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The Bank

Monday, July 12th, 2021

The Bank is not only important how much is the borrower’s income at the time of taking the loan, but also how this income will be stable in the future. For example, how significant is the borrower’s age? How does this affect the decision of the bank? A marital status? Age is usually interested in terms of proximity to retirement. Ie at the time of return loan borrower must be no more than the Bank of the age limit. Usually it is 60 years. Although there are exceptions, such as business owners. Marital status is interested more in the plane of the presence or the possible appearance of children. Read, dependents.

Ie young couples without children can give credit to a little less than a lonely man with no children, but with the same income as the aggregate in pairs. Can still pay attention to the assessing solvency young childless women. Doug Adams might disagree with that approach. But this is not the rule, and depends largely on the bank. A borrower who can hardly hope for a mortgage loan even with a high salary? Why? See example in secretary or the borrower’s current income shoferom.Esli far above the industry average for his position, it can cut the amount of credit, or refuse altogether. The same situation when income falls into the framework, but no qualification enough for the job. It sometimes happens that does not have higher education, but intelligent specialist within the firm grows well, but it can reduce the amount of credit out of fear that another firm will not be able to claim current position. Can I somehow split into groups of potential borrowers? Do you have some kind of classification? Yes, there is a classification. Use the main factor – type of income verification. Ie employee with a white income; employee with income, as confirmed by a certificate from the management, employee with an income, confirmed verbally by management; employee whose income is not verified in any way, a business owner with a fully official income, the business owner with minimal official incomes and ‘hard cases’ Complicated cases – is, for example, the artist is not selling paintings and receives income from the sponsor or a girl without a formal work qualifications and ‘income’ from the ‘patron’. Although there rate of 15% in foreign currency already.

Land Registry

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

Among other things, the task sovereign land cadastre in Ukraine is the true introduction of a unified system of cadastral information. The components of land cadastre and cadastral surveys have zoning. Last cadastral survey indicates districts and zones, assigning rooms. The system also works to establish and maintain the boundaries of land yavlyaetsya cadastral surveying. This is the geodetic surveying of land, creation of cadastral site plan. If you are not convinced, visit MetLife. The data indicate the conventional signs on the site plan.

With the sale of land clearance podaetsya site plan. Assessment of land and agricultural land is conducted in conventional cadastral ha or money. Sovereign Land Cadastre of Ukraine has the midnight of power in the area of land. Land Registry osbluzhivaetsya state apparatus, ensuring the safety, reliability and timeliness of updates inventory data in Ukraine. Under the law, 'land registry' opredelyaetsya as – 'sovereign land registry'. The Land Registry of Ukraine consists of the land cadastre (Kiev, Sevastopol, and region), regional and local. Documents sovereign land registry is divided into basic, various consumables and arbitrary.

The documents of the ground level of land cadastre registry include land deeds and cadastral plans of sites poduchetnye objects and cadastral maps (plans). The Land Registry of Ukraine on the universality of coverage osnovyvaetsya Ukraine. Upon the sale of agricultural land should be assessed land. Among the survey surveying services firms – surveying land objects. Actually surveying – surveying is to establish the boundaries on the ground. Geodesic works are also conducted in the presence of a sovereign land inventory data, making it possible to distinguish between the situation on the ground.

Acquisition Of Real Estate In France

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

France belongs to those States which, due to its prominent role in world history and economics, but also because of its exceptional cultural heritage of authentic, always and at all times will use increased attention of investors who buy local real estate. Foundation on which rests the French and West European economy in general, is strict adherence to the rights of private property and political stability – in these conditions all the relations between the owners, as well as state-regulated exclusively in the framework of law, pre-setting rules for all. This environment creates exceptionally favorable investment climate, and when combined with uniqueness and elegance of French culture France is desirable for the millions of people around the world. Danske Bank shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Due to the increasing purchasing power, Russian citizens often purchase property in France: one – in order to charge and invest, someone – to create for his family a new house and how to expand their "habitat" and someone successfully combines these two objectives. Property prices in France continue to grow. Thus, from 2000 to 2006 inclusive, apartment prices in France rose by 96% and detached houses and villas in France – by 71.6%.

