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District Court

Friday, October 31st, 2014

That female candidates should be sought in addition to male, was neither the specific ad text nor an additional abbreviation (m/w). After the application of the applicant had not come to fruition, the applicant promptly filed a compensation claim in the amount of less than 25,000.00, urging responsible law firm for the ad, to call her their clients. Only according to information lawsuit antragsgemasser conviction by the District Court of Karlsruhe and subsequent foreclosure law firm revealed the name of the company, which had granted the contract for the job. The compensation claim submitted subsequently to the defendant of illegal discrimination under 15 para 2, 11, 7, 1, 2 para 1 S. 1, 22 AGG was dismissed by Karlsruhe Regional Court. On the appeal of the applicant and the OLG Karlsruhe said the applicant’s total compensation amounting to a gross monthly salary of 13.257,36 to and justified his decision, that the vacancy against the prohibition of discrimination in the General equal treatment Act ( 7 AGG) contrary.

The vacancy not gender-neutral lead become suspects discrimination because of sex, and therefore the issuing company must demonstrate that the applicant had not been disadvantaged because of her sex, so that the gender of the applicant in the selection at all had played no role in accordance with 22 AGG. The defendant did not set out the relevant considerations for your selection. The fact that an other applicant to an interview had been invited, by dint of the presumption of a gender-related discrimination in the application procedure does not disprove. Also the objection of the defendant, the plaintiff was not been invited not because of her gender, but because of the lack of experience of the acquisition. could not refute the presumption. Thus, it was not proven that the sex in addition to acquisition may be lack of experience of the applicant in the decision had played no role.

Meadow Festival

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

And enjoy Georgenberg (tvo) let in Georgenberg. Enjoys wild boar roast and Zoiglbier and find peace and plenty of time to enjoy a few days of relax. Ute’s guest house in Georgenberg in the upper Palatine forest, you will be treated in a family atmosphere. In the triangle between the willows, Marianske Lazn and Pilsen, Georgenberg offers also an ideal location for excursions in the nearby Czech Republic. You can enjoy “in the lump sum feast, let and enjoy half board with breakfast buffet and evening each special culinary specialities of the region. A Bohemian welcome drink and once either sauna or solarium are included. The package costs 69.90 EUR 122,50 for four nights and two nights per person.

Information and bookings: Ute’s pension, Hinterbrunst 80, 92697 Georgenberg, Tel. 09658/606, fax 09658 / 913644,, 2010: medieval market in Nabburg on 17th and 18th July 2010 the medieval collection in the historic old town of Nabburg. Freezer suppliers and middle ages friends are dressed in historical costumes. Include markets, handicrafts, music and tasty dishes. Information: guest information, 92507 Nabburg, Tel. 09433 / 1826, 2010: Lengefeld meadow Festival in Lengenfeld an attraction to the Corpus Christi day is meadow festen of Lengefeld in Velburg in the Bavarian Jura. Here typical Bavarian is celebrated: taste the homemade beer to the Winkler brewery, the original wheel groups make for a fun change of pace and the costume festival train inspired by the traditional solidarity of the region.

The Client

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

The best advice that can be found on the internet is the stress, continue forward despite the falls we have, we must accustom us to take action, to carry out tests until you find what you want to achieve, to insist on our constant training to acquire new skills, which will be which rescued us become obsolete over time, internet advances to fast times; for example when I started no one spoke of web 2.0 or social media, now we can’t live without it. I like that countless entrepreneurs we are in constant search of strategies or programs that can help us meet our goals in line, although I must admit that it is not easy, since bar times almost waive or tobacconist me, but my entrepreneurial nature always makes me continue and try new options. In this search reach contact to countless entrepreneurs are also in my niche market, which help with their products entrepreneurs online, I could talk with some directly and others I am still awaiting your reply by email. The search for tools to our business is not something that we take lightly, in my case for example I found with outdated products, with no guarantee of performance, in languages I can not understand very well or simply that not they offered good support to the client. Reasons why in reality were a total waste of time and money. Even not I am pleased to say that some programs still continue online offering to entrepreneurs who want to acquire them under his whole responsibility.

