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Paraphrasing Victor Hugo

Sunday, May 31st, 2020

You need to be able to be driven by humans means. (Not to be confused with Dalton Caldwell!). Dealing with people is already somewhat difficult. But lead people to make you divise the future is even more difficult. Jack Welch said with property that weak managers end up with companies, end up with jobs. The best person of the world in the business or in the post erred still has any chance. The best business or post of the world with the wrong person in charge, has no chance. Professionals with entrepreneurial profile are different because while where everyone sees problems, see those opportunities. They ride in a car called imagination, they have creativity as co-pilot, the goal as the engine and the persistence as fuel.

They know that only the best is enough and control directly or indirectly, the fate of many people. Make vibrate with the same intensity with the intangible future created in our minds is the Supreme mission reachable through leadership. The true leader is who gets capillary izar that sentiment in groups wherever he goes. Goals and dreams the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, said Eleanor Roosevelt. And, Paraphrasing Victor Hugo, there is nothing like a dream to create the future. All this may seem play on words, but you must continue monitoring its steps in relation to their dreams and never adapt to them.

If you prefer to be more technique or, less philosopher/or, replace the word dreams with goals. More you always follow in direction to the fulfillment of their plans, straight as an arrow, because what becomes a dream unattainable is the inertia of who dreams of it. Human beings can not stop dreaming. Dream is the food of the soul, as food is of the body. Most people confuse the limits of his own field of vision with the limits of the world.

International Organization

Saturday, May 30th, 2020

They are several institutions that have to Uruguay in the first places in the ranking, as International Living and Newsweek magazines (American), The Economist (British) or in report annual of the programme of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). They evaluated indicators such as economy, leisure and culture, environment, climate, infrastructure, food, cost of living, safety and risk, and freedom. Frequently Parnassus Investments has said that publicly. In the case of the American magazine International Living, Uruguay achieved in these last two items, a perfect score. In the first places in the world are, among others, Finland, Norway, Australia, Iceland and Canada; While the worst places are Niger, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone. Moreover, Uruguay is the country with more literacy after Cuba-the first in freedom of expression (Reporters without borders); holds the second behind Chile – less Latin America (2010) corruption perception index was first in 2009-, catalogued by the transparency International Organization (found in the 24 post about 178 countries); considered by the UN as the ninth country natural and better quality of life, item that The Economist points out is the same in Europe. Life expectancy is 80 years, as well as having a high level of education, health care (the first in South America in number of doctors per inhabitant) and social welfare.

According to the programme for the international assessment of students of the OECD (Pisa) Uruguay reached the first place in math and second in science and reading. In the regional ranking of learning of students of primary education prepared by OREALC-UNESCO, he was second in math and science and third in reading comprehension. The country of Artigas, Benedetti, rodo, Zorrilla de San Martin, Onetti, Zitarrosa, was listed by the International Labour Organization, as one of the five in the world that continued lowering unemployment, at the same time increasing real wages to workers during the global crisis. The unemployment rate of 6.2% is the lowest in history. The economy will grow 7.25 percent this year, above the official target.

The Nailed

Friday, May 29th, 2020

Let us not forget in them that Christian must cultivate the existence of the operation of the power of God in its life, therefore he is according to this power who we reach the blessings of God in our lives, this says apstolo Pablo in Efsios 3, God can make much more beyond what we ask for or we think. III – AS TO PREVENT THE ANXIETY. The best form to fight any badly and the prevention, and this in all the aspects of the life. In the Christian life the example of everything is necessary a devotion to the sacred one in the search of Biblical knowledge, of it lives deeply and experiment I continue of the divine favour. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Prudential and gain more knowledge.. Our priority in everything is God. You search the Kingdom of skies first and to the too much they will be added you things.

