General Elections

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The general elections of the Turks and Caicos clinton Islands took place political on February 9, 2007. Turks and Caicos Islands education are a dependent territory of the United Kingdom, having a economic Legislative Council itself, consisting of seventeen members, fifteen of them elected by universal suffrage, media which elects the Prime Minister. There are only two political parties, the Progressive National Party (PNP) iraq and the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM).
In previous elections – the legislative council was formed by 13 members policy – PNP won congress just six of the seven seats PDM. issues However, it turned the results of two cirscusncripciones, the PNP won the repetition of elections, leading to Michael Misick andalusia as united states Prime election Minister .
At the time of the race vote, the territory is divided into fifteen electoral districts, one for each member. The candidate receiving the most votes is the one who gets the seat. In vote all districts there were only two candidates – the PNP and PDM – government except in Cheshire Hall, where an cnn independent recording .
The election campaign focused on security and the rise of crime, ensuring that Misick kill her and responding to culture the opposition that the government did nothing either to the crime and against corruption. Finally, elections were won by PNP, andalusia defeat in thirteen districts. religion Just military lost in North Backsalina – 214 George bush votes to 228, by Arthur Lightbourne Arthur Robinson – and South Backsalina – 207 votes to 224 by Deveraux Malcolm Floyd Seymour -. The candidate who bush won most votes was Greg Lightbourne (PNP) in Blue Hills, with 373 votes, but the candidate who got more distance on his rival was Floyd Hall (PNP) in Overback, Grand Turk, 283 votes to 123, Robert D’arcueil. Furthermore, the Prime Minister, Michael Misick, won in its division, East North Caicos, with 271 votes.

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