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Friday, November 29th, 2013

My personal recommendation is, much investigation. You must be informed envelope well which you write. This does not mean that you must know everything to it, but, to have the basic knowledge and the most important concepts, well clear. However, to get to be an expert in the matter, is the ideal. To obtain an expert reputation since will make explode, literally, your sales. The people want to buy the experts to them, to whom yes they know, people who are serious in which they are doing. For that reason you must write a subject that pleases to you, that gets passionate to you and that, consequently, you dominate. Envelope looks for abundant information which you are going to write so that you can adelantarte to the questions that your readers could consider and give the answers immediately them.

I want aclararte that one is not university titles. Although this is important, does not determine the quality of an article, reports or book. You can be titled engineer and to write bad articles, you can be an empirical person in a subject that gets passionate to you and to write good articles. Connections in your articles. Here it is the essence of the practice of articles, like publicity means. Mainly when is published in directory of articles, to place connections towards our Web site, blog, or pages of sale of our products are essential.

Not to do it, means that the commercial objective of your article will not be obtained: to lead the readers to where it interests to direct them to us, our Web site. The positioning of connections is something simple to realise and at present programs exist that do the work by us. It is always important to cause that the pages to which they lead the connections abran in a new window Because? Inasmuch as often, the curiosity of takes them to the readers to make click in the connection without have finished reading the article, soon close the window of the connection and they cannot conclude the reading, leaving them this a worry. directory of articles always has a space, denominated box of resources, after the space destined to the article, where it can, and must, to introduce a brief description of your Web site and your profile. If the people who visit the Web site or directory in which you have published, they likes your article, surely it will decide to visit your Web site through connection that you have left. We see ourselves in the next delivery. Here you can read our previous article.

Enrique Krauze

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

It is a type of pens to take, and seems that he still does not have who him has written a biography of to be able and of its power. It has not been with any type of gratuity which Enrique Krauze is accumulated like enterprise intellectual more politician than academic, because its academic education it is seen him of what History for him is done: interpreting it from the left with a reading from the right, the one of an adjective democracy without adjectives that in the correct friendly to please them and in the incorrect enemies to disqualify those that, distant or near of Alfonso Kings, Jose Vasconcelos, Martin Luis Guzmn and Octavio Peace, and than they could teach to the unconditional disciple which did not learn of Daniel Cosio Villegas: the intellectual entereza and critical independence, to consider of Lorenzo Meyer on the teacher Daniel Cosio Villegas, and what Enrique Krauze de Octavio learned Peace was to nearly work the distance with the Prince of the State. Enrique Krauze is not of the intellectuals whom some crisis undergoes of brings back to consciousness, since being enthroned to the power by means of the biographies of the power, the historical test that has served to him like great muleta in which it has leaned under the right armpit and thus to have taken his first steps with the foot straight ahead, abriendo to way to the position-the impostura of being a public man that public to the men has only done of the power, but not the man that is he before and the power: Krauze was not ably critical to ask the Poet Patriarch to him of the poetry and the Mexican poets who will move away of the political and economic power, because somehow she did not want to remain abandoned of the shade of the patriarch. .

Ergonomic Risks

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

3 Types of Risks Ambient ambient risks Are considered chemical, physical, biological, existing the agents in work environments. The ambient risks are capable to cause damages to the health and the physical integrity of the worker due its nature, concentration, intensity, susceptibility and time of exposition. So that factors of ambient risks are considered these agents need beyond being gifts in the work environment, however in determined concentrations or intensity, and the maximum time of exposition of the collaborator they is determined by preset limits. The ambient or professional risks are divided in five main groups: ) Physical risks: are effect generated for machines, equipment and characteristic physical conditions of the workstation, that can cause damages to the health of the worker. b) Chemical risks: these risks are represented by the chemical substances that if find in the forms liquid, solid and gaseous. When absorbed for the organism, it can produce reactions and damages toxic the health.

