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Direction Levels

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

As Haydat (1995, P. 94): To plan is to analyze one given reality, reflecting on the existing conditions, and to foresee the action form alternative to surpass the difficulties or to reach the desired objectives. Therefore the planning is a mental process that involves analysis, reflection and forecast. In this direction to plan is an activity typically human being, and is present in the life of all the individuals, in the most varied moments. With respect to organization, Chiavenato (2003, P.

173) emphasizes its presence in all the administrative levels in way that determines, groups and assigns to activities aiming at the reach of what it was planned. ' ' In this direction, organization means the act to organize, to structuralize and to integrate the resources and the charged agencies of its administration and to establish its attributions and the relations between eles' '. Given the importance of what it was mentioned in the previous paragraphs on the planning and organization, the direction has the main mission to inside interpret the objectives and elaborated plans of a company. This function is very important, therefore it involves the interpersonal relations in all the administrative levels of the organization. Chiavenato detaches the importance of the direction: The direction is the administrative function that guides and guides the behavior of the people in the direction of objectives to be reached.

It is an activity of communication, motivation and leadership, therefore one mentions people to it. How much to its abrangncia, the direction can occur in three levels: global (direction), departmental (management) and operational (supervision). (CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.180). With the incumbency to verify and to control what it was planned, the control is present in the activities and tasks of the daily one of the company. Chiavenato (2003, P. 181) sample that the control is essential for fulfilment of the intended objectives, from the established rules and given orders.

Cattle Agriculture

Monday, October 29th, 2018

INTRODUCTION In the previous decades the fly-das-fruits had been considered the main plagues of the orchards of goiaba. Mark Bertolinis opinions are not widely known. Atuamente, the plague that has required bigger frequency of control, in the state of So Paulo, is the psildeo. Cushing Asset Management is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The agricultural region of Jaboticabal-SP, is distinguished for being the producing greater of goiaba of this state. The plague that has required more applications of agrotxicos in this region is the psildeo Triozoida limbata (Enderlein, 1918) (Hem.: Triozidae), followed for the Anastrepha fly spp. (Dipt.: Tephritidae), the yellow beetle ferruginea Costalimaita (Fabr., 1801) (Col.: Chrysomelidae), gorgulho of the goiabeira Conotrachelus psidii (Marshall, 1922) (Col.: Curculionidae) and the Leptoglossus chinch-bug gonagra (Fabr., 1775) (Hem.: Coreidae). He is of the knowledge scientific technician and who joaninha of the Coccinellidae family) is important natural enemy coleopters of psildeos (MISHAUD, 2001). In the culture of goiaba, Barbosa et al (1999) had cited as ccomplishing of biological control of Triozoida sp.: joaninhas, arachnids, crisopdeos, sinferobdeos, sirfdeos, tacndeos, estafilindeos, nabdeos, cecidomdeas flies, calciddeos microhymenopteras, etc.

However, the biological control and the cultural measures do not obtain to keep the psildeo of the goiabeira in low infestations. Thus, the agriculturists of this region had started to use the insecticides fenitrothion (Sumithion 500 EC), fenthion (Lebaycid 500), dimethoate (Dimetoato CE), metamidophos (Hamidop 600), lambda-cyalothrin (Karate Zeon 250 CS), carbosulfan (Marshal 200 SC) and acephate (Orthene 750 BR) in the control of the psildeo. However, these insecticidal ones generally do not possess register in the Ministry of Cattle Agriculture and Supplying for this plague in goiabeiras. Currently only the insecticide imidacloprid (Proven 200 SC) is registered for Triozoida limbata. In accordance with Parajulee & Slosser (2003), the natural plagues and enemies must directly be monitored in leves and the fruits or by means of traps specific of capture. Thus, the knowledge of agroecossistema as a complex ecological unit, makes possible the perfectioning of programs of integrated handling of plagues (MIP).

Characteristics Techniques

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Native country of the Merchandise. Native country of the Merchandise, Port, Airport, Road Railroad station or. Description of the Merchandise? Dimension, Weight, Color and Characteristics Techniques. Amount and Units of Weight or Measure. Value FOB. Global value, separating FOB, Freight, Insurance and other expenditures; Terms of payment. Port, Airport, Railroad station or Road Station of Destination. Packing and Preservation.

