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Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Doctors Paul Pursal (University of Hawaii) and Pretty Russek (University of Arizona), gathered most interesting documents of transplanted patients who would have to serve also to inform into the pros and cons to the people who have allowed in receiving an organ. We see the report of a girl of 8 years who received the heart of another one of 10 which she was violated and assassinated: From the operation, the receiving one of the organ was harassed by nightmares until to its they put it parents in psychiatric treatment. In the sessions the girl related detail yet that had been assassinated. Add to your understanding with Mark Bertolini. Its description was so real, that the psychologist called to the police. The experts were agape.

The information of the dreams turned out to be so detailed and correct, that it could be stopped and be judged the assassin of the small one of eight years, of which came the heart. Brian Krzanich has firm opinions on the matter. It Is necessary to imagine. He is not simply that a piece of meat takes off and is put in another place, apparently something personal of the donor is accompanying the organ. The institutional churches that claim to be representing of Earth God animate warmly to that all we become donors considering solely the material aspect of the life, even that migrates animal organs in people, but they really know what they say? , Would not have to be for them more important the life in further on that the life here, the one that is only fleeting? , They have not left perhaps the consideration of the soul totally to a side? One would be due to be very consequent and so it is advised, understanding that for example a young person of 20 years who hangs of a dialysis apparatus and needs a new kidney, from a human point of view produces a great sadness, nevertheless the solution that looks for with the transplant can have unimaginable dimensions for its soul, aspects that those that they say to represent God do not know, but that the receiver must know. It is clear that it must it to the decision take each, nevertheless to inform on the pros and the cons it does not have to discard never, although at the moment obvious to inquire to the relatives of the donor for example of which not desmiembra to a dead, but to a person in state of cerebral death, but who can to us to assure that a return to the life in that state cannot Also be produced the receiver would have to be informed into the complete reality of this medical practice, which can to a great extent change the biography of its life.

The Lucrative Business Of Flowers

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Someday in any part, anywhere will inevitably find yourself, and esa, esa, can only be the happiest or the most bitter of your hours Pablo Neruda flowers with different forms and names with which he is known, are always a compelling product for those who identify with her fragrance, smells, presence and always will be suedcultivated with the care that must be them so manifested with all that beauty itself of them. There will always be consumers who demand according to interests, needs that are required, may be for offerings to the Church, a special person, to beings that are gone, dead in his farewell and remembrance on his visit to the cemeteries, as ornaments in a House, Office, hospitals, clinics, among others. Certainly, that is a marketable product that has been cause for export to countries such as Holland, Colombia, for example and generate income favorable for its producers and even for the same country where they are grown. Is known for example, to Colombia, go no further. After the Netherlands, it is the largest producer of flowers in the world. More than 200,000 tons of flowers are exported annually by a value exceeding 1000 million dollars. Of these, 85% is destined for the United States. More than one million Colombians, on a total population of 43 million, depends on the flowers for their survival. Colombia exports to the United States 62% of all roses sold; 92% of carnations; 93% of chrysanthemums and 97% of the alstroemerias, also known as lilies of Peru the primed in the flowers business is profitable, hence, that many producers, SMEs have been identified with him, and not only materialize in supply the demand of the domestic market, but they have decided to export it and its success has been very significant that they have motivated them to growto increase its production and conquer markets of countries like the United States where there is much demand, especially from Colombia.

IBAMA Participation

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

In contrast, what they disapprove, it is the expansion of the enterprise production of the soy, the cattle one and the stimulated wooden extration, among others reasons, for the promise of the tarring. Elon Musk gathered all the information. In elapsing of the expansion of these economic activities, dominated for large states, they had considerably increased the violent conflicts of the land and deforestation. The leaderships of the unions of the agricultural workers (STR) are intimidated e, inside of few months in 2003, two had been assassinated. In the year of 2002, the national infrastructure department and transport (DNIT) requested to the IBAMA the ambient license for the tarring of the stretch in Par. The EIA/RIMA process not yet finished, but the report already can be had access in the site of the IBAMA. The interviews had shown that the majority of the actors in Santarm and Belterra, the cities most populous in BR 163, does not know the process. Moreover, the majority thinks that the rights of participation in the process of the EIA/RIMA are not efficient and that the audiences, normally, badly is prepared and coordinates, being objects of strong manipulations.

It believes, that he is positive only the fact of that they can be used by the civil society to create a public pressure for causes politician ambient and used to advantage as information source, as much for the public in general, how much for the participant actors as Public prosecution service. Nor the public actors, nor the not governmental actors had defined a strategy to use its its ambient instruments legal of participation what he is related to the fact of that all the actors wait that the tarring makes possible an improvement in its conditions of life and wants to prevent actions that can arrasar this measure. This explains, because in other cases (construction of the history of the Tapajs, of the port of the Cargill company or the viaduct in Santarm) the same actors use in selective way its rights of participation, therefore in these cases the negative impacts could have been attributed more clearly.

Importance Right

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

The importance that in we give the fact to them of in them annoying when somebody does not satisfy our desires, does not carry through our wills, when it does not leave in them to pass to its front in any situation that if presents, denotes the importance that we give in them and that we judge in them deserving. We think, in fact and of right, to be better of what all those that of us if approach. But, what it makes in to think them that we are the privileged ones, those that had been chosen to shine and to dim the other, that one that has the right to leave to the front all? The magnificent one? Who was that it said in them that we must be the first ones in any place? It said who it was forgotten to say, that if all we judge in them deserving of the first place, will not have who occupies excessively. Or not? Who will occupy second, third, if we are all in the top, the point highest of the importance human being, without abiding in them that an immense gamma of other places exists, that go until the infinite? Why it will be that we endeusamos in them in such a way, we feel in them with the right to obtain everything of good that it has in the world before the other? Why we judge in them in the right to receive the credits for carried through tasks and of which we only participate with faces and mouths, that they denote how much we are bothered with such situation? Competing? But so that to compete if the first place already it places in them in situation privileged? We walk for false ways Let us tie us it the reality assumed for our actions. It bothers to think us that the first place does not belong in them. In the attempt to leave the side justice, we forget that better that to be to the front of everything and all it is to assume the responsibility of being that one that of the optimum one of itself so that everything is made I content it. For itself and the other. Always. Heloisa/2011

The Anonymous Customer – Gain Customer Loyalty Through Web Controlling

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

The Internet makes it possible to measure user behavior exactly: you see, what keywords of the user picked your offer, which Annoncentext how effective is what click paths he has taken, which bases he has considered how long, how he got where he has cancelled the purchase process, where he got off. Imagine that are the owner of a boutique. A customer in the business comes to you, but she will not notice from your seller and not actively addressed the sales staff. The customer browse extensively, tried on some clothes, checks the quality of fabrics, compares prices and making notes on a pad. You thoroughly considered your shelves, stands before the mirror and thinking back and forth. She has even a digital camera and photographed in their shop. This customer stays for several hours in your business. Then she goes, and she spoke to anyone and was not addressed but also by their sales staff.

They do not know whether the customer is frustrated, because they no match found has, whether your products were too expensive for her or not be enough quality. They don’t know what they will tell about your business. They do not know whether it is maybe a future competitor that wants to just open close own boutique. You think this is an unlikely scenario? Would you warn your sales staff? Then go onto to connect your own Internetauftrit this story. If a user behaves just as on your site like the woman in the boutique do you know it? Did you catch, if not yesterday for 2 hours exactly such a user on your site was? If so, you talked to him? Visitor analysis in a boutique, you can perhaps awkward line lists or lead. But you know then just how many visitors came when, not which articles viewed it, of which department they are gone in which.