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Choose one of them, click on it to see how it works. Before you add a blog or individual articles requires registration in each of the tabs. And you can register and then add their own bookmarks at once in all the available services. It is very convenient and fast. And if you have the money, after paying vip account get access to autoenrollment more than 70 available services.

There are other benefits for vip, which can be read on the site. 5. Look for similar topics blogs and write comments. Make comments on the need Essentially, the better and better write, the more likely that your blog will not only someone to whom you wrote, but other commentators on this blog. Also helpful to leave your comments in social networks: and others that you can easily find in any search engine. 6.

Qualitatively, Pick your keywords for the post. Read the article that helped me a lot in this matter. I also recommend to check with the selection of keywords in the service Yandex, following this link:. This is a very useful service. Number of keywords on the page should also be within reasonable limits. The high density of keywords on the page will make the post unreadable. 7. Looking for friends on blogs and in the social networks. This item is in tune with the writing of comments and I think that is quite understandable. 8. Pingator blogs. What is it? This tool sends a message about the changes on the blog in some search engines and services. This helps rapid indexing changes these blog services and search engines. Here’s the link:. Know the rules, faq and ping to health. 9. Crossposting – a reproduction of the blog to other services. You probably already have seen that many services, hosting the blog, offers imports from the blog, which you already have. Why do you need? The answer is simple and clear. To attract more visitors. What services to choose this to you. Here some of them: You easily can top this list. 10. Ran into a very useful site:. Will not take your time documenting all of this site, I will only mention one, which, in my opinion, is most useful. This Crossposting to all services. That is how many services you have duplicated your blog on as many services you can immediately add a new post, writing it only once. How do you like? 11. Another useful nuance in the promotion of your blog. Publish Articles 1-2 times a week. And if more, or better. Search engines react to this positively. 12. Having your blog or website Free mailing list to notify their subscribers about the release of a new post by automatic mailing service. 13. If you do not want to spend much time on the promotion of your blog, you can register and give it an ad. Submission of ads on Yandex can be lit as a separate issue. Write to us if there is a need for it, then tell you in a separate post. Here is a list of steps that I have chosen and used for promotion of your blog. This list is incomplete, there are many other ways. I decided to confine these. Time will tell what the results will be.


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