Validity and date of issue. The importer will have to permit the FP in the Ministry or one of its delegations, that a number of register of entrance of the merchandise will attribute to it (REM). Already with the permitted FP the importer must direct it the entities certifiers. Already with the FP of Inspeo Daily pay-Embarkment (PIP). The PIP number will serve to always identify the process throughout the different phases of its cycle of life, having to be mentioned in all and any communication of the relative exporter the same. The PIP? s has six months of validity (to count of the date of attainment of the REM), during which more sendings of merchandise could be efectuados to its shelter one or, since that in as with the FP that serves to it of base and not exceeding 10% of the permitted value. The PIP is transferred by electronics to the Entities Certifiers in Angola to the Center of Relation with Exportadores (CRE) respective, independently of the place of the IPE.

Thus, to Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish and South African the exporters, the PIP is transferred to the PIP is transferred to the Entities Certifiers. After the reception of the PIP for the Entities Certifiers immediately is sent to the Exporter a Form for marking of the Inspection. Marking of the Inspection? Physical inspection Which the Objectivo? To verify conformity of the merchandise, in terms of the quality and the amount with contractually established between the importer and the exporter, through the invoice pro-form.

China Success

Monday, July 20th, 2015

In this article I will go to give 10 important tips of As To matter of China. After to read the article gives one looked in post complete that I made in mine blog: As To import Products of China 1.Escolha its company with care. To take care of to fairs and international business-oriented fairs is an efficient form to take care of supplying potentials. This of the one has also glimpsed to it of the communication process when you make, eventually, to matter of China. 2. Unless the supplier can prove that they are an authorized peddler, not to buy products counterfeited or of mark. It confirms the supplier is qualified in contact with the proprietor of the mark. 3.

It knows its terminology and specific being. That is particularly important in the specification of the product, quality of the EAo. For example: clarification of, leather, AU versus, genuine leather, UA. 4. To guarantee that all the products that to matter of China to fulfill with the governmental regulations of the destination country. Insult of conformity of products can delay process significantly of compensation personalized and to result in customs duties and unexpected. 5.

To have good Chinese partners will be very important you To gain Money In the Internet. If you to want to matter successfully of China, you you will need people in the land with local contacts and you clink commercial place. 6. He verifies if you have a contract in IPortugus and Chins before mattering of China. You must know who accurately you you are paying the money. 7. If you only started to matter of China for its country, you give attention to the payment stated periods. The credit letter is many times used in the commerce with the suppliers importation in China. Contacte its bank to get details. 8. To have a good estimate of the cost of landing before placing its order with a supplier in China. It can have occult costs in the chain, to consult with a good company of importation of management for assistance. A simple strategy is to make a small test order. 9. The goods that you are going to matter of China can have of being packed in boxes wooden for the safe transport. Fumigation standard could be necessary before entering in the destination country. It argues with its corrector to get more details. 10. Finally, not to hurry itself in nothing. Although it can have pressure to speed up, to give to a long period of time the complete research. The product can until being cheaper in the following month or through a different supplier. For more information on the best form to matter of China, it visits the complete article in mine blog: As To import of China Success, Maurcio

Agricultural Quarter

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Introduction In last the 50 years, the world passed for a series of transformations, the agricultural way that was the locomotive of the country per centuries, if modernized with the technologies created through the time. In against departure to the way of agricultural life it was losing space with the growth of the cities, the search for better jobs, wages, renderings of services, access to the health had contributed for the agricultural exodus, and, mainly the unemployment in the field. Ahead of this situation, the study of the Headboard of Backwaters, in the city of Amrico De Campos? S.P, offers the possibility to visualize the past and the gift of this space that mixture agricultural and urban aspects, brings history and culture and exemplifica in clear and real way the decay of these places in the Brasil.A contribution of this study inhabits in the analysis of the profile of the social groups that inhabit these spaces, with prominence for the loss of its cultural identity. To define basic concepts of agricultural quarter and agricultural district was one of the aspects that had made it difficult procedure of the research. This work has for general objective to understand relative aspects to the representations and relations developed in the quarter of the Headboard of Backwaters, where the progress did not contribute for the growth of the place. Beyond rescuing the history of the community, the work also analyzed and identified changes promoted in the region with passing of the years, beyond the problems faced for the inhabitants, among others. With analysis of this facts and others that had entered in question with the development of the work, was displayed part of history of quarter, analyzing this old community of city, and bringing to knowledge of population contents historical and geographic, that demonstrates the importance to know and to respect part of local history, without counting that facts cited in the article had brought the idea of that history and geography happen all in place, and are in the day the day of each one, and that the making great knowledge is not gift only in world-wide, told in pertaining to school books, but that these same events are in our proper community and city. .