Let us see some situations: Ahead of the finances. The word of God condemns the materialism, the Christian must therefore attempt against not to yield to the offers of the wealth that are presented as being the only form of if seeing blessed for God, Jesus said: ‘ ‘ the poor persons always you tend with you ‘ ‘ . The corporeal properties, the material prosperity are divine gifts all we have the right to enjoy, however a wild search of these values runs away to the designs of God for the life of the man, the avarice has had incentive on the part of men who textualmente use the name of God for its justifications disqualified for the sacred bible. True the characteristic of the kingdom of God is not equivalents to the nailed aberracionais forms nowadays, ‘ ‘ The too much things you will be acrescentadas’ ‘ .

Petri Yayla

Monday, May 25th, 2020

For this reason, much of it declared natural monuments and protected by law. Many of them have preserved sinter, interesting geological deposits, in many caves are the remains of ancient animals. To understand the location of almost 900 Crimean caves is not easy. To alleviate this problem to us, there are four district Speleology: the Yalta and central karst plateau, plateau Chatyrdaga, Dolgorukovskaya Yayla, Karabi-Yayla. At the Yalta Yayla and the Central karst plateau, there are hundreds of caverns, only to Ai-Petri Yayla, there are 285 caves, mines and wells.

The most studied and interesting in this area following the oral speleological: Hanging Cave (401/15 m) – two-story chamber with plenty of sag, broken by tectonic shifts limestone. For more information see Barchester. Cave Honey (205/60 m), characterized by unique deposits. Cascade Cave (410/195 m) with galleries, leading to an ancient karst system with large rooms. Geophysical Cave (140/60 m) – the ancient cavity with multiple internal wells and incrustations. Crystal Mine (110/143 m) with beautiful decor and great wandering blocky bulk.

Cave-source Miskhorsky (100/40 m). Stavrikayskaya Cave (100/10 m) with an abundance of sinter formations. Quite original cave Basman-5, Basman, 7, Basman-3. Cave-source Pearl. Iograf small cave (the length of the main hall – 18 m, width – 10 m) is replete stalactites, stalagmites and baths, which were once found cave pearls. In the karst cavities in the VIII-IX centuries cave church was located. The cave-grotto Danilcha in which the depth of the lake about 2 meters. Chatyrdag found on 135 underground cavities. Among the most famous sporting caves Chatyrdaga impossible not to mention the very deep cavity – a pit depth of 247 meters Koshin.

Adygea Opening

Sunday, May 24th, 2020

Now developed a separate program of social and economic Tahtamukayskogo development area under the authority of the republic have high expectations. In her example, will form a similar strategy to the municipalities, taking into account the comprehensive and systematic work with the younger generation. A good example of inter-religious harmony and tolerance was opening just a few days in the village Elenovskoe Krasnogvardeisky District of Adygea in the name of the new church of SS Constantine and Helen. In a solemn ceremony of consecration of the church attended by the President of the Republic of Adygea Aslan Tkhakushinov, Bishop Tikhon of Maikop and Adygei, and representatives of the Orthodox community. The church was built in active support of a major oil company CEO. Two years ago, construction plan was approved by the head of the republic, agreed with the relevant services, and today the church has become yet another landmark – for original wrought fence planted over one hundred tree seedlings. – I want to congratulate the residents who practice Orthodox Christianity, with the opening of the new church – said Aslan Tkhakushinov, referring to the inhabitants of the region. – Orthodoxy, along with traditional religions such as Islam and Judaism, brings an understanding of eternal moral values and teaches them to goodness, mercy, tolerance and compassion for his neighbor. I am sure that the opening of a new church will play a significant role in the spiritual education of the population, strengthening the interethnic and inter-religious peace in Adygea.

