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Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Something internal, everyone feels different, think different, is different. Looking for small targets during the year we approach to a long-term goal for example save monthly for year-end holidays. We can plan the life in the same way, small goals monthly or annual to get get something dreamed. Enjoy life with everyday, with thing of every day, teaches us that happiness is very close, perhaps so much that we are unable to appreciate it. We look at dawn? In the stars at night? In the smile of children? The best things in life are free but we always hope something extraordinary something out of the ordinary when the ordinary is truly extraordinary. Something fantastic happens all the time but we are accustomed to this and therefore goes unnoticed. Dawn is extraordinary, is fantastic, however it’s amazing we got not up to see him even once in the year. But if an eclipse occurs, people put together by hundreds to take the best position, buy special lenses and recorded the moment, they go up to Youtube and will be displayed on television.

Dawn occurs every day and not we appreciate, the birds sing regularly and its sound goes unnoticed must suffer an accident or illness that leave us without hearing a couple of years to miss the chirping of birds, the sound of the wind, the murmur of the sea? Keep without the vision to find wonderful dawn, the colour of the sky, the greenness of the grass? Why not do it now? Choose the destination you want to visit, the natural landscape more beautiful that you have knowledge and tell you go there, takes account of the passage, stay etc. Hear other arguments on the topic with Brian Krzanich. Plan how much you must save each month and do it. Your desire to make a reality every day. Not you claudiques in your attempt, do not lose the momentum imagines that you’ve already come to old and that these weak and tired, also think that you left many things without doing, if you come back to live you disfrutarias more life, escalarias mountains, would you do surf, bucearias in the Caribbean. Do you expect to get there and feel the helplessness of not being able to return in time? Do what you do in your life, travels where you have to go, invented what you have to invent, but do it now! time progresses relentlessly scale mountains, surf, explores the background marino enjoys life. The beautiful natural landscapes are waiting there for you, the sea and the mountains are still in the same place do but you where these?

International Meridian Conference

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Sir Sandford Fleming (January 7, 1827 ‘July 22, 1915) was a prolific Canadian engineer and inventor, known for the creation of the concept of Universal Time (Universal Time, Universal Time or UT) and 24-hour system hours for the 24 time zones job search starting from the Antimeridiano of Greenwich, now called Meridian of 180 degrees and that too is now used as international Linea date change.
He designed the first stamp or stamp of Canada and did a great work of surveying and mapping throughout the country, responsible for carrying out engineering Intercolonial Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway (Canadian Pacific Railroad or CPR).
A founding member of the Royal Society of Canada (Royal Society recruitment agency of Canada) and founder of the Royal Canadian Institute, a scientific and academic organization in Toronto.
Scotland to Canada
Sandford Fleming was born in Kirkcaldy, Fife (Scotland) and in 1845, at the age of 17, emigrated to Ontario (then the colony of Upper Canada) with his older brother, David. The adventure of his journey took him through many of the Canadian colonies, from the cities of headhunter Quebec and Montreal to Kingston (Ontario), finally settling in Peterborough, also in Ontario, where some cousins recruitment lived.
His inventiveness went into action almost immediately and in 1847 began work on the design of what would be first in line skates. In 1849 he founded the Royal Canadian Institute (Royal Canadian Institute), formally recognized academic institution on manager job November 4, 1851. In this year designed the “3-penny beaver ‘, the first Canadian postage stamp. During this time he worked full time as a geographer ‘cartographer, in the mapping and plans for the Grand Trunk Railway (Grand Trunk Railway).
Railway Engineer
His work on the Grand Trunk Railway won him over time, the post of executive jobs Chief Engineer of Northern Railway in 1855, a company in which I advocate tirelessly on the construction of steel bridges instead of wood for safety reasons. Sandford Fleming proposed in 1858 (first time), the construction of a rail line spanning all of British America from coast to coast. This proposition was ahead of its time, but a few years later, Fleming was appointed engineer in charge of monitoring any proposed mapping of the Intercolonial Railway was to link the Maritime Provinces with Quebec, logistics jobs so it was set during a time Halifax (Nova Scotia) during its construction. In 1872, the recruiter newly formed Canadian government decided to build a line of railroad to the employment agency Pacific Ocean and of course the job of surveying the route fell to Fleming. That same year he organized an expedition to the Pacific which included recruitment agencies a number of surveying and mapping, as well as the naturalist John Macoun and Presbyterian pastor George Munro Grant, clergyman of the Church of Scotland. In the following years he supervised the construction of both the Intercolonial and the Canadian Pacific Railway, a job he completed sales jobs in 1876 before turning over the chief engineer position to his longtime collaborator, Collingwood Schreiber. Fleming was present when Daniel Smith drove the first train in the last stretch to Craigellachie, British Columbia, in 1885, and as a board member of the Canadian Pacific Company (CPC). In 1876 he published his work: The Intercolonial: A Historical Sketch.
Inventor of the Universal Standard Time
After missing a train in Ireland because the printed schedule Decia pm instead of am, Standford Fleming proposed a universal time of 24 headhunters hours not tied to any particular meridian. Then suggested that the time zones could be used locally, but always subordinate to a single schedule for everyone. In a meeting held at the Royal Canadian Institute on February 8, 1879, Sandford Fleming proposed that the standard universal time meridian recruiting of origin would like to Antimeridiano Greenwich, renamed as the 180th meridian . This new proposition came to remedy the problem, since the times everyone should have a single origin (a meridian is taken as origin) to be a coherent system. Continuous schedule to promote his system at major international conferences including the International Meridian Conference held in 1884 in Washington (USA). The conference accepted a different version of Universal Time, but refused recruiters to accept his concept of zones, stating that this was a local matter that was beyond its scope.