It has three ways of penetration in the organism: by respiratory, it saw cutaneous, it saw digestive. c) Biological risks: caused for invisible microrganismos by rough estimate naked, as bacteria, fungos, virus, bacilli and others. They are capable to unchain illnesses due to contamination and for the proper nature of the work. d) Ergonomic risks: they are contrary to the ergonomics techniques, that consider that the work environments if adaptem to the man, propitiating welfare psychological physicist and. The ergonomic risks are on also the external factors (of the environment) and the internal factors (of the emotional plan). In synthesis: they occur when it has disfuno between the individual, its rank of work and its equipment. e) Risks of accidents: they occur in function of the physical conditions? of physical environment and the process of work? technological improper capable of to provoke injuries to the physical integrity of the worker. Each labor activity has ambient risks and the degree of differentiated risks.

Aconcagua Provincial Park

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Tourism in Mendoza keeps a rich historic heritage, where can internalize how was life in the colonial era, before becoming a Republic. The area was also inhabited by tribes originating pre-Columbian, being the inca nation one of these cultures that settled along the South American continent. Without a doubt, this culture mould the personality of Latin America, imposing his style until today. Born from the aymara culture, his domain was established from Ecuador to Chile and Argentina, practically throughout the cordillera of the Andes. In his career to escape Spanish domination, they generated the famous route of the inca. They also passed through a region located near the Las Cuevas River in Mendoza. Precisely in that place the meltwater erosion has created whimsical shapes, and one of them is what would seem to be a bridge that crosses the aforementioned River. This natural bridge it is known as Puente del Inca, and is located at 2700 m above the level of the sea, among the hills Grama North and Grama South.

Only 183 km separate it from the city of Mendoza, and it is very close to a border crossing with Chile. The Inca bridge is the main entrance to the Aconcagua Provincial Park. The natural beauty of this place is really impressive. The bridge seems to have been installed on purpose about 27 m above the River, although it is actually a gap left by the passage of the mineralized waters into the living rock. The area is rich in minerals, so there are many stalactites, and stones and rocks of the place are of dazzling colors. On the site there is a thermal spa, according to insiders, one of the most healing sites in the world, due to the intense mineral concentration of waters. The beneficial effect on human health is widely recognized by the medical community. Thermal mineral waters help fight bone ailments, rejuvenate the skin, detoxify, and are highly beneficial for stress.

The area enjoys a special microclimate, with very little annual rainfall. The winter is very cold, but the summer is very warm. The town of Puente Inca it has only 132 inhabitants, most of whom are military intended to monitor the trasandino step. Without a doubt, who wish to spend an unforgettable holiday in Mendoza, can not miss this fantastic and mythical place.


Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

"Again the morning, how you want to sleep, but rise, rise" – I said to myself, sat on the bed and looked around. "Again, go to work" – prone these words he arose from bed. Shuffled his bare feet, walked to the kitchen, put the kettle on the stove and went into the street. Having heard that door slam, in a stable roared – "Now I will give to eat, not Roar" – I shouted toward the barn and went to the barn. Teddy Bear – was my favorite, the two-year Stegosaurus, I gave him for his birthday. Y On his back was cut two spike for easy placement of the saddle. Stuffed two bags of hay, I went to the barn, where began to organize the fighting. "Do not be nervous on, eat." – I told my friend armored and scratched him under the neck, in a single place nezaschischonom armor.

Know thus tea and riding Stegosaurus, I went narobotu. On the way back and forth ran, or were, different kinds of dinosaurs, some were saddled, some harnessed to a cart. Bear walking along the road slowly, I had not customized, time to start working yet happened. When they reached the factory, I took Bear to the fold for males, (together of different sexes were forbidden to keep the dinosaurs), and went into his shop. – Sanka you news watched – asked me Victor, my friend and partner. No, what? – They say that in the surrounding woods appeared Tyrannosaurus. – I do not understand how he painted? – And who knows, but otkudoto appeared, now back in the woods will not start.

– Yes, and we you only this weekend to pick mushrooms together. – So, let's go fishing. – Lada, then fishing, and fishing rods will be taken. – Joked Witek – Well, I think it will catch fish, too .- I replied, and we laughed and went into the shop.