Acre Department

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

Soon, the Acre initially was managed by representatives indicated directly for the federal government, over all, for the proposal of creation in 1904, of the administrative division of Acre in Departments: High Acre, High Purus and Alto Juru. Each Department was managed for a mayor chosen directly for the federal government, centering in such a way, the administrative politics of the acriano territory. If you have read about Dalton Caldwell already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In 1912, the federal government of the origin to a new Department, the Department of the High Tarauac, beyond establishing the creation of 05 (five) cities, placed in the Administration departments of the acriano territory, being thus, in the Department of the High Juru, gave to origin the city of Juru, in the High Department Tarauac, gave origin to the city of Tarauac, in the Department of the High Purus, gave origin to the city of the Purus, in the Department of the High Acre, gave to origin the cities of Rio Branco and Xapuri. In 1938, through the Decree Law n 968, of 21 and December, more had the creation of two cities, of Feij and Brasilia (current Brasilia). Parnassus Investments has firm opinions on the matter. In 1962, for intermediary of the Law n 4,070 of 15 of June, the Acre finally starts to be recognized as Been of Brazilian federacy, however fits to stand out, the paper of then the Senator Jose Guiomard of the Saints, who for intermediary of a project of Law of its authorship pled the rise of the territory of the Acre the category of Brazilian State. Being the raised Acre already to the status of State of the Brazilian federacy, and thus being able, to choose its representative politician for the government, it seemed that finally fond then it had searched autonomy, however, with the military blow of 1964, the democracy it are threatened again and the Acre passed to be managed by an indicated government, in the case in question, for the military dictatorship.

Department Power

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

Characterized by promoting innovation and creativity, make better decisions and enrich the jobs, the process requires essential so that trained collaborators to assume increasing responsibilities. With in employment of this process they feel competent individuals individually or as members of an organization, whereas effective and integrated into the company, which assume the level feeling higher delegation by his superiors not only is delegating power and authority to subordinates and give them the feeling that they are owners of their own work; It is a tool used in total quality, as in reengineering, which provides elements to strengthen the processes that lead companies to his proper development to others. It is considered as the movement that seeks to give power to the people via training; takes decision to the people who are in the front. Becomes the strategic tool which strengthens making, that gives meaning to work in team and leadership that allows total quality ceases to be a motivational philosophy and become a radically functional system. Thanks to this tool replaces the old hierarchy by self-directed teams, where information is shared with everyone. Employees have the opportunity and responsibility to give the best of themselves. How to be perceived is a system of values and beliefs, it is not a program with beginning and end. All levels of the company understand how in this empowerment can satisfy all your own and personal needs, and actions necessary to obtain them.

This requires the willingness and commitment of senior management was this culture of human development. Considerations the post belongs to each person. The person has responsibility, not the boss or supervisor, or another Department. Jobs generated value, because the person who is in them. People know where This stop in every moment. People have power over the way in which things are done. The post is part of what the person is.


Friday, May 22nd, 2020

On the other hand, when somebody is made of the crazy person tenth who is tilingo or tolongo – Tenth that somebody is tuichaite re or tuichaite tatre when he is drunk. On the other hand, also tenth that somebody put pakova to us pire. On the other hand, granduln gave tke or nambro him to weakest. Also, when they do not come out the tenth things well to us that we have py" araku head and for that reason we put pirevai. If you would like to know more then you should visit Danske Bank. When a ball is not round tenth that is peki. – The most common marcantes are: ka" i, guyra tavy, kure, mbarakaja or kavaju rembe – The majority of our rivers has names in Guarani, thus: Parana, Akaray, Pirapey, Suruvi" and or Jatytay. Speaking candidly Prudential told us the story. On the other hand, the mountainous areas also have names like Amambay, Mbarakaju, Yvytyrusu or Mbatovi – Our districts are Ysaty, Tembetary, Tujukua or Manor.

