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Friday, May 22nd, 2020

I know it replied Elena, I can accompany you to your House proposed you is that my mother is not returned within half an hour, he could make time if I’ll walk to which her friend nodded something confused, but pleased that they could continue the conversation. The mother Esther was home, working as a cashier in a casino, but feared by Elena, I had already experienced the loss of a friend and did not want to lose it, but it sounds obsessive, he feared to let her go alone then hear their screams, something that in truth the framework and trauma of insane way. After leaving her friend and eat some cookies offered by her mother, Esther, he went on the bus until the whereabouts, the bus was filled by what had to happen in the middle of a melee of people were that standing, to get closer to the gate where the bailiff was waiting for that down all discouraged. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Prudential has to say. It was already falling overnight when he boarded the elevator, something was disturbed and puzzled by the scene, and the image of firefighter charging that intact flames girl, when opened the elevator door, because someone was apparently going to upload, just at the moment that could make out to Karen, stop waiting for the elevator opened completelythey were the longest seconds for Esther. That the impact of seeing his companion almost in front of her pulse red button, making the elevator door to close before you can open completely taking three steps backwards, because just the elevator close Karen had flat-view. I take breath while waiting, when I finally get to the floor indicated, but within minutes he had the strange feeling that it was not the floor, because Hall was full of policemen and their neighbors they were anxious before the door of his apartment, that beating your chest, as his Department was which was filled with agents and policemen.