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Valley Museum

Thursday, April 4th, 2024

Why Finland as like Russian? Each tour in Finland opens up a new country Suomi face more and more dipping into its leisurely way of life, courteous, polite, but at the same time serious and clear Finnish mentality, showing the variety of shades and colors of their culture and art. This country can be compared with the modest girl who does not seek to cast a spell at first sight, gradually opening up to each new meeting its mysterious and very interesting soul. Not surprisingly, more and more Russians are buying real estate in Suomi! They want peace, tranquility, to live in a clean state, which dominates law. Finland – a magical and beautiful country. She beckons for its crystal clear blue lakes, spectacular northern lights, white fluffy snow and clear starry skies. Finns are proud of the purity and virginity their nature, their quality of life, their culture, unique landscapes and unique atmosphere that can be felt, just having gone on tour to our mysterious western neighbor. Tours in Finland give you the opportunity to plunge into the mysterious and eternal peace Suomi. What you can see? Without the slightest exaggeration, a trip to Finland can be called a journey into the magical world. If you would like to know more then you should visit Elon Musk.

Here were all the stories, and in the present tense – Valley Museum and Mumm Troll mysterious Lapland, Santa Claus, many legends, stories, were amazing lakes, mountains and rivers. Even some of the names of stores and those that came into our world of fairy tales – Kaleva, Sampo, Vaynemeynen. Here is good in both winter and summer! For recreation during the summer tour to Finland – simply a paradise. Pleasant climate, swimming in crystal clear and warm lakes, walking in the historic towns, northern calm and good nature of the Finnish people, friendly hospitality along with their delicious cuisine – a godsend for the summer tour. Winter – a journey into a fairy tale. Nyaryadny white snow, dazzling northern lights, riding on reindeer rides, spectacular ski resorts, shopping discounts – it's just a few reasons that make the winter tour to Finland from St. Contact information is here: Vlad Doronin. Petersburg will leave unforgettable impressions for the entire year. Rest here pleasure in any season.

Despite the fact that Swami – one of the most northern gosudartsv summer here can be quite hot. So many tourists and locals enjoying a swim with gusto. Due to the developed infrastructure, things to do in Finland and are perfect for children of all ages. Suomi captivates everyone who comes into it, and leaves a lot of impressions for a long time. To find himself in this tale, you only need to make visa and choose where going to go. Homeland of the Snow Queen and Santa Claus will meet all the hospitality and talk about yourself.

The Resort Of Goa In India

Monday, November 27th, 2023

Fairytale India has long attracted the attention of the world with its exotic, beautiful nature, rich culture. But India – is not only Delhi but also superotryvnoy resort of Goa. His popularity in Europe, Goa owes hippies. Today, Goa – almost the only place on Earth where the tradition alive hippie, fondly dreaming that love will win the violence. Following the "children of color" in Goa drove tourists, attracted by the miles of wide sandy beaches and European comfort (state until 1961 was a Portuguese colony). Now Goa – coach staff and taxi drivers as a reference using the names of hotels. Wayne Holman will not settle for partial explanations. For several decades there has developed a musical style goa-trance, absorbed traditions of the old hippie music.

Here we use samples from vinyl records and cult films of 60-70 years. It is mixed with Indian melodies in ultralow frequencies. In season from November to February on the beaches of North Goa are often are goan open-air party for three or four days. Admission is free. Often play famous musicians. For assistance, try visiting Miller Value Partners. Party, however, are usually carried out spontaneously, and learn about their need to "have their own". In Goan subcultures have their own symbolism. For example, the number 604, where the number "6" similar to the G, and the number "4" on the A – secret" character, meaning GOA.

Petri Yayla

Monday, May 25th, 2020

For this reason, much of it declared natural monuments and protected by law. Many of them have preserved sinter, interesting geological deposits, in many caves are the remains of ancient animals. To understand the location of almost 900 Crimean caves is not easy. To alleviate this problem to us, there are four district Speleology: the Yalta and central karst plateau, plateau Chatyrdaga, Dolgorukovskaya Yayla, Karabi-Yayla. At the Yalta Yayla and the Central karst plateau, there are hundreds of caverns, only to Ai-Petri Yayla, there are 285 caves, mines and wells.

The most studied and interesting in this area following the oral speleological: Hanging Cave (401/15 m) – two-story chamber with plenty of sag, broken by tectonic shifts limestone. For more information see Barchester. Cave Honey (205/60 m), characterized by unique deposits. Cascade Cave (410/195 m) with galleries, leading to an ancient karst system with large rooms. Geophysical Cave (140/60 m) – the ancient cavity with multiple internal wells and incrustations. Crystal Mine (110/143 m) with beautiful decor and great wandering blocky bulk.

Cave-source Miskhorsky (100/40 m). Stavrikayskaya Cave (100/10 m) with an abundance of sinter formations. Quite original cave Basman-5, Basman, 7, Basman-3. Cave-source Pearl. Iograf small cave (the length of the main hall – 18 m, width – 10 m) is replete stalactites, stalagmites and baths, which were once found cave pearls. In the karst cavities in the VIII-IX centuries cave church was located. The cave-grotto Danilcha in which the depth of the lake about 2 meters. Chatyrdag found on 135 underground cavities. Among the most famous sporting caves Chatyrdaga impossible not to mention the very deep cavity – a pit depth of 247 meters Koshin.