The increase in the prices of apartments, For example, in Paris, only in the first quarter of 2007 amounted to about 9%. The most attention from Russian buyers today have attracted such well-known and legendary places like Paris and Cote d'Azur. These regions hold the palm in terms of prices and supply status of objects, apartments and villas here are the most stable demand. So, if in 2006 the national average cost of 1 m2 of apartments 120 m2 was 3.001 , in Paris the figure started from 5.400 to the east of the city (12,19 and 20 districts). The most prestigious areas of the city, respectively, 6-10 department, in 2006, buyers of such apartments treated to 6.600 – 10.000 per 1 m2.

Leases And Rents

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Leasing and rent – is not only a profitable business, but also a lot of risks, many of which are almost impossible to predict. The risks include various types of fraud associated with the use apartments, as well as unscrupulous and dishonest tenants. I remember that one day the news showed a woman who has accumulated in his apartment are mountains of garbage that communal services as a result have taken out about five containers debris. The risks include riot and domestic animals, which, despite any assurances of your tenants, it is impossible to control completely, so that the torn wallpaper, scratched floors, and other little things can, eventually, significantly reduce the marketability of your apartment. Especially dangerous is to rent an apartment without supervision. Zaklyuchayatipovoy lease space, and renting one-bedroom apartment, for which you can not take care always, you can mentally prepare for what is cost of an apartment can get not so great when you have to repair it, and even can not pay off. Perhaps the only reasonable way out position is to prepare the lease in order to maximize anticipate all possible risks.


Saturday, December 12th, 2015

How to find a good office, if your company does not have great finances? Any self-respecting company should have an office, and office representative, comfortable and convenient to operate. In this article we will talk about the representatives of Small and medium-sized businesses, of course big companies can afford excellent facilities for high prices. For starters, businesses could easily go the room in a building – an apartment or two apartments on the first floor house. In modern cities, most of the ground floors of houses are residential premises, where you can look for a room as an office. With the help of designer and repair team you’ll be able to turn any apartment in a great office.

In addition, today often can be removed already finished office. Office in the apartment has some advantages, for example – the ability to create cozy atmosphere. To this office looked prestigious need to get serious about finishing facilities, both inside and outside. From the street, your customers and partners need to see that this is an office, rather than flat. You need to get a visual and intuitive branch of your office of apartments in this house. The most important thing – to choose a place in the office.

Selecting a location for office – a serious matter that goes beyond the current article. The main thing is that the chosen location to an increase in demand for your product. If the room of your choice before the office of – it has already been translated into non-residential fund, but if you find the seller of a private apartment will have to suffer with the transfer of ownership of the uninhabited. In addition, non-residential premises subjected to various audits of state services (fire department, the tax). To convert to non-residential premises shall prepare the documents a professional. I recommend to use the ground floor. The fact is that if the floor above the first in You have many limitations. All the same, the chain of command will run. Choosing a place in the office, pay the same attention to the location of the house toward the center of town – the closer the better. This comfortable and prestigious. Further, it is desirable house should not be in the same train of as two drops of dissimilar buildings – it should stand out and easily identified visually. Choosing office, consider transportation access roads, interchanges and parking to do office location most convenient for you and your customers. Also, pay attention to the presence in the apartment of communication channels telephone and Internet access. At the present time, ‘apartment’ offices quite popular, and there are builders who take this into account, raising the building, where the first floor office space is assigned. In reaching this decision, consult with a specialist and only then act. But still, it is worth considering and factors that are not predictable. And some officials may take advantage of loopholes in the law, demanding a fee for certain services.

Commercial Real Estate

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

A series of articles entitled "Commercial real estate in the context of the" Author – Victor A. Hudson. (Present understanding is indispensable, hence the advice to the reader: read the articles in chronological order and clarifies the obscure words in the glossary below article or a dictionary. Myself so I'm doing. SH) Article number 4: "To be discussed! – Some important data on the preliminary assessment of object of sale, "" counter-revolutionary things to say, Professor! "- Chairman of the House Committee Shvonder," Dog heart, "For what people pay money? Always only one – for the opportunity to achieve a desired state.

For achieving or approaching the target. Point. This is the tip of the pyramid, the rest below it, and it follows from this. And if we intentionally something to sell, we must understand and accept the above, as an axiom. A is the fact that the sale "without a hitch" – is to help and assist another person to acquire them a state, or what he wants get to achieve it. When the seller is driven by different impulses, he adds a series of "vtyuhivateley", which is extremely inefficient guys. But there are many.

Everywhere. I'm talking here about simply because the owners commercial real estate or business for sale, look at the implementation of its object both at the time of receipt for a desired outcome. Maybe this is quite natural for the owner as to owner, but it is also deadly for his performance as a seller, definitely.