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Outside Walls

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

The best form of septic tank – a round. The thickness of the walls should be at least 25 cm Place entrance to septic pipe which flowed from the house of fecal water, should be located at 5 cm higher than the pipe through which water flows from septic tanks into the drainage system. Wastewater enters the septic tank and leaves the tee through a 100 mm diameter, which establish the electrical and outlet pipes. The upper ends of the tees are still open, and above them make clean – tubes of the same section, and so that the gap between the tee and cleaning up at least 5 cm from the lower ends of the tees attached to them pipes must be of such length that they were 40 cm below current water level in the septic tank. Septic tanks are ventilated through an underground filtration riser domestic sewage at home, which should be displayed above the roof. The filter pit. The filter wells make good use of sandy and sandy loam soils with a quantity of waste water up to 1 m3 per day. Filter wells, as wells and septic tanks, perform reinforced concrete rings, bricks, concrete, rubble stone.

Filter size rectangular wells should be 2.8 * 2 m, depth 2.5 m, if a well-round, then at the same depth, its diameter should be 1.5-2 m wide filter bottom well satisfied with a height of 0.5 – 1 m of gravel, crushed stone , slag, etc. The walls of the filter inside the well should be plastered with cement mortar. In exterior walls and foundation to get well and sprinkled from the same materials used for the filter. Sump. Cesspool do with not less than 0.5 m3 per person. The average of the dimensions: length 2.5-3 m, width – 0.8 – 1 m, depth – 1.5 m. The walls of the sump is made of brick, stone or concrete, then plaster with cement mortar, steel, and is sometimes covered a layer of bitumen.

If manufacture of wood walls used, they should be solid, well-covered, double prokonopachennymi and bitumen. The walls are insulated on the outside layer of fat clay 25-30 cm, carefully compacting it. The bottom of the sump to make bias toward the hatch. Then at the bottom put a layer of fat clay 25-30 cm thick, and the top plank boards or concreted. Overlapping holes could be made of wooden boards, covered with roofing material, but better and more reliable to make it out of concrete, As we told above. In the overlapping arrange hatch 0.7 x0 7 m. The overlap is also an insulating layer of clay 30 cm thick and covered with earth on top. Cleanout opening should be two tightly closing lids, one of which done over the overlap, the second – at ground level. Cleaned the sump, depending on its content. Installation of sewerage systems in private homes and apartments almost identical, except that in the flat all sewers connected to the common sewers, and in a private home – with the individual.


Sunday, August 21st, 2016

Set the bath, regardless of its execution, whether cast iron or acrylic, often does not require special skills and too much effort. If, in order to install a bath of cast iron without any help you can not do, the installation of acrylic baths afford to almost everyone. It is important to only take a responsible approach to this process. In this article, you will learn how to properly install acrylic bathtub. But first, let me give a little advice: do not buy cheap imitations, since the installation and use of a bathroom will give you a lot of problems. Preliminary work.

The first step is to prepare the room where the bathtub will be installed. All plumbing findings should be placed in an accessible place, to ensure unhindered access to them. The siphon is located at a distance of 12-16 cm from the floor. Before installing, it fits on the tub side, and made installation of a siphon with the release and overflow. During the installation of acrylic bath should be as close as possible to the wall. It is also recommended that it was a slight bias toward release.

Joint sewer pipe (Which is inserted into the outlet) and siphon zavaltsovyvaetsya. Installing a bath. Immediately install acrylic bath itself begins with pouring the cement pad on which, in fact, will draw a bath. Bath mounted on a special frame made in the factory or on their own. Further, this frame is hidden beneath decorative panels or tiles. If you decide to make a frame on their own, remember that it must have high durability and reliability. As practice shows, is much easier installation process, when the surface of the frame is lined with tiles. If the tiles are not laid, the acrylic bath should be lifted above the surface of the frame, tucked under bath rim installation, the appropriate thickness of the tile and mastic adhesive layer. As the pads, you can use the material at hand: cutting boards, pieces of plywood and pr.Kogda all pads are evenly distributed around the bath, carefully (so as not to break the established drain-corrugation and other services!) tilt the tub to the side of the wall and attach the long leg. Then also gently lower it and raise the nearest edge to deliver the remaining legs. While the cement foundation has not had time to dry bath in the lower opening frame. Adjustment mechanisms that are provided with legs retention of most current models of acrylic bathtubs, makes it easy to center the bath. Under the protruding corners better than anything put under that bath not prosela.Esli you are installing an acrylic tub with Jacuzzi it's time to connect the equipment (motor with a pump spray, a control system, etc.). Such activities require compliance with all security measures, so the mains voltage must be disabled until completion of all work on installing the tub. After completion of installation work, fill the bathtub with water to determine the tightness of all plumbing connections. You can use the bathroom after a full drying cement osnovaniya.Scheli that arose during the installation of bath tubs between board and wall repaired with silicone sealant. Larger gaps can be closed using the failed foundation of brick or assembly foam. The final step is installing the decorative panel.