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It is not easy to actually find legitimate programs that can help us many times, but always insisting we will with those who might really benefit us. I recommend that you do not acquire no other program to earn money on the internet with the exception of which are about to know. Be what you decide, I wish you health and prosperity for you and your loved ones. Jorge a. Magallanes. PD. This is the program to earn money on the internet attracting your prospects automatically.

Management Knowledge

Friday, October 17th, 2014

He is tacit because it represents something that if makes regularly, but without formal support that the explicite. The opposite of this is the explicit Knowledge, that is assigned as legalized Express (Drawings technician, plans of share, manuals of procedures, information filed in computers). (Nonaka, 98). It can easily be express in words and numbers being able to be communicated and to be partilhado in the form of data, scientific formulas, universal procedures of codification or principles. It is a type of knowledge that if finds structuralized well in the mind of the people and that it can easily be legalized in books, manuals or procedures. Strategically, the Management of the Knowledge will have to be guided to the attainment of improvements of performance in its products, projectos, services and processes, reverting the investments carried through in better performance of operational management, reaching in such a way competitive advantages in relation to the competition. The Management of the Knowledge must promote the capacity to generate new advantages systematically, or still, to develop the existing ones, constituting what it comes being called a competitive advantage for the company. Thus we can say that the knowledge is vital for the business, to know the customers, the business of them, the critical factors, to know that methodologies exist to make what, that tests are that the methodologies have given and the experiences that will have existed in all the organization, are important rules in the management of the knowledge. On this context of great transformations, of globalizada economy, more competing markets each time between itself, the instrument of competitiveness of the organizations will have to be based on knowledge, goes then to consciencializar the organizations of insurances and the board that these will have to be pledged in the implementation of the knowledge management.

The Fence

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Days, months and years had been transferred, and you it grew. It pulls, as you grew! It started to ask for loaned my shirts, my stockings, my shoes, as many things! I loved that wonderful mixture. I had a fast surprise, when you gave a kiss to me of good night and you felt something piercing my face. It was arremedo of beard. I treated to buy a shaver for you immediately. of the best ones, remembers? Now, you pass the entire day far, taking care of of its a thousand interests, the ortalezas of the age, of its personality, its appropriation of the universe that the fence, and I am with cimes of everything. Yes, it seems that we are separate now for a great abyss. I know that love you me very, and you also know I love that it.

But our ways, interests, directions, aspirations and colloquies seem not to cross more. We live underneath of the same ceiling, we share familiar, cultured feeding, programs and strolls, but we are different. When we can talk, of time in when, I feel myself more important of what one ‘ ‘ sheik’ ‘ I only can say that I am a happy father. in these hours arched my head and I make a conjunct the God for all the parents whose children already had been themselves, had abandoned the home forever, never they had known the love sacrossanto of God, live sad, involved existences with all the aggressions of the life and the society. Yes, my son, you walk half arredio, half distant, but I have that to recognize that you are more than it of what mine. It continues its way and it more delivers it to each time the Mr. While this, I am in the embroidery frames, happyest of the parents, twisting for you, and saying: – It goes in front, son!

Webster Stage

Monday, October 13th, 2014

In accordance with Becker (2001) some scholars have salient the great challenge in the hour of if studying the subject and, over all, of avali- lo of more systematic, objective e, also measurable form. above-mentioned characteristics remember in them that to be creative it demands to articulate cognition and affection, route to the new, the different one, with an intention, an objective. In this perspective, the education has excellent paper as we will see in the item that follows. To create is basically to form. Is to be able to give to form something new (…) the creative act encloses, therefore, the capacity to understand; this in turn, to relate, to command, to configure, to mean (OSTROWER, 1996). The creativity as it defines the Webster, is basically the process to make, to give the life (MAY, 1982, pg.39). We can perceive that the above explicitados concepts point different angles of the creativity, related to the cognitivas and affective capacities, as we point out in the introduction of this chapter. How if of the o process of the creation? It has very, the scholars come trying to unmask the steps of the creative process.

