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OSEO NetBooster

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

“NetBooster Agency Germany this week launches its new Web site Frankfurt, November 18, 2008 (FR0000079683 – ALNBT, NBANBPM06112008) NetBooster Agency, the Agency for interactive communications of NetBooster group, launches their new website with extended service portfolio this week and is positioning itself as Europe’s leading one-stop-shop” for digital marketing. Since the IPO in 2006 NetBooster Agency has not only powerful international expands with new acquisitions and openings in Finland, Italy, Spain and Asia. Also the offer of the Agency on online marketing measures was greatly expanded to offer its customers comprehensive services in online marketing. In addition to the classic search engine optimization and search engine marketing, which accounted for the core business of the Agency in the past year, new areas have been added, and the total offer, I was divided two main areas: acquisition and portfolio development. Offered the best mix of these different measures to an online strategy for a customer to can the strategic consulting is used. In terms of the acquisition, all measures which contribute to acquiring new customers can be found: SEO, SEM, affiliate management, display / media, E-mailing, online-PR.

Inventory customer development involves all measures, which you can use to better understand the existing customer base and develop: database marketing, data mining, Web controlling and E-mailing. All important helper in the background are used for the transport of the online strategy: performance measurement/tracking, advertising design, content creation. We are equipped with our 360-degree clearly structured portfolio and our international coverage for the year 2009″, commented Gilles Bourdin, Managing Director. Click Jay Glazer for additional related pages. The demand for comprehensive advice is growing, and our customers expect from us that we play a supporting role on the management of campaigns, and playing together of various measures by the use of experience and ideas, taking into account the customer’s business objectives continuously improve.” NETBOOSTER: NetBooster was founded in 1998 and is on online marketing specialized interactive agency. NetBooster Agency provides its comprehensive and specialized expertise to its customers in the field of Internet Marketing: marketing consulting, online recruitment and confidence-building, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, affiliate, media sales, data marketing and electronic CRM, Trafficerzeugung, online-media creation and strategic consulting. The Department “ReactivPub” is a performance-based affiliate marketing platform.

The pro forma sales in 2007 amounted to EUR 38.3 million. The group is represented with offices in France, UK, Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy and the Philippines. It is headed by Pascal Chevalier and Stephane Darracq and employs 230 people.


Thursday, November 11th, 2021

How you earn money products of others with sales how to really make money by you advertises products of other. There must be a reason if some affiliates succeed and others fail. A reason that some affiliates achieve average profits and reach other much higher profits. There must be a reason there is one! And the reason is the following: \”Super\” affiliates start to receive and strengthen your relationships with your subscribers. It starts with a list and ends with a list. Even a small can be a powerful, profitable mechanism if you follow these 7 guidelines… 1 catch them first the participants rather than to guide the traffic directly to your affiliate link, send it to their site, where they offer a newsletter of kind of, join the. (Note: A mini course works best) If you have them once on a list they can become an asset.

If you send them directly to a Web site and buy them anything, they are gone forever. If they are on your list, can you temporally unlimited proceed with them. Note: You can forward them to your affiliate link, even after they joined your list, which brings them effectively then, where you wanted to send it first. 2. dividing the offer instead of same, soporific, to turn boring display, which every other affiliate switches around the world, write your own.

Trust me when I say that a lot of people feel ATTACKED when it duplicated two dozen emails of two dozen list owners receive, which all apply exactly the same thing in exactly the same way. And even if they don’t think it is intrusive, it is not as effective if you rattling down just that and repeat what everyone else is doing. Note: This is now how you divide… 3. speak from experience nothing nothing nothing speaks louder than results.


Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

zanox opens world’s first application store for the affiliate marketing industry single sign-on solution, zanox connect simplifies the integration of applications / participants of the zanox $2 million dollar application store contest can their contributions now live in the application store present zanox, German market leader for performance-based online marketing, today launches the open beta phase of the new zanox application store, the world’s first application store for the affiliate marketing industry, as well as the new single sign-on solution, zanox connect. This allows users a very easy and secure integration of applications. The zanox application store is a B2B innovation platform that offers both publishers and advertisers the opportunity to discover new tools for performance-based online marketing. Developer, professional wishing their own developments such as widgets, software or applications for the stationary and mobile Web monetize can be done now via the zanox application store. Using the global zanox Network developer can distribute their applications directly to one million publishers and over 2,000 advertisers. Janet Jackson has plenty of information regarding this issue. In addition, the zanox application store allows access to more than 60 million product offerings from the zanox network, which can be queried automatically via zanox Web services.

Benchmark system helps in the selection of the appropriate applications In the zanox application store publishers and advertisers will find the matching and immediately deployable applications, widgets and software services to optimize their website easily. A sophisticated benchmark system supports this process: the zanox AdRank indicates how well the individual applications perform. Frequently Frank Tanana has said that publicly. In addition, the system offers a star ranking as well as both tools serve a comment function, to determine the satisfaction of users with the individual applications. With the zanox application store, developer directly can reach the entire zanox customer base and benefit with the help of a traffic-sharing model. In the future, developers in the form of additional revenue-sharing models can also directly participate in the success of the advertiser and Publisher.