Oil Companies

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

By the end of 1996 banks have the right to buy is in their control actions. This created the prospect of converting all the oil companies to private entities. At this stage, the stage Parishes in Financiers oil and gas industry, it is natural that the supply industry has become one of the primary issues. As the saying goes, "nobody knows how to count money better than the people making the money." Question supply was at the forefront, while "five year plans", "State Planning" and other leapfrog when it was possible to write off the failure of the timing of projects in various "allied", has passed. There was a new time, a time at which all lives global business. For the third stage of reforming the structure of oil and gas complex of Russia more characteristic of the redistribution of property rights to the assets of enterprises and companies, which intensified the political factors. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mark Bertolini.

Oil and gas industry is based on pipeline transport, transportation, shipping a product to the place of processing and distribution units to the end user. Great value for pipeline Transport of SDT (pipe fittings) such as flanges, reducers, tees, flange screws, washers. Do not forget about the flange fasteners: stud, nut, bolt, washer. As to the connection parts and fasteners are presented to a very high technical demands associated with the specific pipeline used in oil and gas industry. Technical requirements for the SJT, described in the basic state standards: GOST 12821-80, GOST 12820-80, GOST 12815-80, GOST 28759.3-90, GOST 28759.4-90, GOST 28759.8-90, GOST 9064-75, GOST 9065-75, GOST 9066-75, GOST 7798-70, GOST 17378-83, ATC 24.200.02-90. These standards apply to steel flanges welded, flanges, pipes and fittings pipeline components, as well as mounting flanges pipe fittings, connecting parts of machines, devices, sockets, receptacles and vehicles and tanks.

For pipeline mounting: hairpins and one-sided Bilateral for flanged joints of steam and gas turbines, steam boilers, pipes and pipe fittings, valves. Very important is the steel used in the manufacture of flange fasteners and flanges themselves as objects of pipelines often pass in the Far North in permafrost conditions, chemically aggressive soils. This entailed the use of of high, stainless and acid resistant steels and alloys. Of course, the grade of steel used, and even strict adherence to Standard in the production process does not determine the reliability of the supplier. Selecting a reliable partner – fundamental principle of modern business, especially in such an important and costly industry as pipe fittings and valves. By investing every penny, every cent, modern entrepreneur-businessman expects to make a profit, but it needs to be on time and efficiently executed project, resulting in the end not only to orders within the country, but also to foreign contracts. Naturally, this leads to increased external economic prestige and authority of the state of the country, able to perform complex multi-billion dollar international projects.


Sunday, August 21st, 2016

Then plastered derailed yet to be primed and painted. So go at it for about a week. Yes, and two more above, the method of slopes termination is unlikely to make quality a person has no relation to the finish. In general, without a specialist in these cases, you can not do. And that's one problem – the extra cost. The slopes of plastic.

Currently, plastic soffits (assembly) are the most universal kind, and have a lot of pluses. They are fast to install, do not fade in the sun, do not crack, easy to wash, etc. A durable plastic for about 15-20 years. And most importantly, with the help of our articles, such slopes can be mounted almost any person. Click Brian Krzanich to learn more. Here is a list of tools and materials (with approximate prices), which are needed for this job: 1.Plastikovaya panel 6m x 8mm (costs about 500 rubles per 6 meters).

2.Molding starter (P-type) (costs about 30 rubles per 1 meter). 3.Molding finish (F-Shape) (worth about 30 rubleyza 1 meter). 4.Derevyanny bar thickness of 10-15 mm (costs about 15 rubles per 1 meter). 5.Uroven assembly. 6.Stepler and braces for it. 7.Drel with impact mechanism, or punch. 8.Uteplitel (Costs about 100 rubles per 1 meter). 9.Nozh and metal shears. 10.Samorezy 4.2 x 95 and 4.2 x 13 (bugs). 11.Germetik white acrylic (worth about $ 100). Set otksov. In the first step is to fill their wooden blocks around the perimeter of the slope with inner side (the part of the room). It is desirable that the bars are flush to the wall. Hammer drill or drill holes in the wall, hammered them in wooden or plastic and fasten chopiki bars. Bars must be attached strictly in terms of (for alignment can lay a wooden wedges). At fixed beam in the future will lie cut the plastic cover. In the second stage on the edge of the plastic window, fasten U-shaped bracket, fasten it to bugs, just strictly on the level. In the gutter and start molding a plastic panel will be inserted. In the third stage F-fasten the bar. It should be cut in height and width of the slope, with some running perpendicular to it at second F-bar, then to the two plates could be fit to undercut each other as needed. This bracket is attached with staples to the wooden bar. In the fourth step is to cut the plastic panel is strictly on the resulting size between the P and F-rods. Then insert the cut pieces in a U-bar lay insulation between the panel and the wall and insert in the F-bar. When all three parties will be made to all sloppy and prominent joints between panels paint over the sealant.

