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Suspension System

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

The purpose of the suspension system to cushion the irregularities of the road as a whole add stability and comfort to the vehicle to reduce road vibration and stabilize themselves in a more efficient car in the corners. The suspension will prevent the vehicle from falling too far under the weight of the car and the resulting momentum to travel on rolling terrain (this inertia is manifested both upwards and downwards, so the suspension system should mitigate it in both directions) . The suspension system is constituted by elastic elements between the wheels and frame, such as springs, dampers and stabilizer bars. Then explcaremos the particularities of each one of them. Springs is the closest component to the wheels destined to be the first element of containment of the oscillations caused by irregularities of the road. The springs have good elasticity and resistance to deformation which would cause the oscillations to travel. There are different types, as are the springs, coil springs and torsion bar. Crossbows are basically a set of layers of different lengths placed over each other by maintaining its alignment clamps.

Its manufacture involves the use of elastic and very resistant steel. At the ends of the longer blade (known as a teacher) is curved to form a conduit through which a rubber silembloc are articulated on the frame, standing at only one end to allow a twin scroll sideways. In its central section are the abarcones that hold the hub. The coil springs are basically turns, thanks to its resistance to achieve the flexibility required thrust, the latter being determined by the number of turns that is held, the diameter of the spring as well as the thickness of the wire that way. It is important to note that the coil springs do not act on the side so that it is necessary the presence of push rods or straps fastening. The torsion bars are manufactured to achieve withstand a torque applied at one end while the other remains fixed, returning to its original state after this effort. They are usually cylinders used for fixing a bucket striatum.

Shocks absorbers prevent upward and downward swings of the vehicle due to the passage of a fluid through narrow passages. They are usually hydraulic type friction although there are very old models. The dampers can be telescopic, or rotary piston, being the most used telescope. The shock absorber structure based on two concentric tubes closed at its upper end through which a stem. In the upper outer cushion is attached to the rod axis of the wheel, while the bottom inside the stem ends in a piston. By lowering the vehicle frame thereby compressing the piston lower part of the fluid passing it from one camera to another, whereas when the frame pulls the rod into rises above the piston causing fluid movement in the opposite direction before causing all these actions that decrease resistance oscillation of the vehicle. Stabilizer bars are built with a steel bar in a U shape and function is to minimize the effects of the resulting centrifugal force during rotation of the vehicle. Van attached to the frame through the center of the bar itself through support allows you to rotate while its ends are joined to the arms of the trapeze, with the elasticity of the bar responsible for maintaining these three unions in the same plane.

The Gift

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

The same reasoning can be applied to the future. Also inaccessible, not for having if lost, but for being indefinite. The future is possibilities, but that they exceed our capacity of access. No matter how hard let us plan something, its accomplishment will be different of the planned one, demonstrating the inacessibilidade of the future. However, for paradoxical that it seems, last and future if they find in the gift. But what it is the gift? One instant so vertiginously fast fluid and that if becomes imperceptible. Let us notice that when we intend to observe the gift, this instant if becomes last. We can say, from this, that the gift is a species of funnel for where the future crosses for the past.

What this means for history. It demonstrates the inacessibilidade of the past. It demonstrates the difficulty of if working with the past. Thus, if what it remains of the past is the register of the memory or the document, the study of the past? history? it only can be made as interpretation process. As a possible version, but that also it admits the possibility of other interpretations and versions. the historical time? As we said, for history the time that occupies the biggest attention is yesterday.

Not it yesterday of last the 24 hours, but a long cycle that if it initiates in the immediately last instant and if draws out for thousand of years. History wants to know, therefore, as it gave to the evolution of the accomplishments human beings to produce the world where we find in them today; it wants to know as this past is intervening with our gift and its consequences for the future. here another point of the tunning of the past and future: the past can intervene with the future, but it does not determine it. E, again, we come across in them with the perpetual problem of the historian: its object of study, the past, yesterday, is unattachable.

Yokaanam Master

Monday, June 11th, 2018

The women alone were allowed to circulate for the city using skirt and the men were not forbidden to use shirt without sleeve. Namoro was express forbidden, some exchange of affection was abominated for the brothers of disciplines that they all circulated the moment for the city. In case that a young desired to namorar a young woman of the city, it was necessary directs a letter to the parents of its candidate who when analyzing it, would answer directing City hall of the city. This request was studied for the Yokaanam Master, and being positive its reply she was published in an internal bulletin of the city, and all in the city would be knowing of this namoro. Namoro was definitive per some days of the week and with a determined schedule, kept for the parents of the young. ' ' The city is carefully isolated as sacred space inside of the profane world, entirely cer- each for walls or surrounds.

A lecida classification estabe- for them distinguishes the internal brothers? aque- les that they live inside of the city and they depend on its resources? the external brothers? that they live outside of it, they work outside and they contribute month with a quota all fixa.' ' 13 the city possesss a graphical, where &#039 is produced the periodical; ' The Nosso' '. Who visit the necessary city if to attempt against the clothes. To the men she is not allowed to use shirt without sleeve and the women cannot wear pants nor blouse long low-necked. She disciplines it how much to this she is very rigid. Consideraes Final In 1985, day 21 of April, Yokaanam falece in headquarters of the city eclectic in Anpolis (GO), cerebral victim of sncope (AVC). A triunvirato formed for old followers of the master assumes the direction of the city, who had divided its responsibilities.