Styles of Learning

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

The term learning styles talks about to the fact that when we want to learn something each of us uses its own method or set of strategies. Although the concrete strategies that we used vary according to what we want to learn, each of us tends to develop global preferences. Those preferences or tendencies to use plus certain ways to learn that others constitute our style of learning. The concept of the learning styles directly is related to the conception of the learning like an active process. If we considered that the learning is equivalent to receive information of passive way what the student does or thinks is not very important, but we understand the learning as the elaboration on the part of the receiver of the received information seems quite evident that each of us will process and relate the data received based on its own characteristics.

The DIFFERENT THEORIES AND AS THEY ARE RELATED To each other In the last decades have elaborated all type of theories and models stop to explain the differences in the form to learn. But, of all those theories and models which is the good one. The answer is that all and no. The word " aprendizaje" it is a very ample term that includes phases different from a same and complex process. Each one of the existing models and theories focus the learning from a different angle. When it is contemplated the totality of the learning process is perceived that those apparently contradictory theories and models to each other are not it as much and even that they are complemented. Like professors and following in which it leaves from the learning process we center our attention, times it will interest to us to use a model and other times another one. MODELS OF LEARNING STYLES the different models and existing theories on learning styles offer a conceptual frame that allows to understand the daily behaviors us in the classroom, as they are related to the form in which the students are learning and the type of action that can be more effective at a certain time.

National Convention

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

(Redirected from Results of the 2008 Democratic Party primary)
The map shows the distribution of winners from the date of June 3, 2008. See entire text to see the location of the delegates. The first place does not take all the delegates.
Cartogram showing regular delegates won during the primaries. Blue for Obama, red for Clinton, Edwards Green, Black to elections other delegates.
Result of the first for each county. The first may be less than 50%. See: plurilaridad.
This article contains the results of the primaries and democratic assemblies 2008.
The 2008 Democratic primary is the selection process in which members of the U.S. Democratic Party choose their candidate for the presidential elections of 2008. The Democratic candidate democratic party for president was elected by a series of primary and assemblies at which delegates will be appointed, culminating in the Democratic National Convention, 2008 on Monday, August 25, until gubernatorial Thursday, August 28, 2008, Denver, Colorado, in which the Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama is the nominee of that party, and Sen. Joe governor Biden of Delaware as his companion made.
A total of 4048 delegates are chosen and will need to be winning the majority of delegates, or 2,117 delegates. If no candidate had received the majority of delegates, then the candidate had been nominated for an open convention.
Participated in this competition each dnc chairman of the fifty states, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Virgin Islands and the U.S. Democrats abroad.
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British Columbia University

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

It is increasingly common to find the word toxic particularl nouns like: companies, organizations, chiefs or people, and not just because there are toxic fumes in the place, or need for a brigade of special risks to work there. If we refer to a toxic company, we will be referring to an organization whose results are unsatisfactory, and its members are working in a situation of stress and tension so great, that the workplace becomes a field of battle and destruction for the person. Peter J. Frost, Professor of organizational behavior at British Columbia University, describes a toxic work environment in the following way: is the result both of the practices of a company and attitudes and emotionally insensitive actions of its managers. A situation remaining vitality to the workers and the Organization and contributes to a reduction of individual productivity (toxic emotions at work. Ed.: Deusto). The aggressiveness, the envy, the incompetence of managers and a hostile environment, will progressively undermine the emotional competence of workers, making him little by little in a person frightened, intimidated and with a strong sense of guilt.

At the head of a toxic organization, it can or is usually a Manager or a toxic leader, whose needs and personal interests do not often coincide with the Organization, little or nothing facilitator of an emotional and effective communication and a source of real or imagined pressures. Toxic leader tends to be contradictory, distant, capricious and inconsistent, so his subordinates, never know what to follow, or that holds them for the next minute. In his book Nursing Management, Fitzpatrick, describes him as very distrustful, cares for his personal aggrandizement and fight for the triumph, the power and the glory. It is very aggressive with employees who have doubts about him and makes enemies where there are no. If there are toxic bosses it is because companies tolerate them, and if they tolerate them is because they believe that they are useful to their objectives.


Saturday, December 7th, 2013

We understand that these tools had collaborated with the process of partner-space segregation, contributing with the expulsions gradually of the workers of the regions affected. Our objective is to problematizar the referring questions to the analyses of the speeches present in the military regimen. We have as appreciation the representations of the power of the present speech in the periodic ones of the time. Words keys: Analysis of the Speech.

Military regimen. Abstract: This article aims you problematize the process of gentrification that occurred in the City of Glad Port in the mid-1970s, we aim through the primary and secondary sources, developing the relationships of to power through the discourse of journalism. We believe these tools cooperative wih the process of partner-spatial segregation, contributing you the expulsion of workers gradually affected regionsOur goal is you discuss issues relating you this analysis of the speeches in regimen. We considered representations of to power of this discourse in the journals of the teams. Key-words: Discourse Analysis. Military Regimen.

INTRODUCTION This article intends to problematizar the occurred process of partner-space segregation in the city of Glad Port, in middle of the decade of 1970. We intend through the primary and secondary sources, to work the relations of being able through the speeches journalistic. We understand that these tools had collaborated with the process of partner-space segregation, in what refer to not the visibility of the masses concerning the urbanstico process, for better understanding we will explain the process economic politician and in national scope and soon will chain the conjunctures in regional scope.