Classification Doors

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

According to the location in the building is isolated, such types of doors: exterior doors exterior doors and balcony doors, wooden windows with glass inner door entrance to the apartment door, or in other rooms with staircases and corridors interior doors cabinet doors to the outside door imposed requirements different from those for internal doors, as determined by the location of these doors in the building. Exterior doors are to precipitation, fluctuations in ambient air temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, winds, etc. They must protect the interior from cold and noise. Consequently, the exterior doors must be sound and heat-shielding. Materials used for the manufacture of such doors and exterior, must be resistant to the above negative impacts. Another feature which must be performed outside the door (so same as the input to the apartments) – this confrontation unauthorized access to the premises, ie security. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mark Bertolini.

By way of opening doors of distinction: opening doors, sliding doors, folding doors, revolving door. The best known and familiar – the door swing. They can be opened in one direction or in both, ie be swinging. Applied and both internal and external both. Can be glazed and dull. Such doors can be made from any material used for the manufacture of doors, and have any design.

Swinging doors can be, as a threshold, and without it. In modern designs of doors, the threshold is automatically lowered, which increases the noise and heat-resistant characteristics of doors. As we know, there are odnopolnye doors right and left.

Water For Homes

Friday, August 19th, 2016

Happy owners of country houses, villas or cottages know how important it is to have a private house a permanent source of clean water for their needs. Because water is used primarily for personal use rights (drinking, cooking, sanitation purposes (washing, cleaning)) for irrigation areas, vegetable gardens and in small and large industries can continue indefinitely. And lately especially important role in the life of pure water rights, as more and more polluted atmosphere, soil, food, etc. Whereas previously you could just dig a pit in the country, and use them for several decades for their needs without compromising the health of man, at the moment the situation has changed dramatically. Upper aquifers of the soil, where the diversion of water from wells, is often contaminated by industrial waste, human waste … And often the only way out of this situation is to drill their own wells. Well for home and industrial wells are different and in this article we will describe in detail the advantages and disadvantages of both wells types.

For home use 2 types of wells: wells in the sand (sand wells) and wells in limestone (artesian wells). Wells in the sand is used when it is necessary to organize the supply of small houses, watering small areas cottages, where there is no need large amounts of water. Drilling wells in the sand is at a shallow depth, it is mostly 15-30 meters, which are affected first water-bearing strata (sand horizons) hence the name – well on the sand.


Friday, August 19th, 2016

Make of giving interesting and beautiful site that has captured the hearts of all possible neighbors and without the help of designers, and the means to create a big story go away. You may wish to learn more. If so, Mark Bertolini is the place to go. In general, solid pros. However, conventional beds and lawns now no surprise. So to create a true tale, which will take you into a fantasy world want to create, and to begin to invent a highlight. I propose to make a fountain.

Fountains are different! That is not very stylish. For In order to create a masterpiece to determine the style. Tk, fountains, the suitability of different shape and size restrictions in this regard, no. The main thing to calculate the forces and do not threaten the impossible. Again, the initial plan to select a style.

For example, the creation of a rustic style can be in the form of windmills, but in the nature and the natural style of the jet can beat the stone. After this crucial step you should consider where it is will be a fountain, because it requires a body of water like a pond. The dimensions of the reservoir also depends on you, but I want to warn you that if you dig a small tank, you have to frequently change the water and the fountain will be weak. So in your best interest to dig a pond considerable size and align the pit wall, then cover with a special film and fill with water. Pump – the heart of the fountain, so the next step in doing just that choice. The power of creation depends on the location of the "heart" such a weak suit pump submerged in the water, but for a strong and energetic masterpiece pump must be on the surface. In choosing a pump for the fountain principle "Expensive, so good" is not working right for you and the most common and cheapest pump. Well positioned as an object made by us at this point I mentioned. That ended in a dry part of the application of the laws of physics. Our next stage is much more interesting, it's decoration. And fit to recall the selected style. In the pond, you can run a fish and lilies. Itself can impose a wild reservoir rock. To plant flowers around: astilbu, irises and more. Limits imagination to anything! All his ideas now can be carried out by the fountain. That's how you appear in the garden a place not only beautiful, but also stylish. And the mere sight of creation rejoices not only the eye but the soul, because you did it yourself. Forward into the world of improvisation!