Carmio Supervised The Automechanika Exhibition Blog

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

The comparison of auto parts is an official online partner of the Automechanika 2010 will take place from 14 to 19 September 2010 the world’s largest trade fair for the aftermarket of the automotive industry in Frankfurt/Main. Tens of thousands of trade visitors and interested parties from all over the world will gather 2010 at Automechanika about innovations in the product areas of car parts, accessories, tuning and workshop and petrol station equipment, IT and management and vehicle wash. A comprehensive programme with special shows, workshops and lectures accompanied the exhibition. Carmio will report live from the Automechanika trade fair and the Automechanika events. As the official online partner of the fair, Carmio provides interesting news and exciting background of the Automechanika 2010 on.

Carmio founder Nikolai Roth about the live coverage: With Automechanika-blog we want to give a platform the folks back home, to inform and to get a live impression of Automechanika. For the Frankfurt fair Automechanika-blog is another Communication channel that complements the traditional news coverage.” From the 13th of August, one month before the fair, October 03, two weeks after the fair, the Automechanika blog provides readers with news and information on new product introductions and exhibitors as well as impressions of the exhibition and the events, such as about the rally and the innovation award. In addition, exciting interviews will be conducted with exhibitors and trade visitors. As a price comparison for car parts and accessories, team of at the booth with in Hall 9.1 is to find booth 28. The Automechanika gives us”the opportunity to inform us of new product introductions and trends in the automotive industry and to come with interesting exhibitors in the conversation, Roth is looking forward to the trade fair.

Carmio: is the new auto parts price comparison on the Internet. Other leaders such as Dankse Bank offer similar insights. Neutral and independent Carmio creates market – and product transparency. Simply select your car and all matching parts are fast and clearly arranged by brand and price structure listed. So one click to find the cheapest provider and receives background information about spare parts and tips at the same time for the repair. The providers and car parts manufacturers are valued according to quality and reliability, can guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

SMS Office

Saturday, June 13th, 2020, the popular Freemail portal by SimpleLogic media was completely revised “after the successful launch in early 2008 and to meet the steadily growing stream of visitors, the design has been completely revised by eclipso Freemail.” as the owner of SimpleLogic media, Claus-Peter Beringer. “The navigation was simplified, created a clear and modern Web 2.0 interface, now dynamically adapts to the user’s screen size. New users, as well as regular customers get right off the bat, by our master users, we’ve received only positive reviews for the Umstelleung on the new design. We are a European service provider, therefore eclipso Freemail also in Austria ( and in Switzerland ( each with own content represented. Also the eclipso photo album is new, that is already contained in the free eclipso FreeMail package.”Claus-Peter Beringer continues. eclipso Freemail offers the user many premium features, among other things with eclipso mobileMail access via Smartphone, cell phone, or PDA. To the the user receives other more space and more free SMS depending on the booked package. In the eclipso ProMail and eclipso VipMail variants, the user also receives access via Pop3 / IMAP, as well as the ability to use your own SSL certificates..

ASP.NET Best Web Applications On All Platforms

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Developing Web applications on ASP.NET for secure and user friendly sites a Web site is the face of any business in today’s digital age. Your website is the first point of contact for your customers who are looking for information or want to place an order with you. An effective website in regards to functionality, dynamics and atmosphere will certainly give you an advantage over your competitors. By the same author: Prudential. A good website is won half the battle against your competitors such as your clients and customers securely carry the impression is a long way. Developing a website is almost child play, but always a good site which meets your requirements not childs play. You must choose a God developer and select a platform that suits your needs. It is not always true that the best just sometimes have to develop complex mechanisms, to the security of your Web site to increase or to add on features that are required by your company. ASP.NET is the best option for the Developing a commercial website with the kind of features, flexibility and dynamism of that has Web application tool to a hot favorite with developers all over the world. Check out New York Life for additional information.

Although there many other platforms available on the market (some of them free), but none of them could match up to, is the quality and standards, the ASP.NET. ASP.NET allows the developer of a programming language such as C# or VB.NET choose to make full use of their skills and programming unique properties. The ASP.NET Web service feature allows you to have several pieces of your application on different servers around the world. While perfect and seamless the application will work. You can use easily is to repeal these functions is in the bar of benchmarking in relation to the security of an application, which requires for financial transactions or other transactions, the high security. XML can easily for the data storage, configuration, and manipulation be used while working on ASP.NET. The MSDN Library is a full class library, which has all the information and examples for each class, function, and method. Encapsulation of a large number of common functions cuts the programmer effort and many modules are easily accessible, without the details it all makes again and again go. For more details on code protection technology, .NET Obfuscator,. NET code security- and. NET code security feel free to visit us

District Fulda Web

Monday, May 11th, 2020

Citizens of the East Hessian region find medical specialists, therapists, and internists Fulda without barriers, 26.03.2010 Dr. Christine Trutt Ibing Kunzell, doctor and specialist in barrier-low Internet presences, created an online portal to quickly search for a doctor. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Barchester. It aims to the different specialists directly and simply to provide relevant information to Web users in the District of Fulda. While there are already similar offers, most nationwide active operators, however many reasons have led Mrs. Dr. Trutt Ibing to publish a private portal. Who calls the search portal, will immediately notice, that the page is accessible.

