Eastern Europe

A brief description should not be a follower of the aphorism "Brevity the soul of wit", and carry the most appropriate technical or consumer characteristics of goods. The site, which is taken as an example, we can point to obvious shortcomings descriptions and photos. Only a specialist is clear that the key is to complete the switch. A picture does not represent the colors are not specified in the description, not the design of product assembly. Another example, in my opinion, the correct design – a "warm floor". It can be seen it is understandable why you need.

Reaction to the buyer's order. All their actions, we create and send our site to attract visitors and inducing him to commit the order and purchase. No site is no substitute for further communication with the seller. The site is the only way to attract. The buyer wants to know everything if he understood correctly, is properly placed an order, how to make a payment, received the money when he gets his paid goods? All work will be done in vain, if the telephone numbers listed on the site no one picks it up and a sleepy voice said that we will contact you. I conducted an experiment (if necessary) by buying water filters, reverse osmosis. Of the thirty sites found: 25% – phone not answered, 35% – we will call you back, 30% – could not explain the features and differences of the filters listed on the site and subsequently did not called back, and 7%, we do not have this product and when will not know.

Only one operator received an order faster than I called back on his phone, agreed delivery time and payment method. Principle that must be embedded in the work shop: "No call, no order should be without response. Speed and response skills predetermine purchase. "Availability of goods and delivery time. The ideal situation is when all the goods are in stock. But not all trading enterprises, and even more factories, and sell products from availability. Than monetary emche product, the harder it is to keep in stock. "And here is the same only with pearl toggle switch is?" Issue visitor electrical exhibition. "Well of course these do not happen", the response manager know-all. But the opportunity to make a determined cost-effective and revenue transactions. So, do not hand over $ 1000 an exclusive option? Most importantly, do not fool with a possible delivery date. Shipping and payment. These two words can be alternated in sequence. The most familiar way of the Internet – Sales: payment on delivery. But this is not always possible for several reasons. In fact, the buyer does not resist against prepayment. Much more important to observe the rules on delivery. Promised tomorrow, but have not brought. Promised from 11 to 13, but not in time. The buyer is a man like us. He wants to timely and accurate information. Yes, no it turns out – Call warned. It's working! – Even more so call and let me know about this pleasant news. Bound – the bar a few firms. And the best advertising: word of mouth. Foreign intelligence agencies have used this method dissemination of information for Eastern Europe during the Cold War, "as one of the fastest.


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