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The Overlying

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

Particular attention is paid to ways of fixing takzhenado separate elements to each other and install gutters (trays). Any system of external drainage system consists of a horizontal wall or hanging gutters and vertical gutters and drains through which the vertical elements drain systems are connected with horizontal elements. When the device outside the organized drainage districts in the snow is not recommended to do so-called wall-trench. (A valuable related resource: New York Life ). It is advisable to install only pendant trays under the edge of the eaves (plum). In this case the outer, open end of the tray should be above the plane of the conditional, as if continuing the overlying surface of the slope. It is necessary that the snow slide down the roof, tore off the tray with no bindings.

The middle tray (bottom) should be on the vertical edge of a plum Extrusion, so that all rain water drains into drainage systems lotok.Sovremennye have a full complete set of all required elements, including fasteners. The shape of gutters and pipes can be circular and rectangular. Application of a particular element type is determined by aesthetic perception and the overall architecture of the building chosen architect or owner of the building. Rainwater systems have a wide range of sizes of gutters and pipes. The size of each element is calculated in accordance with the regulations, there is always a opportunity to combine the dimensions of elements, making each time an optimal choice for the cost of the kit. In the calculation takes into account slope and roof area, as well as the number and location of the points of water flow. The cost of the system drainage is usually determined by the complexity of the roof, elevations, and of course, the area. Material of construction of the roof, generally does not affect the choice of the system. At the same time, experts are selected sovetstveno gutters and roofing from the same company that will pick up and perfect color, and attachment.

Japanese Meditation Garden

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

Garden designed in the Gothic (romantic) style, a new trend of European fashion. In place of incomprehensible to Europeans the Japanese meditation garden styling came a new style, endowed with a similar philosophy to us. Prudential has much to offer in this field. Garden – A memory garden – History: generosity and extraordinary finesse accompany this style. Can not say that gothic gardens – an absolute novelty, since This styling can be found in many romantic parks, such as Arcadia, Mon Repos, Ermenonvil. For more information see this site: MetLife. But use in private areas of her started recently. Garden harsh northern romance, has a mysterious aura of "old" park – is gaining more fans.

Lyrical atmosphere creates an artificial neglect: moss-covered rocks in the wild pond neighborhood vegetable aristocrats, such as roses, lilies, clematis, with plebeian goutweed and zhivuchkoy; forged bench with whips thrown grapes; brier thicket. Constituent elements are the trees of unusual shape, glacial boulders, secluded corners. Deliberate ceremonial pretentiousness decor gives way to natural dark virgin, creating a whole range of sentiment. Often used rarely and almost lost techniques in the design, such as earthen benches, grottos, arbors rotunda, ornamental flower gardens, sacred gardens. The starting point for creating such a garden on private land may be the original style of architecture of the house. Gothic, Romanesque, Classical facades of the houses are a good prerequisite to the choice of the romantic style in designing.

Ideal terrain for such a garden would be a large area with rugged terrain and the existing old forest plantings or adults. The big drawback may be that such a garden is the fruit of long and laborious creation involving Professional and nature. Full decoration it reaches 5-7 years of development. Sure, it's a very expensive exercise, primarily due to the large amount of materials used, the nobility of products exclusive components of elitism and plant age. The advantages of this style include decorative garden throughout the year and the invisibility of neglect. And it's more than important for our district and traditional distaste for weeding. And only you can decide whether to create a garden – family legend.

UAH Roof

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

There are companies that offer a guarantee for metal more than 10 years. As a rule, it is crucial when choosing a company: if the prices of all are the same, should pay attention to this approach to warranty and customer service. Market of metal – enough highly competitive environment, leaders in each region had long been decided, so the quality of services highly enough to any company that you are "on the ear." If you had to buy metal roofing and order its delivery, the next step should be to calculate the cost of its installation. It is impossible to give definitive advice to all, but from experience we can say that the quality of metal roof installation cost not less than 14 thousand hryvnia. K example, all materials and work on the roof of a neighbor's home area of 8×8 m – replacement of rafters and forests, laying insulation and roof cost about 28 thousand UAH. Bonding metal to a more modest neighbor: house 5×8 m, with an area of 120 square roof.

m cost $ 19 thousand UAH. This cost of the work on Osokorki (suburban district of Kiev). At the same time work in the first case amounted to three weeks, the second – about 10 days. And this, given that all had been brought and prepared by the customers, according to the recommendations on the choice of metal and consumables for professional companies engaged in roofing. Speaking in general about the cost of works on installation of metal in the metropolitan area such services are expensive and not everyone can afford to gardeners. For example, the dismantling of metal laying slate and processing of forest would cost at least 80-90 hryvnia for "square". Quilting gidrobarer and mineral wool – 30-40 hryvnia per one square meter. Installation of sewers – at least 25-30 hryvnia for one meter.

Making the rafters and scaffolding – 50-60 hryvnia per square meter, installation of the forest – from 13-16 hryvnia per square meter. In addition to your estimate on a roof should include a lot of supplies (nails, screws, etc.). The process of counting estimates for the laying of the roof the same rigorous as the selection of metal. Having to buy a roof, you have already seen that the selection metallocherpitsy best left to professionals. The same advice can be given in the case of calculating the estimates for the packing of metal – the price is better to learn from professionals, and in general such a calculation is best left to their shoulders. At As you just get the real cost of the installation of metal, saving time and, most importantly, nerves.

Cosmetic Manifesto

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Similarly, refurbishment of kitchens, bathrooms, lavatories and the like, typically involves employing skilled professionals (plumbers, electricians, tilers) and the use of specialized materials (water resistant, waterproof). Most of these works can be done on their own, but it is – a topic for another article. A simple facelift, which will be discussed, can be described as restore the previous state of residential and office premises without the works to replace the kinds of finishes. This work package involves gluing wallpaper, repainting the ceiling, painting windows, doors, baseboards and casings, and and sanding hardwood floors and covering them with lacquer. Restoration of parquet – the process is rather complicated and laborious, requiring certain qualifications of performers and to use specialized equipment.

For this because of the hardwood is better to instruct a specialist – any initiative aimed at saving money, can turn out more expensive. At the same time, all other operations included in the program simple minor repairs, if you have the desire, time, and the minimum skills, it can be done independently. Since the best results are achieved only in the case of waste and methods use of proven materials (unfortunately, not always the cheapest), be in the works teams of employees to adhere to recommendations of special coatings (BSP), ARA Centre, taking directly involved in the writing of this article. Getting Started The first premise is released from furniture (if possible). The remaining pieces of furniture are grouped in the center of the room and carefully sheltering film.

In any case necessary to provide easy access to the walls around the perimeter and the ability to work across the ceiling area. If replacing the floor covering is not planned, it should be protected from dirt and possible mechanical damage. Parquet, laminate or carpet necessarily cover sheet hardboard or cardboard packaging (clean and dry), over which is laid a thick polyethylene film (with overlap adjacent panels not less than 10 cm).