Many similar portals are not. People with limitations in your vision or motor disabilities, will find their way much better on doctor search So, for example, the font size may be changed and visually impaired navigate using a screen reader simply through the pages without tedious detours in purchase having to take. On advertising and unnecessary information that distract from the actual search was deliberately. Optical elements, where you can be sure, if a user ever sees them (example flash problem, different browser rendering, etc.), are been omitted. In the portal are all doctors who present themselves with an online quote on the Web. The clear structure is important also for people by specialty and location, whose handling of the Internet is still not so experienced. With just a few clicks, you get a meaningful result.

The data of doctors are constantly updated and expanded. Dr. Trutt Ibing considers that especially in the health sector of Internet offers far too little for people be realized with disabilities and especially for the older generation. In the design of Internet sites, low-barrier technologies and barrier-poor Web design are unfortunately too rarely used. The increasing number of Internet users of higher age, with the ease of use (called also Useblity) of many pages have a problem, this fact is not necessarily fair. Therefore, wife Dr. Trutt Ibing has focused also on the development of accessible Web projects with focus in the health care sector. All information about barrier arm Web design”can be found on the Internet under the address. Finding the doctor simply calling in your browser. About Dr. med. Christine Trutt Ibing Dr. med. Christine Trutt Ibing is a doctor and has worked for many years in the field of dialysis and internal medicine. Since 2009 she is also active in the field of Web design.

The Anonymous Customer – Gain Customer Loyalty Through Web Controlling

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

The Internet makes it possible to measure user behavior exactly: you see, what keywords of the user picked your offer, which Annoncentext how effective is what click paths he has taken, which bases he has considered how long, how he got where he has cancelled the purchase process, where he got off. Imagine that are the owner of a boutique. A customer in the business comes to you, but she will not notice from your seller and not actively addressed the sales staff. The customer browse extensively, tried on some clothes, checks the quality of fabrics, compares prices and making notes on a pad. You thoroughly considered your shelves, stands before the mirror and thinking back and forth. She has even a digital camera and photographed in their shop. This customer stays for several hours in your business. Then she goes, and she spoke to anyone and was not addressed but also by their sales staff.

They do not know whether the customer is frustrated, because they no match found has, whether your products were too expensive for her or not be enough quality. They don’t know what they will tell about your business. They do not know whether it is maybe a future competitor that wants to just open close own boutique. You think this is an unlikely scenario? Would you warn your sales staff? Then go onto to connect your own Internetauftrit this story. If a user behaves just as on your site like the woman in the boutique do you know it? Did you catch, if not yesterday for 2 hours exactly such a user on your site was? If so, you talked to him? Visitor analysis in a boutique, you can perhaps awkward line lists or lead. But you know then just how many visitors came when, not which articles viewed it, of which department they are gone in which.

Ebert Frankfurter Landstrasse

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

The Hanau online printing company now offered for its customers more, useful additional functions on their website. Immediately present Hanau, the may – any registered user at can information concerning his training, his field of activity, company, etc. in their profile. Thus, the users get the additional option to find this information of other users and potential business partners. The developer team of want to call but no more general social network portal in the life, but offered only a business platform for the advertising and creative industries.

Primary sense and purpose of the platform should be the presentation of own craft, as well as finding the right business partner. During this transition, will implement more services, such as about the feature “MyDesktop”, which is offered for the first time in the German network. With the help of this service, each customer receives a unique business interface within the platform. about it can every user in the future even easier and faster to order, which save main products or entire product categories on his personal desktop for him. Another peculiarity is specially decorated Download Center for this portal.

It offered different templates and all members of the network receive the option to provide their own templates in the Download Center. will further expand this feature so that available finished in design, Photoshop and Illustrator files in the optimal format for downloading. Free, even complete magazine are offered in addition to leaflets, folders, business cards, postcards, etc. About is a Web-to-print provider that specializes in cheap online printing of high-quality printed products. With printing machines at four different locations, as well as the use of the principle of collective bow can direct print jobs quickly and implemented with cost advantages be. The professionals in the advertising and printing industry since 1987 operation employs about 50 people and supplies major companies as well as small and medium-sized companies. Contact: INH. Claus Ebert Frankfurter Landstrasse 52 D-63452 Hanau / Hesse, Germany Tel.: + 49 (0) 6181 / 440-858-50 fax: + 49 (0) 6181 / 440-858-88 E-Mail: Internet address: