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Linguland Offer Extended Language

Monday, March 26th, 2018

New language school in Edinburgh in the program language courses in Great Britain are very popular, because in the home country of the English language, it can be the best learn. The destination must be but no longer always the classic England. Scotland also offers plenty to see (not only) language tourists and to experience. This know also, the Linguland language travel provider and has now extended its range of language school in Scotland. Now, travelers can choose from two different schools aiming at Edinburgh. New in the program, a school in the Centre of the Scottish capital is englisch/schottland/sprachschule-edinburgh_zentrum-2.htm. At this school, a wide range of English courses available is language fans.

Also preparation courses for all common language exams as well as English courses for senior citizens and business English courses are offered in addition to the well-known group and individual lessons. The new school in the Linguland program was established in 2006 and is intentionally small and especially family. It also offers particularly favourable prices still high teaching quality. This is confirmed by the accreditation of the school through the British Council and English UK. Language travelers get to know the charm of Scottish English and culture especially during their stay with a local host family. English learning in Scotland who travels to Scotland to learn English, have no fear, not understanding the Scots.

Because almost all Scots speak standard English. You can find regional issues but increasingly in rural areas, however, this is no different in other English-speaking countries. Written Scottish English differs only in a few odds and ends from the standard English and also the debate brings only small deviations with up. The Scots speak relatively slowly, is this country especially for students, which Kenntnisse are not yet as extensive. Destination Scotland Scotland is worldwide known for its Highlands and the mystery Loch Ness, for men in plaid skirts and bagpipes. The historical country in the North of the British mainland is a true treasure trove of culturally and historically interested visitors. Not only the most important museums of the country, but also the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, organized by individual themed gardens and impressive religious buildings can be found in the capital city of Edinburgh itself. The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow, located just an hour’s drive west of the capital is offered during a stay in Edinburgh for day trips. Outside the cities, relics of living history in the form of medieval buildings and castle ruins can be found everywhere. Detailed information about language courses in Scotland and all other destinations of the Linguland programme receive prospective customers by calling (0234) 68 70 980 or via email at. Can the current catalogues free of charge on ordered are.

United States

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

NSi offers consistently innovative products his customers that help relieve the growing pressure for business-critical processes”, explains Mike Morper, Vice President of marketing at NSi. The latest report of the BLI is a further recognition of our success since we have in mind not only MFPs as input channel. “Instead, any type of document can capture no matter whether analog or digital, and in real time provide, what with a real competitive advantage.” More info on the BLI report: solutions/capture/NSi AutoStore-6-0/letter author: Dipl.-ing. Corinna Scholz about NSi notable Solutions Inc., shortly, NSi, is one of the leading providers of software, information from digital or physical documents more efficiently capture and process to can. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland/United States evolved since 1995 manufacturer and system-independent solutions that enable multifunction devices (MFP: print, scan, copy, fax) all leading manufacturers better integrated in departmental operations.

Today, over 100 employees at its headquarters and nine worldwide subsidiaries are engaged. Around the globe, more than 8,000 customers use the products by NSi and hold about 30,000 Server licenses for about 250,000 connected multifunction devices (MFP) and network scanner as input media (stand: 06/12). The NSi Europe GmbH in Wetzlar serves the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Germany is the second largest market after the United States and a continuous growth. More info: portfolio that takes over the flagship product AutoStore automated detection of paper and files, the central processing and secure transfer of documents to the intended recipient or target system. The advantages of the intuitive-to-use application are: less manual effort, faster processing and precise drop. Input media workstation, a range that is unique on the market supports local scanner and over 500 different multifunctional devices (MFP), network scanners and copiers. Well-known manufacturers such as Canon, develop, Fujitsu, HP, Kodak, Kyocera, Konica there are Minolta, Lanier, Lexmark, Ricoh, Savin, sharp and Xerox. The selection of potential target systems is equally comprehensive, ranging from fax, email, and FTP servers via various groupware and collaboration products to 40 different systems for document management (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM). NSi offers other standard products, efficiently complementing AutoStore and thus increase customer benefits.

Musica Catalana

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

El Born is without doubt, the neighborhood with more charm of Barcelona. All its corners are filled with pleasant surprises and captivating corners. From its small streets, passing through its majestic promenade, the Park of the Ciutadella, the lovely Santa Caterina market or the solemn Cathedral of Santa Maria of the sea, nothing in the Born leave you indifferent. Born was formerly known as the District of la Ribera, since it was going through a ditch which brought water from the River Besos. Merchants and sailors lived there, but with the passage of time will settle you important palaces in the area that today are home to numerous museums: Museu Textil and clothing, the Barbier-Muller Museum of pre-Columbian art, or the famous Picasso Museum.

Today, el Born is the most fashionable in the city neighborhood. One of her greatest charms is that it still retains its medieval structure almost intact. Its wide range of cultural and leisure offers the best bars and restaurants in design, unique boutiques, museums, galleries, theaters El Born is located between the neighborhood la Barceloneta and the street Via Laietana. Its main artery is the famous Passeig del Born, a lovely Avenue flanked by restaurants, bars and stores and headed by the jewel of the neighborhood, the Gothic church of Santa Maria of the sea. One cross streets to the Passeig del Born, Carrer de Montcada, is home to one of the best-known museums in Barcelona: the Picasso Museum.

The rest of nearby streets have an intense air of medieval and are full of shops and amazing restaurants. The Palau de la Musica Catalana, work of the architect domenech i Montaner, is another obligatory stop inside the District of el Born. It’s an incredible modernist building that is one of the jewels of the Catalan architecture. Santa Caterina market, located a few minutes from the Palau is the last market built in the city, but an indispensable stop. Work of Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue, its wavy ceiling of colorful ceramic has made it famous and special. Finally, the Parc de la Ciutadella is the lung of the neighborhood, as well as one of the green zones more magnificent Barcelona. It formerly housed a military Citadel, of which some facilities are still preserved as arsenal, today seat of the catalan Parliament; the Palace of the Governor, who today is a school and Chapel. There are the Museum of geology, zoology, the Barcelona Zoo, the Hivernacle (today a cafe) and Umbracle (a beautiful greenhouse of brick and wood). In the park there is also a large lake where sailing boats. From 1 April the Ciutadella welcomes the so-called Festival of spring, a celebration where organized shows, workshops, concerts and games for the whole family. Rent the best apartments in Barcelona and soak up the neighborhood with more charm of the city. You won’t regret it!

Francisco Jodar Alonso

Monday, March 19th, 2018

EP have known first-hand how advancing the tasks of reconstruction. The visit was led by the Mayor of the city, Francisco Jodar. The Red be disputed in Murcia your next friendly against Australia. The Spanish national basketball team, which played Murcia in its next friendly, did stop this Monday in Lorca to visit ground zero of the earthquakes that ravaged this region and give encouragement to victims. Hundreds of fans waited with enthusiasm for the red next to the Mayor of the city, Francisco Jodar Alonso, who pointed out that this visit was a breath of fresh air to the city, besides, being commissioned to teach players and body technician how is being carried out the work of reconstruction of the area. In template name, Felipe Reyes was commissioned to be interested in the evolution of the process of reconstruction moving their questions to the Mayor. Before continuing his way to Murcia, players have dedicated a few minutes attention to various victims of the earthquakes with the signing of autographs and taking pictures. Source of the news: the Spanish national basketball team visit ground zero of the earthquakes in Lorca.

In Australia

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

British architect Magnut Larson believes that such a wall, created by bacteria from the hardened sand, can 'Stop the advance of' Sahara Desert. The idea of creating Great Green Belt – the band of forest, which is designed to stop the sands, has long been hovering in the plans of a number of North American countries. For example, such a method is proposed for stop the Gobi Desert. Architect also offers, in addition to this method of combating desertification using the bacteria Bacillus , living in the wetlands. These bacteria secrete calcium and by spraying them over the sand dunes, will be possible to freeze the sand, turning them into a barrier to further expansion of the desert.

