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Whole Family

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

The ‘ summer active ‘ program on the Arlberg Auch is the summer season for the guest in St.Anton am Arlberg in the truest sense of the word active. 27 June-10 September 2011 the program offers active summer a variety of activities for children and adults, outdoor sports and culture vultures alike. Romance, sport and culture at the Arlberg romantic is once a week with torch-lit walks through the night St. Anton am Arlberg. “” The Museum St. Aetna Inc. has firm opinions on the matter. Anton why just am Arlberg the cradle of Alpine skiing “stood and spread here from the legendary reputation of impetuous skiing in the whole world, and with the ensemble D’arlberger” it is musically twice a week: for more than 20 years, the Customs group with traditional music well, dances and chants in the has inspired. A special novelty in the summer of 2011 at the Arlberg: is play Sixcup, a completely new sport with great fun, primarily played in two disciplines. Holiday on 300 kilometres of scenic hiking trails a 300 A paradise for friends of the mountaineering km long network of excellent hiking trails makes the region to St.Anton am Arlberg.

St.Anton am Arlberg was awarded the Tyrolean hiking seal for its well-maintained, scenic hiking trails and mountain tours: A clear signage system informs you while hiking in Tyrol reliable destination and route, distance, wall time and degree of difficulty. Varied hiking trails and the vastness of the network allow to enjoy the Tyrolean mountain world. The hiking trails in the mountains St.Antons is suitable not only for mountain tours, but also for Nordic walking. Under the professional guidance of experts you can holiday in short courses in the correct Nordic technology to engage a walking. Nordic walking poles and boots can in the sport shops in St.Anton borrowed and bought.

Hitherto Unique Study

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

What are the requirements have the professionals today to work in the hospitality industry? Operational and not region-specific factors are decisive for the acceptance and retention of jobs. “” German Berlin-based business consulting Consulting has last week published a study entitled the region-specific factors in the lack of skilled workers in the hospitality industry at the example of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern “published.” It was by German consulting both created and funded. Objective of the study is to investigate whether there are region-specific factors for a possible shortage and what demands and expectations today, have professionals to work in the hospitality industry. Only when the cause of looming shortages are known and understood the needs of workers, be it consulting according to German, to develop coordinated, concrete and therefore effective measures for finding and binding by employees for the hospitality industry. The results of the study show that are not region-specific factors essential for the decision of experts in adopting and maintaining a workplace in the hospitality industry. Many professionals would accept a job in obvious location disadvantages of such as poor transport connections, inadequate housing and insufficient childcare facilities as long as the operational factors correspond to your requirements.

Experts call for personnel action. Individual vocational training and a wages proportionate to the regional cost of living are particularly relevant factors. The study showed that especially long-time professionals and Deputy Head of the Department disproportionately feeling the relationship between their wages and the high of cost of living as a (complete). This is also a reason for leaving the regions for some. Also for young professionals is wage levels of one of the most significant factors in determining for a workplace. Still, the study found that the most skilled workers, in particular of generation Y, a tremendously strong need for professional development and individual measures of personnel management have.