Traveling For Business

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

If your job requires that you travel constantly, you probably already know many aircraft, many cities, you’ve visited many hotels and therefore are very accustomed to rapid travel. A business most of the time trip is a few days, inclusive there are people who travel only to any Board and do it in a day, if that’s the case I recommend that you keep reading because I’ve discovered interesting proposals for this type of people. When you buy a round flight plane ticket always usually increase the cost when you need it with a few days of difference, equal in hotels when you need to be one or two nights charge you a different fee or even battles in finding a hotel that fits within the budget that you bring to your trip. For this I have found that there is an airline that offers corporate packages, which include the airfare as well as the accommodation days that you need. You can hire business from 1 night hotel packages, because they know that businesses are fast and need to return as quickly possible. Hires business packages because they are the best choice because of the good service they offer and the low cost, also traveling with the airline have automatically a discount on car rental business, so you won’t have to reach your meetings or meetings in taxi or truck..

Social Medias

Monday, November 11th, 2013

We can say that the biggest historical event in Internet terms had been the social medias. Blogs, sites of sharings of photos, videos, diffusion of personal and professional information as Orkut, facebook, to twitter and etc Everything this it would facilitate with that the information of spread out of faster form, needs and in real time. What they are the Social Medias? If it translates of the Social English Measured for the Portuguese Social Media what we can understand for a communication system that makes the interaction between the people, practical method where we can use of the Internet to be next the people in real time exactly not being for close. This system of digital information, combines the exchange of text information, photo, video, audio and until localization and creates an interaction environment saw Internet. The great advance of the Internet was the possibility in not being only present in the house computers or as we call in the term technician, Desktop, and started to be present in smartphones, cellular devices that use applicatory an operational system making possible installation of of social medias that are had access way Internet using Edge bands or 3g through the operators of telephone of each region. What before only it was possible to be had access in an only point of its house now the exchange of information in any place of the world is possible does not matter what it will be making. Technical the social medias demand that you have Internet in its smartphone to enjoy of the advantages to be on 24 hours the information. The human being is an extremely social being, and the social medias are potencializando this trend and changing completely the communication of this new economy. They would be the Medias Partners the new voice of the world? The world-wide market suffers to a change and a very great rupture, where the form to make business changed, where the development of the product of a vision of the company is not more so important, but yes of the social responsibility and external opinions.

Corporate Director Recruiter

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

In these days shopping is easy, but negotiating the purchase, is something to organize and anticipate the supplier know to ask, as ask and whom to ask. In negotiating with suppliers, both know the terrain, it’s smart to agency know to prepare. First of all, we feel a supplier, as an ‘ally of our company’. The responsibilities that you have on our business, is almost as important, as has a department of our company, because it is they who keep the various tools we use day to day, such as paper, pencils, to computer equipment , Internet part time jobs services and so on. Bearing this in mind, we can see the important aspects of a negotiation with suppliers: As a first thing, it’s important for us as in any business, as is well known, it is important to clarify what one wants, the supplier is equal since tried to sell the technologies, which although interesting and helpful, may not be what we need now, is why the clarity of our needs is important. It is our duty to guide him to where we want to go, this clear in the first businesses to be made, then he will know what we want and we want it that way.  CEO and Corporate Director Recruiter is now the director of AirClic It follows that we rescued from the brainstorming that the supplier can deliver to our needs, always redeemable and there is much that is worth examining, so it is good to take note. One way to be a good guide to our supplier and organize us, is to make a type model for the delivery management jobs of quote (the quote is also part of the part time negotiations, is that the supplier has the first opportunity to present your company ), which at first instance, will give a guide to consultants the provider of what we want and, above all, how serious it is to work with us and not for us. Once human resources having clear what our role in negotiating, let’s see the theme jobs in of the suppliers. It is important not to have one provider, if possible, since when have several, gives us the opportunity to a wider range of prices, services and above all add value to what we are requesting. It is important for this, to convince the supplier, indirectly, that is not the only one to which we are trading, but if we are interested that is part of our address book. All information sent by the suppliers, should be tabulated, business details, warranties, value added, services, prices, etc.., This would facilitate decision making at the time. The meetings with suppliers, are of great importance and is what strengthens the relationship between our company and they always remember that “A provider is not a solution to a single problem, may be a solution to problems that have not detected staff , or even not thinking about solutions. ” Before the reunion, it’s always agencies good to ask them to prepare job search a presentation of the company, which must always be the ‘Mission of the firm’, this is a good tool to work with them. You never need to show the contributions, and no less the prices of other suppliers, the uncertainty is always a good tool to get more of what you’d expect, but it is good to give them sales jobs a glimmer of hope, indicators, more or less, how high are or that they lack.