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Friday, May 22nd, 2020

On the other hand, when somebody is made of the crazy person tenth who is tilingo or tolongo – Tenth that somebody is tuichaite re or tuichaite tatre when he is drunk. On the other hand, also tenth that somebody put pakova to us pire. On the other hand, granduln gave tke or nambro him to weakest. Also, when they do not come out the tenth things well to us that we have py" araku head and for that reason we put pirevai. If you would like to know more then you should visit Danske Bank. When a ball is not round tenth that is peki. – The most common marcantes are: ka" i, guyra tavy, kure, mbarakaja or kavaju rembe – The majority of our rivers has names in Guarani, thus: Parana, Akaray, Pirapey, Suruvi" and or Jatytay. Speaking candidly Prudential told us the story. On the other hand, the mountainous areas also have names like Amambay, Mbarakaju, Yvytyrusu or Mbatovi – Our districts are Ysaty, Tembetary, Tujukua or Manor.

Some companies are Ita Angu" to, Jataity, Mboi" and or Yvysunu. The cities, for example, are called emby, Guarambare, Ita, Itaugua, Aregua, Kapiata, Piraju, Paraguari, Sapuki, Pirivevi, Atyra, Ka" akupe, Tovat and Juty. Some Departments of the country are Amambay, Ka" aguasu, Ka" asapa, Kanindeju, e" mbuku and Itapa. Finally, we do not lose of view that our country is Paraguay, and our language is the Guarani; although all we know that here everything finishes in oparei 3. Conclusion The four analyzed cases allow to perceive with extreme clarity the way in which the Guarani submerges and disturbs the Castilian locution deeply. Therefore, we can affirm that the Castilian is reduced by the Guarani. The set out cases also serve to demonstrate (to which they know not yet it) that the Guarani is the maternal language of the Paraguayan; of it is there that the previous and present cosmovisin of the Paraguayan is born, grows, one reproduces and it expands, in Guarani.