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General Elections

Friday, March 28th, 2014

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The general elections of the Turks and Caicos clinton Islands took place political on February 9, 2007. Turks and Caicos Islands education are a dependent territory of the United Kingdom, having a economic Legislative Council itself, consisting of seventeen members, fifteen of them elected by universal suffrage, media which elects the Prime Minister. There are only two political parties, the Progressive National Party (PNP) iraq and the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM).
In previous elections – the legislative council was formed by 13 members policy – PNP won congress just six of the seven seats PDM. issues However, it turned the results of two cirscusncripciones, the PNP won the repetition of elections, leading to Michael Misick andalusia as united states Prime election Minister .
At the time of the race vote, the territory is divided into fifteen electoral districts, one for each member. The candidate receiving the most votes is the one who gets the seat. In vote all districts there were only two candidates – the PNP and PDM – government except in Cheshire Hall, where an cnn independent recording .
The election campaign focused on security and the rise of crime, ensuring that Misick kill her and responding to culture the opposition that the government did nothing either to the crime and against corruption. Finally, elections were won by PNP, andalusia defeat in thirteen districts. religion Just military lost in North Backsalina – 214 George bush votes to 228, by Arthur Lightbourne Arthur Robinson – and South Backsalina – 207 votes to 224 by Deveraux Malcolm Floyd Seymour -. The candidate who bush won most votes was Greg Lightbourne (PNP) in Blue Hills, with 373 votes, but the candidate who got more distance on his rival was Floyd Hall (PNP) in Overback, Grand Turk, 283 votes to 123, Robert D’arcueil. Furthermore, the Prime Minister, Michael Misick, won in its division, East North Caicos, with 271 votes.

The Maestro

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

Anonymous UNTIL WHEN ASLEEP? It was a village in India near a main route for traders and travelers. It was right to pass many people through the town. But the people had become famous for an unusual event: there was a man who had been continuously asleep more than one quarter of a century. Nobody knew the reason. What a strange event! People passing by the village always stopped to contemplate the sleeper. But this phenomenon is due to what? -visitors asked-.

In the vicinity of the town lived a hermit. It was a sullen man, who spent the day in deep contemplation and didn’t want to be bothered. But he had acquired fame know read others thoughts. The same mayor went to visit him and begged him to come to see the sleeper if I could know the cause of so long and deep sleep. The hermit was very noble and, despite his apparent haughtiness, was provided to try to assist in the clarification of the fact. He went to town and sat down next to the sleeper.

Deeply concentrated and began to lead your mind toward the clairvoyants regions of consciousness. He introduced his mental energy in the brain of the sleeper and was connected with him. Minutes later, the hermit was returning to his ordinary State of consciousness. The entire town had gathered to listen to it. With unhurried voice, explained: friends. I have come, Yes, sleeping up to the central concavity of the brain of this man who bears more than one quarter of a century. I have also penetrated into the Tabernacle of his heart. I searched for the cause. And, to your satisfaction, I must tell you that I have found it. This man dreams of continuous is awake and, therefore, does not intend to awaken. ** The Maestro says: don’t be like this man, spiritually asleep while you think you’re awake.

Spiritual Jewels

Friday, March 14th, 2014

"The humble knowledge of yourself is a surer road to God that the way of science." Thomas a Kempis As we move into our task to wake up and make way for our spiritual growth, taking the opportunity of life we are given. With actions that support our evolution, we know that we have identified the responsibility of knowing cona use the time granted. Fortunately, there are those who have left us in its wake hints, tips, thoughts, lights, jewels that help us to explore what it contains and you get out the advantage necessary to achieve our growth a reality. In this second part we have selected some thoughts that turn into real gems for the content it contains, its value, which can be achieved when it determines its scope and what we can generate. Jewelry Krishnamurti considered shows that love is the only lasting answer to our human problems. Artificially dividais not love God and love of man.

There is only love, but love is enclosed by various barriers. Compassion, forgiveness, generosity and goodness can not exist if there is no love. Without love, all the virtues become cruel and destructive. Hatred, envy, ill will, prevent the fullness of thought, emotion and is only in full, at the peak, where it may be compassion, forgiveness. Self-knowledge can not be done until there is meditation. Because meditation is a process of constant revelation of every thought and every feeling, not the fixation on certain image or idea, but a constant perception, a constant understanding of every thought and feeling as it arises.

Bilateral Gynecomastia

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Bilateral Gynecomastia is a bodily disorder in which the breasts of men suffer an unnatural and excessive increase in size in some of its tissues. The term reflects bilateral Gynecomastia that this increase occurs in both pectorals zones, while a unilateral Gynecomastia implies the condition into a single chest. The main causes of Gynecomastia Gynecomastia causes are the lack of production of testosterone by the body of the man, the excess in the consumption of some drugs and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. In addition to those already mentioned, overweight or problems of cancer in testes are also reasons for the emergence of bilateral gynecomastia. Some of the drugs that cause effects on the metabolism, which lead to Gynecomastia, are the Amiloride, the Amiodarone, anabolic steroids and amphetamines. Treatments for Gynecomastia in many cases Gynecomastia can be treated naturally. In these cases it is known as pseudoginecomastia and is basically presented by weight problems and hormones.

They exist many methods to combat this type of gynecomastia. Many information sources claim that there are medicines that allow you to eliminate the problems of excess fat in the pectorals, however it is not convenient to jump to this alternative because unwanted side effects may occur. In the case of Gynecomastia caused by the increase in glandular tissue, the best option is surgery. If you believe that your case is that of the pseudoginecomastia, I recommend the Guide eliminate the excess of fat in the chest, by Diego Garcia. I can assure you that you it’s the most complete and source cheap information, which you can find themes as the main causes, good eating habits that help your metabolism, exercises and tips so that in a few weeks you have to see an improvement in their physical appearance. If you want to learn more about this guide and how to obtain it easily, visit this link. > Guide to eliminate the excess of fat in the chest original author and source of the article.

The Satisfaction

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Motivations or needs are not static; on the contrary, they are persistent and dynamic forces which cause particular behavior. When it arises, the need break the balance of the body and causes a State of stress, dissatisfaction, discomfort and imbalance that leads the individual to develop a behavior or action capable of download tension or rid the discomfort or imbalance. If the behavior is effective, the individual will find the satisfaction of the need and, consequently, the discharge of tension caused by her. Met the need, the Agency back to the previous equilibrium State and its natural form of adaptation to the environment. Motivation cycle can be summarized as follows. With the repetition of the cycle of motivation (reinforcement) and learning that there is derived, the behaviour or actions are made gradually but effective in satisfying certain needs. A satisfied need is not motivating behavior, since it does not cause tension, discomfort or imbalance.

Consequently, a person who is not hungry is not motivated to find food to eat. (DAVIS, 1992)The need can be met, failed or compensated (transferred to another object). Motivation cycle, there is a State of inner balance (of the person) altered by a stimulus (internal) or incentive (external), which produces a necessity. Need leads to a State of tension which leads to a behavior or action which leads to the satisfaction of that need. Met this human organism returns to the previous internal balance. However, the need nor always satisfies. Many times, the tension caused by the emergence of the need is a barrier or an obstacle for his release. Not finding out normal, the voltage represada in the body, seeks an indirect output mechanism, either through social (aggressiveness, discontent, emotional stress, apathy, indifference, etc). Either through the Physiology (nervous tension, insomnia, cardiac effects or digestive etc) this is called frustration, since the voltage is not downloaded and remains in the body causing certain symptoms, psychological, physiological or social.