Specialist Market

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

As example, we have good part of the micron and small companies where the executives normally do not have knowledge or domain of the financial tools, marketing and development of people. The active strategy is that one where the organization possesss shy objectives, its development does not arrive to be accidental, but it is limited by the distrust of loss of market on the part of the leaders. They know some tools vacant, however, they do not use them in its fullness for comodismo or distrust to face the risks of the market or still not to call the attention the competitors. As example, we have some micron and small organizations, but also we find great organizations, as it was the case of the action of Spain in World War II. This passivity can be observed acting in the nature, in the animal world, as some birds and reptiles that obtain to pass unobserved for its predators. Important it is that this strategy can be adopted as a different form of survival of the organizations, since that does not have the desire to still participate of a movement of sped up growth or accompaniment of the global changes or, of the freehold of products or services in the market. We must also have conscience that in this type of strategy the search of new chances and nor of defense against the threats that constantly go up to around the organizations and nor so little of reaction to the market trends is not possible. It will have a constant convivncia with uncertainties in function of not being able to follow the faster ambient changes that occur each time, as much in the external environment as in the intern.

It will also not have the possibility of the development of a creative environment, much less innovative, since the freedom sufficiently is limited. The leaders must concentrate themselves in its auto-maintenance and the increase of the operational efficiencies. They also must, to improve its specialties since they will not be able to participate of great modifications. The leaderships must observe walked its intently, considering have attacked proper itself, since the organization is its proper competitor. So that the organization if keeps more alive for a drawn out period is necessary that some actions are carried through, such as: * Consequently to know deeply the products and/or services offered for the organization and increasing its specialization; * To become its decisions most agile possible, to run away from total inertia; * To try to improve each time more the integration of its functional body to prevent a sped up movement of disorganization. The strategy of the neutrality also demands the development of the negotiation capacity, for the case of a massive attack to the organization or of any significant change in the productive area.

To adopt the neutrality strategy is far from representing a model to be followed by having great limitation and rationality, and also presenting shy action, very common in the market. Although to present these limitations, its analysis is valid, better that not to adopt strategy some. _____________ Gilbert Gomes Guedes is bachelor in Business administration and Public (UniCEUB); Specialist in: Theories of the Administration (UniCEUB) and Administrao Pblica (FGV). Analyst of Systems (UnB). Master in Engineering of Produo (UFRGS). Professor and Coordinator of administration courses.

Ergonomic Risks

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

3 Types of Risks Ambient ambient risks Are considered chemical, physical, biological, existing the agents in work environments. The ambient risks are capable to cause damages to the health and the physical integrity of the worker due its nature, concentration, intensity, susceptibility and time of exposition. So that factors of ambient risks are considered these agents need beyond being gifts in the work environment, however in determined concentrations or intensity, and the maximum time of exposition of the collaborator they is determined by preset limits. The ambient or professional risks are divided in five main groups: ) Physical risks: are effect generated for machines, equipment and characteristic physical conditions of the workstation, that can cause damages to the health of the worker. b) Chemical risks: these risks are represented by the chemical substances that if find in the forms liquid, solid and gaseous. When absorbed for the organism, it can produce reactions and damages toxic the health.

It has three ways of penetration in the organism: by respiratory, it saw cutaneous, it saw digestive. c) Biological risks: caused for invisible microrganismos by rough estimate naked, as bacteria, fungos, virus, bacilli and others. They are capable to unchain illnesses due to contamination and for the proper nature of the work. d) Ergonomic risks: they are contrary to the ergonomics techniques, that consider that the work environments if adaptem to the man, propitiating welfare psychological physicist and. The ergonomic risks are on also the external factors (of the environment) and the internal factors (of the emotional plan). In synthesis: they occur when it has disfuno between the individual, its rank of work and its equipment. e) Risks of accidents: they occur in function of the physical conditions? of physical environment and the process of work? technological improper capable of to provoke injuries to the physical integrity of the worker. Each labor activity has ambient risks and the degree of differentiated risks.