Already in 1900 Ribot it considered models for the creative processes, in 1910 also John Dewey presented a study in this direction. However, he was the mathematician English of century XIX, Henry Poincar that established the four basic steps for the creative solution of problems. 1 stage-Preparation: that she is related with the conscientious immersion, initial that the person makes to find the solution of the problem with which she comes across. It is the stage of the internal mobilization to expand limits and to go beyond what already she knows yourself on the subject. Therefore, many times this period brings anguish, emptiness and until blockade. 2 stage Incubation: it is the moment to ripen, of gestar the ideas conceived in the previous stage.


Monday, October 13th, 2014

To increase the damages and to get worse the estiagem situation, this year still more, with the effect provoked for the called phenomenon of El Nio, the dry period will be able to be drawn out beyond its normal cycle, in the regions center-west and northeast of the country. The agriculturists, before carrying through burnt with objectives of cleanness of grass or formation of new farmings, look the agencies officiate of assistance agricultural technique of its city, city hall or Ibama for orientaes, always I suggest. It is interesting to perceive despite in Brazil, the consisting authorities, on official agencies to the environment and the Brazilians they need to know as and when they are using the natural resources> you renewed to be able to preserve, and is therefore that this necessity if bases on the concept of that many natural resources can finish, exactly when is renewed, in case that they are not used of rational form. From then on the ambient preservation interests all that keep its activities entrepreneurs based on the exploration of the natural resources, as well as to that they are used by these companies, moreover, would allow that the future generations came to have the chance to know the beauties that the nature offers. We evidence, despite the ambient crisis is symptom of a much more deep crisis of what the media in passes daily, but what I want to say with that is that the crisis does not involve only styles of life, standards of consumption, social projects of development and pressures. Ahead of everything this, has a economic way of production, called Capitalism, that are the great villain, main the responsible one for current crisis, that, by the way, is not so current thus. In Brazil, for example, the crisis concomitantly has its origin with the Discovery, therefore since this time our natural wealth had passed to be explored, as it can be evidenced by the contraband of Wood-Brazil and, later, the innumerable cycles of economic exploration as the cycle of the Sugar cane-of-sugar, the cycle of the coffee, milk and the cacao, etc. .

Specialist Market

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

As example, we have good part of the micron and small companies where the executives normally do not have knowledge or domain of the financial tools, marketing and development of people. The active strategy is that one where the organization possesss shy objectives, its development does not arrive to be accidental, but it is limited by the distrust of loss of market on the part of the leaders. They know some tools vacant, however, they do not use them in its fullness for comodismo or distrust to face the risks of the market or still not to call the attention the competitors. As example, we have some micron and small organizations, but also we find great organizations, as it was the case of the action of Spain in World War II. This passivity can be observed acting in the nature, in the animal world, as some birds and reptiles that obtain to pass unobserved for its predators. Important it is that this strategy can be adopted as a different form of survival of the organizations, since that does not have the desire to still participate of a movement of sped up growth or accompaniment of the global changes or, of the freehold of products or services in the market. We must also have conscience that in this type of strategy the search of new chances and nor of defense against the threats that constantly go up to around the organizations and nor so little of reaction to the market trends is not possible. It will have a constant convivncia with uncertainties in function of not being able to follow the faster ambient changes that occur each time, as much in the external environment as in the intern.

It will also not have the possibility of the development of a creative environment, much less innovative, since the freedom sufficiently is limited. The leaders must concentrate themselves in its auto-maintenance and the increase of the operational efficiencies. They also must, to improve its specialties since they will not be able to participate of great modifications. The leaderships must observe walked its intently, considering have attacked proper itself, since the organization is its proper competitor. So that the organization if keeps more alive for a drawn out period is necessary that some actions are carried through, such as: * Consequently to know deeply the products and/or services offered for the organization and increasing its specialization; * To become its decisions most agile possible, to run away from total inertia; * To try to improve each time more the integration of its functional body to prevent a sped up movement of disorganization. The strategy of the neutrality also demands the development of the negotiation capacity, for the case of a massive attack to the organization or of any significant change in the productive area.

