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Sunday, April 28th, 2013

What are some of the virtues that any networker must have or learn to succeed in both face-to-face and online MLM business? There are too many, but we will discuss 4 of these basic virtues below. Professionalism a professional is any person who can provide a service or produce a good, ensuring the result with quality of excellence. You can be a person with a university degree recognition, technician or expert on a certain topic, discipline or art. However, a person can also be considered Professional by the fact of providing a service or product and exhibit a behavior ethical, honest, qualified, responsible and capable; characteristics obtained with perseverance and talent in the hard discipline. Definition of professional according to Wikipedia. We must translate these concepts in the multilevel in our affiliates.

Perseverance the persevering networkers are those who do not capitulate in its endeavour, who see problems as challenges to overcome, are those who analyze and seek which is the solution, but you are not complaining and complaining, or deriving the blame to others. For example when an affiliate becomes the opposite of persevering, is when instead of finding a solution of it does not succeed, they refuse to learn, only complains about everything always they say, I can’t or don’t have the time and derived blame his sponsor, the company or ultimately to any thing, without knowing that it is problem. The persevering networkers know that love is power. Important is planning the networker knows where he wants to reach with the available resources, whether they be technical or strategies, we all know what essential is to have short, medium and long-term objectives, and that these are consistent, and the best thing is to start planning short goals by which we all know are long-term objectivescar the House ultimately financial freedom, but to be able to get there, we need to know how to do it, and so we plan to first in the short term with goals either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and know that we are going in the right direction. The Patience key for a super marketing is the approach to simplicity and patience Darren f. Coe if we are people of little patience we must work towards correcting that error, networkers who don’t have patience are those who want things at the moment, they want to have hundreds of members now, they want to sell hundreds of products right away, you want your prospects to be very productive in a very short timemake a strategy on the internet and want this strategy to work them at the time. When this does not happen to believe that something bad in them or in their systems for prospecting and they focus on the negative, then entering a steady spiral of continuous changes of strategies and none generates results that leave no that this work if same. We must remember that the majority of the multilevel are medium-term.

Business Optimism

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Throughout my life I’ve found books, articles and even lectures that teach me the splendid that the world could be if it changed attitude. You mentalizan with words such as; You can, you’re a champion, all is well; Do they arise you as a world where everything is abundance and attraction, where positive thoughts attract positive, and I agree, but I Rev it is not impossible to think that all is well when you know that it is not? For example; as thinking that all is well when after having invested a lot of time, work and money in any business, this comes down, or when a friend lends you his car and you you you hit, or when you realize that your wife you is unfaithful. Finally, we can face in this life to an infinite number of situations that make us see the reality, and we know that it is unnatural to have an attitude 100% positive and think that everything is fine when it is not true. However, recently had the opportunity to listen to a lecture that talked about how to develop truly a new attitude. I will explain the most important ideas that rescue from this Conference on my own words, and I’m sure will serve, as they did with me. The wind can not be prevented.

But Mills proverb Dutch first Idea can build: we know that there are 2 types of attitudes in this life; the positive and the negative, and we all have a balance of both, because it is impossible to maintain an attitude 100% positive. It is here where arises the idea of being a practical OPTIMIST. A person that is realistic but you are also trying to see the positive side of the coin. He sees things in a different way and are looking for a solution. Reactions: (we will base the example of a collision between 2 cars and the reaction of the driver with different approaches) positive approach: low truck, it looks all shattered and thinks everything is fine hops and is going as if nothing had happened. (We know it’s something illogical and unnatural). Negative approach: lowers all angry, becomes aggressive, leaves no complain, pulls pests and insults. (We know that) that attitude can be counterproductive and that so we won’t fix anything).

PRACTICAL OPTIMIST approach: first thanks to nothing happened you (see the positive side), obviously cares for the truck but try to solve things in a practical and peaceful manner, and also learns of the situation. The third approach is obviously that we should adopt in all aspects of our lives, we must be practical optimistic. What is important is not what happens but how read Lair Ribeiro this is the first idea of this Conference, I had to split the article into 3 parts to not make it so long. -J.R.


Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

I do not find anything if I say that Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of the great writers in the Spanish language. Everyone called the Nobel award for his and many have enjoyed its literature since one hundred years of solitude or any of his other masterpieces, we read for the first time. However, one of the reasons why this author comes to my constantly head not has nothing to do with his work. Gabriel Garcia Marquez spoke on one occasion one of the most beautiful phrases I’ve ever heard: I just want I want. Is not it amazing? So far, all good. It is possible that you share what I comment on Garcia Marquez but, in any case, sure you may be wondering: what suits this author in a Marketing blog beyond that has sold books like doughnuts? The answer is simple: I just want that I want is the best definition of what it really intends to any client when you start a business relationship with you or your company. It surprises you? I don’t think so. Look how it works people to your around.

Look at yourself. Human nature is wonderfully predictable. Personally, we love to treat us well, that they pay attention, that hear us, that we want to. When you’re loved, you feel important because you are or, at least, are at the center of the universe for him or those who give you their love. Why should the business world be different? It is not, believe me. Customers have needs. Looking for one that has enough time to listen to them. You have concerns.

They seek the best solution together. They expect you to you help solve any doubts that may arise them on the road, and the most wonderful of all, if a new need arises, they call you again. Isn’t it fantastic? No doubt that it is, but don’t think they’re going to give your confidence easily.