The Maestro

Anonymous UNTIL WHEN ASLEEP? It was a village in India near a main route for traders and travelers. It was right to pass many people through the town. But the people had become famous for an unusual event: there was a man who had been continuously asleep more than one quarter of a century. Nobody knew the reason. What a strange event! People passing by the village always stopped to contemplate the sleeper. But this phenomenon is due to what? -visitors asked-.

In the vicinity of the town lived a hermit. It was a sullen man, who spent the day in deep contemplation and didn’t want to be bothered. But he had acquired fame know read others thoughts. The same mayor went to visit him and begged him to come to see the sleeper if I could know the cause of so long and deep sleep. The hermit was very noble and, despite his apparent haughtiness, was provided to try to assist in the clarification of the fact. He went to town and sat down next to the sleeper.

Deeply concentrated and began to lead your mind toward the clairvoyants regions of consciousness. He introduced his mental energy in the brain of the sleeper and was connected with him. Minutes later, the hermit was returning to his ordinary State of consciousness. The entire town had gathered to listen to it. With unhurried voice, explained: friends. I have come, Yes, sleeping up to the central concavity of the brain of this man who bears more than one quarter of a century. I have also penetrated into the Tabernacle of his heart. I searched for the cause. And, to your satisfaction, I must tell you that I have found it. This man dreams of continuous is awake and, therefore, does not intend to awaken. ** The Maestro says: don’t be like this man, spiritually asleep while you think you’re awake.

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