On Earth, started a mass extinction of living creatures in the studies of environmental organizations, Planet Earth is now in the initial stage of the sixth in its history, the mass extinction of living creatures. The main reasons for starting a new extinction on our planet, scientists believe human activity and various spreading diseases. The first 'pockets' of extinction risk of becoming Australia, New Zealand and neighboring Pacific islands, warn environmentalists. It is in this region, the probability of extinction is higher than anywhere else in the Land. In Australia, just in front of destroyed spectacular nature, a species threatened with extinction or restriction of their habitat. First of all, this is due because of climate change, invasion alien species, overexploitation of land rights and various contaminants and diseases prevalent in this region. In the report, scientists give specific recommendations, following which it is possible for some time slow processes of species extinction.

Learn more – in the material Photofact: Luxury inhabitants of the underwater kingdom of life of the underwater world hidden from human eyes. The mysterious and still not solved, it lures to depth of the most courageous and inquisitive. Fantastic scenery and fabulous residents In today's photofact we invite you to plunge into the depths of the sea on our planet and enjoy the luxurious inhabitants of the underwater world

IfM Better

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Leibniz Institute for Marine Sciences (IfM-GEOMAR) extended another year Berlin, the cooperation with the better Betreut the 08.04.2011. After a year of successful cooperation between the Leibniz Institute of marine sciences (IfM-GEOMAR) and better supervised GmbH, both companies extend cooperation for a further year. The Institute of the University of Kiel is supported since April 2010 by Besser Betreut to improve compatibility of work and family for his employees. The better Betreut found the appropriate supervisor for the employees of IfM-GEOMAR in any situation quickly and easily. This service was well received both the employees and the employers. Around 750 employees (including approximately 400 scientists) were very pleased particularly with the care consultation and the emergency service.

In particular employees of scientific institutes have barely regulated service hours due to conferences or elaborate research topics. The family is suffering or there are smears taken at the professional use in purchase. The IfM-GEOMAR knows this problem and therefore its employees in the long term helps the better reconciliation of work and family. We are pleased about the successful cooperation with the IfM-GEOMAR. The extension of cooperation to another year for us is the confirmation that we do our job well and the corporate services by better serves the right solution for many institutions represents. “, so Manuel Nothelfer, Managing Director of better Betreut.” Apart from the IfM-GEOMAR, more scientific establishments rely on collaboration with the better Betreut. So, satisfied customers include the FH Brandenburg, the Graduate School of Leipzig (HHL) and the University Clinic Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE). About – better Betreut Besser Betreut offers TuV South tested solutions in the mediation and consultancy by family services, including in the areas of child care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, household and garden.

The company operates the largest maintainer database in the German-speaking area. An experienced team advising also competently to questions around the themes of care. BESSER Betreut helps the better reconciliation of work and family through the company service numerous firms and insurance companies. This emphasizes the active participation as a member of the corporate network “Success factor family” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Since 2007, the better Betreut supports families in more than 10 European countries. More info can be found on press requests Stephanie K.n better Betreut Roth first breed 9 10245 Berlin T: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-917 F: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-99 m: W:

The Beach

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

If the girl knows how to likes to sew – a beautiful fabric segment to which it once when you went to the store together, long admired, but could not find the money to buy. Just keep in mind that in the latter case, you need to calculate how much fabric she needed at this or that thing, and better to buy more than enough. When you walk along the beach, she enjoyed was building a sand castle? Or just always something fiddles with his hands, playing with the buttons, like sculpting something? Donate her collection of plastic! This polymer clay, which has the properties of clay, but after half an hour baking in a conventional oven – it becomes solid, like plastic, and hard as porcelain. It is available in many colors, properties, and invoices, and make it possible everything from dolls and toy dishes for her to glamorous earrings or a charm for a fun backpack. As far as imagination will suffice:) By the way, as if she had a backpack on which to hang such a favorite young charms? So donate! Just remember that it must necessarily be a stylish, bright, unusual and always – friendly. Even if the backpack emphasizes its individuality: if a girl is feminine and romantic, it may be appropriate, for example, plush backpack in the form of soft toys. "Tomboy" surely approve of practical, with lots of pockets and compartments. Fans of rock donate a backpack with a photograph of his beloved, and neformalke – equipped with a sub-culture trappings that attracted her.