To adopt the neutrality strategy is far from representing a model to be followed by having great limitation and rationality, and also presenting shy action, very common in the market. Although to present these limitations, its analysis is valid, better that not to adopt strategy some. _____________ Gilbert Gomes Guedes is bachelor in Business administration and Public (UniCEUB); Specialist in: Theories of the Administration (UniCEUB) and Administrao Pblica (FGV). Analyst of Systems (UnB). Master in Engineering of Produo (UFRGS). Professor and Coordinator of administration courses.

GIS Business

Friday, October 10th, 2014

What helps people helps Leo Burnett General considerations business and definition. Modern management cannot be given to the dynamic, proactive behavior of its role in the markets where it operates, often in scenarios changing, full of opportunities and threats, neglecting their information systems, establish a databank of all things involving it in pro make decisions that favor him. There are many companies in the country, especially the SMEs, lacking within its definition, use of information systems operation, all because they have neglected it has not determined what they represent, so that this work in decision-making, in order have not involved in its organizational culture and since then, it has seriously harmed its achievements. Is very unfortunate that many managers have not been identified with representing the scope, use, advantages, needs to have good information systems, the same schools of administration much culpability it had of the country that have not emphasized that involves having a good information system and are given little training, training in this regard. Is significant that management, as the executives of the company, are clear that management information systems are a necessity today, all of this due to the companies manage large amounts of data which can be analyzed in such a way that relevant information can be found to take different courses of action. The GIS are currently known as Business intelligent (business intelligence), this is due to influencing decision-making. GIS are part of corporate strategies, communication and information are of great value in organizations or companies, which represent power should be noted is, on the relevance of having defined management information (GIS) systems, need management to identify with what they represent, Wikipedia reminds us, that these systems are the result of interaction collaborative between people, technologies and procedures – collectively called information systems-oriented to solve business problems. The SIG or my (also called thus by its acronym in English: Management Information System) differ from the common information systems in which to analyse the information used other systems used in the operational activities of the organization.


Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Who you would have TO BE TO HAVE what you wish to obtain? In other words: In whom you have convertirte to have the life that you wish? The other day I listened a friend to say to him to another one: Ah, if I HAD that I work, SERIOUS happy; and it caused to ask to me: Who would have TO BE you TO HAVE that work? At heart all the human beings we are in the search of the happiness and think that TO DO or TO HAVE it is going to take to us to that experience (of happiness) in the BEING. Example: We think that if WE HAVE a luxury car that it very instantaneously takes to us TO BE happy; the luxury is brilliant, in fact the universe is designed with great luxury, the point is that the Development of the Deserving Aspect of our BEING is what will make us enjoy that luxury and also of the process to obtain it. TO DO, TO HAVE AND TO BE are levels that need to be in coherence and balance in our lives. When we enjoyed the BEING more that we are, more easily we can, consequently, MAKE AND HAVE the goals that we wished. It is plus the process TO DO AND TO HAVE it is facilitated and are the 3 simple ones here passages for ayudarte in your process to connect and to develop your DESERVING BEING OF the GOOD thing: STEP ONE: MAS KNOWS ABOUT SAME YOU *QUIEN SIGHT OUTWARDS DREAMS, AND THAT SIGHT INWARDS DESPIERTA* Carl Jung Who you think that you are for having the life that you wish? Who you need to think that you are for having the life that you wish? What makes possible to you to think that you deserve to have the life that you wish? What INTERNAL DIALOGUE facilitates sentirte to you deserving of the life that you wish? It responds these questions and it reflects about how much you know yourself same, can sorprenderte the new glance that you have on you. .