The learning if of the one from trainings, experience and comments, where when deciding themselves for some change and practising it for a reasonable time this learning if it consolidates. It is through the learning and of the understanding of the same one that if it can have notion of the easinesses, difficulties or limitations that porventura a pupil or citizen can have. It is known that throughout the history of the humanity the man has observed and opted, has taken decisions take that them to another platform in its history.

This comment and taking of decision if must to the learning that occurs on determined. Such learning every day occurs in all the moments of the life of the human being. Studies disclose that it has some forms of learning, products of the learning, amongst other aspects that analyzed separately provides in to understand them definitive actions and reactions of the people ahead of contents that consider interesting. For in such a way, this work if considers to present of form sucinta the description of the learning, as well as definiz it of brief form later to present the products of the learning. Sprouting of the Theory of the Learning the psychology of the learning has been considered as component basic of experimental psychology. Many had been the questions raised throughout the initial years, therefore the studies were developed with animals and studious of this behavior they did not accept the nature of basic the mental units.

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