Some companies are Ita Angu" to, Jataity, Mboi" and or Yvysunu. The cities, for example, are called emby, Guarambare, Ita, Itaugua, Aregua, Kapiata, Piraju, Paraguari, Sapuki, Pirivevi, Atyra, Ka" akupe, Tovat and Juty. Some Departments of the country are Amambay, Ka" aguasu, Ka" asapa, Kanindeju, e" mbuku and Itapa. Finally, we do not lose of view that our country is Paraguay, and our language is the Guarani; although all we know that here everything finishes in oparei 3. Conclusion The four analyzed cases allow to perceive with extreme clarity the way in which the Guarani submerges and disturbs the Castilian locution deeply. Therefore, we can affirm that the Castilian is reduced by the Guarani. The set out cases also serve to demonstrate (to which they know not yet it) that the Guarani is the maternal language of the Paraguayan; of it is there that the previous and present cosmovisin of the Paraguayan is born, grows, one reproduces and it expands, in Guarani.


Friday, May 22nd, 2020

I know it replied Elena, I can accompany you to your House proposed you is that my mother is not returned within half an hour, he could make time if I’ll walk to which her friend nodded something confused, but pleased that they could continue the conversation. The mother Esther was home, working as a cashier in a casino, but feared by Elena, I had already experienced the loss of a friend and did not want to lose it, but it sounds obsessive, he feared to let her go alone then hear their screams, something that in truth the framework and trauma of insane way. After leaving her friend and eat some cookies offered by her mother, Esther, he went on the bus until the whereabouts, the bus was filled by what had to happen in the middle of a melee of people were that standing, to get closer to the gate where the bailiff was waiting for that down all discouraged. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Prudential has to say. It was already falling overnight when he boarded the elevator, something was disturbed and puzzled by the scene, and the image of firefighter charging that intact flames girl, when opened the elevator door, because someone was apparently going to upload, just at the moment that could make out to Karen, stop waiting for the elevator opened completelythey were the longest seconds for Esther. That the impact of seeing his companion almost in front of her pulse red button, making the elevator door to close before you can open completely taking three steps backwards, because just the elevator close Karen had flat-view. I take breath while waiting, when I finally get to the floor indicated, but within minutes he had the strange feeling that it was not the floor, because Hall was full of policemen and their neighbors they were anxious before the door of his apartment, that beating your chest, as his Department was which was filled with agents and policemen.

Engineering Department

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

Director of the Engineering Department of systems and computer science from the Universidad de Los Andes. Article unveils the results of a survey conducted among members and people who have had some connection with the Asociacion Colombiana of systems engineers, ACIS., which had as objective to determine the level of development of computing in the cloud in Colombia. The survey was conducted to 185 people, which come from companies of different sizes. Below are some of the questions put to respondents: considers that the topic of Cloud Computing in a theme: moderately, very important and unimportant. 67% Of respondents, i.e. 128 people consider the very important issue.

This result reflects the opinion of the people who answered the survey and not necessarily the company. In the company in which you are working is there any application cloud computing?. 36% (67 People) indicate that in your company if used and 64% (118 individuals) indicate that not. Which is the type of computer used in the cloud, the 47.8% SAAS (software as a service), the 23.9% PAAS (platform as a service) and 28.4% IAAS (infrastructure as a service). This result shows that the topic has been boosted mainly through applications.

Which is the type of application that is used more in the cloud. CRM (33), Office (25), ERP (20), (13) content creation, Conten/communication/colab (29), (14), another software application (30) supply chain. The results correspond to the number of responses, in this case the respondent could answer several answers. What are the reasons to use computing in the cloud. Cost (44), necessity of processing resources (19), need for storage resources (15), (16) network resources need, other (10). The results correspond to the number of responses, in this case the respondent could answer several answers. Everything indicates that the cost is the great promoter of the use of computing in the cloud. As a conclusion of the research indicate:. the cloud is something important in the perception of people of different sizes of companies and its state of development in the country is not as incipient, as you might think, taking into account that 36% of respondents reported that you are using in your company, and the rest, 66% considered that it will begin to use in a year… The full article it can be consulted at the following link: related articles: what is cloud computing? What is the cloud?