Thursday, August 18th, 2016

Immediately after the pier foundation of the universal device hozbloka (house-barn-bath) begin to build his basement with a device to let a temporary but very comfortable accommodation. For this need to build walls and partitions to the device insulated basement floor and a temporary roof, install windows and doors, lay floors, put the oven and do the finishing work. And all this must be done in the shortest period of time to quickly move out of the hut, where you from dear paradise in the basement, where your beloved will be a paradise with you. This is important. So let's keep building arhiforsirovanno ground floor with the most simplistic, but at the same time reliable and durable design elements. Before proceeding to the device headroom for pier foundation, must decide what will be Basement walls: wood or brick? In the case of wood, enough of one pillar, with no connection to each other randbalkami (beams, supported by foundations and bearing the walls, partitions and other loads). If exterior walls are brick, without randbalok not do, it will go on laying. This is well illustrated in the drawings the walls of the basement options.

First thing to do would be to establish the level of headroom and a total for randbalok formwork. For the simplest level, but fairly accurate, fit the usual bottle of vodka or brandy, the wine is no good: dark bottle – difficult to see. At the end of a bad one can take a bottle of water (although the water even safer – longer used.) If, however, will enjoy a bottle of, say, with vodka, the first use it as a level, and then Empty! In any case not vice versa! Why such a technological sequence, I hope have guessed.

Water Heater Boiler

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

How to choose a water heater (boiler) First I would like to say what a 'boiler'. In technical terms, boiler – water heater storage type. Plain language – a system of heating element and the tank, which heats the water and to a certain temperature and maintained at the same level. This is useful if there are any shortages of hot water. We will tell you about its structure and help select the desired model.Gazovy or electrical energy for the boiler boylerIstochnik may be gas or electricity. But some of them prefer? Water heater capacity of 1-3 kW (some Models up to 6 kW) are able to work from ordinary electrical outlet, so you connect it to the power supply line is not obyazatelno.Esli install gas water heater, you will get an advantage in time of heating. Capacity gas boiler starts from 4-6 kW, compared with a maximum capacity of 1.5-3 kW electric majority, looks impressive. An example of the water heater 150-gallon tank can be seen that the gas equipped with burners on the average power of 7 kW, whereas for electric boilers used 1,8-3 kW heating elements. Ie in the gas boiler to heat 150 liters of water needed just over an hour, and at least two hours (and sometimes more) will go as long as the same amount of heated in an electric accumulator vodonagrevatele.No to install a gas water heater will need more and build the chimney. The complexity of installation depends on whether closed or open The combustion chamber is provided in the construction of water heater.

Special District

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

Metric plus are all measuring functions are available. included: Special District measurements, measurement functions for the head Panel, layer thickness measurement, drills, cutters – and taps measurements, DXF overlay, sharp calculation module and many more features. To list all the features here would be too long, so they are listed in a list of functions in our website. The metric MT has two additional functional levels: the buttons in the left column select the measurements of point, line, circle, and pie. Including the three intended for the distance, angle, and the balance just the buttons. All relevant objects, or measuring points are marked with the four upper measuring functions.

Then can in the (button with the PC) computer window measurements are linked as needed. Second is read by X, Y, and Z values. Generally, the metric MT can be combined with almost all measuring systems. No matter whether stages by March, Uhl, prior, Steinmeyer, Micos, the XY axes are read out and charged in the metric MT. If no direct Connection via USB or RS-232 is possible, it may be necessary to transfer the data with an appropriate interface. Data from measurement spindles such as Mitutoyo, Sylvac, HEIDENHAIN or integrated measurement systems as of Schneeberger or in management systems are also processed.

The X, Y, and Z are permanently displayed in an additional window in the metric values. The scope of services of the metric plus and metric MT is in relation to the price hard to beat. And if a measuring function not in the metric, which you absolutely need for your company: we can offer a special special programming you. If you are curious, you can download the demo versions at any time”and testing. If you then have any questions, feel free to call us. Controllers for motorized cross-stages obtained in the metric MT: Tango FA Marzhauser Metronic FA. MCU 28 HEIDENHAIN CNC-axis board, Zeiss WCB DCDCDrive 6, FA Winecke & Sinske Pro scan 2, FA. prior L-step, FA. long SMC series Corvus, Pollux, basic FA. ITC Dr. Cassen motor driver, FA Navitar Inc. interfaces, which are used in the metric MT: IK-220, FA HEIDENHAIN IN the BUS, all common signals, IBR Sylvac via RS-232 or USB Digimatic DMX-1, over RS-232 or USB FA. Mitutoyo Digimatic DMX-2, via RS-232 or USB FA. Mitutoyo Digimatic DMX-3, RS-232 or USB FA. Mitutoyo AK-1 and IK-2., FA. Winecke & Sinske QC-100, QC-200,-300 QC, QC-5000, Metronic, FA. HEIDENHAIN SCD 2-channel, three-channel, March houses I counter, FA HITEC USB-302, FA Carmar SC-212, FA. Nikon KA-counter, Mitutoyo. all common transmitter can be operated above interfaces and read out in the metric MT. Incorporating other signals are always available upon request.