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Department Power

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

Characterized by promoting innovation and creativity, make better decisions and enrich the jobs, the process requires essential so that trained collaborators to assume increasing responsibilities. With in employment of this process they feel competent individuals individually or as members of an organization, whereas effective and integrated into the company, which assume the level feeling higher delegation by his superiors not only is delegating power and authority to subordinates and give them the feeling that they are owners of their own work; It is a tool used in total quality, as in reengineering, which provides elements to strengthen the processes that lead companies to his proper development to others. It is considered as the movement that seeks to give power to the people via training; takes decision to the people who are in the front. Becomes the strategic tool which strengthens making, that gives meaning to work in team and leadership that allows total quality ceases to be a motivational philosophy and become a radically functional system. Thanks to this tool replaces the old hierarchy by self-directed teams, where information is shared with everyone. Employees have the opportunity and responsibility to give the best of themselves. How to be perceived is a system of values and beliefs, it is not a program with beginning and end. All levels of the company understand how in this empowerment can satisfy all your own and personal needs, and actions necessary to obtain them.

This requires the willingness and commitment of senior management was this culture of human development. Considerations the post belongs to each person. The person has responsibility, not the boss or supervisor, or another Department. Jobs generated value, because the person who is in them. People know where This stop in every moment. People have power over the way in which things are done. The post is part of what the person is.