Clear Mount

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

CASA SOARES LTDA the profit edge that the administrator of Casa Soares LTDA determines on its products of sales can vary enters 40 92%. This variety happens due to validity of the products and the demand of the market. An example of this is the yoghurt, that possesss its stated period of short validity, with this the administrator can have damage with its sales the same and forcing to place the edge of profit on this bigger product without if forgetting it price market, so that in case that he has expiration of the product the administrator loses little. An administrative skill that the trader introduces in its establishment is to place the products whom they are being successful in promotion, to liberate its supply, to get profit and to diminish the damage. The trader uses the concept of markup, that it is the application of a profit edge on the cost to indicate the sales price.

CLASSROOM the DELIVERER the company was established in November of 2008 and acts in distribution of market of foods and imported drinks. We have one share of 10% in the market of Clear Mount wines being that we are leader in the supply of wines for events in the region with share of 70% for this line. The precificao involves diverse factors being that the predominant ones are: Price of the Competition, volume of the purchase, distance of the even though hourly customer and of the call (we have called to the 22 hours, therefore the customer can have bought little and finished the product in the height of the party). The insolvency in the sector is of the 3% order that is, much high, therefore to vender is very not expressed yield being that for some customers the mode of payment only (money) must the problems in the past, tries to work with credit limit, but in many cases we do not follow the rule due the description of good payers of some customers.


Thursday, March 29th, 2012

The first one of it is cooperation and solidarity, if you make a work in the company with a team you you have that to be intent and to be solidary therefore this work in team will be one part all however if you to carry through a solitary activity in a room where you only act this activity she will be part of a unit will be one part all can give as example the departments of a company if a department will not be functioning all well the company will perish. Another characteristic is pro activity, does not have to be imprisoned only in our activities, if the execution of this already will be been made with success and sobrou time because not to help our colleague to the side, it materialize will be glad itself and be satisfied with the aid that offered you it. The ethical professional knows to influence its collaborators or its fellow workers such to give optimum of itself in its activities, this professional has quality of leader and to this it will raise it quality to a prominence point. Such professional knows to act with naturalness, it adopts the ethical values instead of adopting opportunism methods. This professional has strategies to improve the organizacional environment, exactly that this has to be able inside of the company and has access to the financial resources this professional knows to think has conscience of its acts and knows that to make such act resignation will be able takes it and knows that such act is missed, such professional already he has this fixture in its thought. In virtue of what it was mentioned we are led to believe that by means of the thousands of definitions of ethics and its respective places of performance, the ethics that something that must make presence in any human being, we can observe by means of the shown arguments above that the ethics left of being only one enterprise tool and started to be an instrument publish, it in century xxi is in partnership with the ethics in the Internet, ethics in the organizations, and beneficial personal ethics showing that this tool does not need a fixed meter to be used being able to be used and all therefore who have ethics have everything..

Professional Motivation

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

PROFESSIONAL MOTIVATION We live in an established capitalist society in the recognition of the individual rights, where the means of production and distribution are of private property and with lucrative ends. In this model of society, to obtain the necessary resources for the survival as feeding, housing, access the health, education and security, if makes necessary the main booster of the economy, the remuneration, the money. Of this form, the remuneration is one of the objectives of the human being, and thus, one of its motivations for the search for a subsistence chance, of work. The companies in turn, if use of the capacity of this man power will fulfill with its paper in the society, making the economy to turn, generating jobs and profit. From the changes of the economy, of the companies, the market of work, and the qualification of the man power, occured in world-wide history from the industrial revolution, the definition of motivation generated for presented remuneration above, started to be simplria and incapable to define as the question of the administration of human resources and the professional motivation in the corporative market functions currently. The financial question continues being yes an important motivacional factor, therefore it is about the main guarantor of the survival, however, this he is only one of the factors, and must in accordance with be considered the necessity of the group with which if it is working. Already she is not enough to offer a good wage, if the benefits are not adjusted, the organizacional climate is favorable, or the company does not offer development of the position and the profession. Brazil comes in an increasing advance of the economy, favoring the development of the companies and the people. In accordance with notice divulged for the site of the IBGE, responsible federal agency for the production, analysis, research and dissemination of nature information statistics & mdash; demographic and partner-economic, among others, in September of this year the tax of unemployment of the country was of only 6%.