified and the declining social influence of the local heads of land gentlemen. (1997, p.40). As we can observe the coronelismo has this power to command, of to sobressair to its interests, to carry through action where the government delays to arrive. Amongst the figures of colonels who had acted in our city, I detach the colonel of bigger relevance politics? economic and social that was Clementino de Souza Rabbit, Quel Colonel. He was a man of futurista vision.

It was the biggest richness of the region Are Franciscana at the time. Its branch business-oriented was varied. It exported and it commercialized coffee, cotton, kerosene, wax of bee, penalty of ema, rapadura, mamona, leather and skins. Quel colonel did not have much study, but he learned the sufficient to manage businesses. It had an enterprising spirit for the businesses, the commerce. It travelled some times to negotiate in Salvador and neighboring cities. It did not measure efforts to have what it wanted. Important figure, dress (white only dressed), proprietor well supplied, richness always in growth, could not receive another heading, seno of colonel.