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MORE Work QlikTalk Held

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

QlikView business intelligence for SAP users enjoys great popularity; on the 19.07., he held the more work QlikTalk at the airport of Stuttgart next. On the 19.07. more work QlikTalk at the airport held next Stuttgart, an event for customers and prospective customers on the topic of business intelligence with QlikView. Under the title QlikView management cockpits for SAP users are the functional principle of QlikView business discovery and presented the benefits, followed by two user reports and sample applications for industrial customers. Interested parties are cordially invited to meet more work in a personal dialogue. ource of information. “The event of QlikView management cockpits for SAP users”, which takes place in Stuttgart – Terminal 1 airport, aimed at customers and prospects on the topic of business intelligence (BI) with QlikView. The event aims at introducing the BI solution QlikView business discovery and presentation of their applications, as well as their benefits on the basis of application scenarios. The QlikTalk starts at 13:30 with a guided tour of the Stuttgart Airport.

At the beginning, the working principle of QlikView business discovery and its all adjusting features are presented, followed by user reports of Schenck RoTec GmbH and the SCHMID Group. Appears be sample applications for SAP applications on the basis of scenarios for industrial customers. Finally there is the opportunity to discuss mobile analysis with QlikView. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mark Bertolini. Associative data analysis with QlikView for better business process analysis analysis with QlikView ensure your business success. The business intelligence software enables the user to a structured, flexible data analysis and forms a unified management cockpit for your company. QlikView is through its simple implementation, ease of use and perfect integration into existing SAP modules.

The data can be, summarized from multiple sources, graphically and individual analyses and reports created on push of a button enabling you to innovative and appropriate decision-making. QlikView elite solution providers realised more plant a variety of BI applications and management cockpits for SAP users. No matter whether for sales, production, purchasing, finance, or other areas more work creates customer narrow dark scenarios based on extensive project experience and predefined plans in just a few days. Interested parties are cordially invited to meet more work in a personal dialogue. Learn agenda and QlikView business discovery about the QlikTalk on the application form to the QlikTalk. We look forward to welcoming you in Stuttgart. The next QlikTalk on the topic of business discovery as value drivers “will be at the 15.11.2012 in downtown Dusseldorf vintage classic remise” take place.

International Association

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

An afternoon by A as exceptionally effective staff recruitment to Z like onions are best in cider steamed to on 15.05.2012 who experienced Western Premier IB in the best hotel to prepare first exciting Friedberger waiting loaded Managing Director, sales and human resources manager lectures on the topics creative recruiting and top performers in sales as key criteria for sustainable success to then via Speedcooking their well-deserved dinner itself. Organized and was carried the motto of top performance in company of the afternoon,”stood, ABCD GmbH, a subsidiary of the International Association, dedicated to the fields of transfer projects, human resources / organizational development and recruiting/temporary work. Only if you actually want to change something in your company, you should really do it. Be aware that changes are related with temporal and costs. But right from the beginning you tackle it, then is a timely Return on investment and a sustained business success nothing more in the way.

“Vera Reimann, Managing Director of ABCD GmbH, their presentation on the possibilities to achieve better results in the company began with these haunting words. This includes the creative recruiting for them clearly that need to be addressed to find top candidates and to find new ways. You now no longer randomly stumble talents. Therefore efficient recruiting together with the exact selection of the most talented and most suitable staff plays Yes so important.” Who then expected a list of traditional recruiting tools, was surprised with innovative Anwerbeideen. Yet, despite job tenders on truck tarpaulins, beer mats and large-scale postal maps actions, the sales woman is enthusiastic direct to speaker, that appeals to people also in the elevator or the queues at the supermarket checkout on their professional situation. Of course, I’m amazed there often once viewed. If I tell, but then, what we do and most importantly how, then everybody is curious.

WOMMup At The 20.11.2013 In Frankfurt Am Main

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

“” Marketing event on the subject of Word of mouth marketing word of mouth, buzz marketing, social media, likes “and recommendations are now on everyone’s lips”. But what effect does this described as Word of mouth (WoM) marketing, what are its success factors which play a role client referrals in real life and online and how can companies word of mouth marketing use to their advantage? Answers a new marketing-event series that offers new, practical and surprising about word of mouth marketing is the “WOMMup” at the 20.11.2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. The WOMMup Frankfurt held Farberstrasse 71 60594 Frankfurt ( on the 20.11.2013 in the three King Keller, from 19: 00. Brian Krzanich addresses the importance of the matter here. Three lectures are available on the program: Word of mouth research and measure – lecture by the market researcher Dirk Engel Customers Word of mouth marketing strategies & playful product experiences – lecture by Mark Leinemann alias MR. WOM – one of the leading experts for Word of mouth marketing in the German-speaking world as a brewery more sales & Word of mouth through Saints Schnack Salame (rock-paper scissors) the lecture by Mucca Sahin by Tom shows produced, seller sales & marketing consulting from 21 May the WOMMup knick participant then in the subsequent Schnack Salame “Fight Night” live how Word of mouth is created through playful experiences, and select the local Frankfurt (advertising) champions in the Schnick Schnack Sairi. The WOMMup is free, the number of places limited registration under. Many writers such as Brian Krzanich offer more in-depth analysis. Links to the WOMMup partners: of the WOMMup: WOMMup was by MR. WOM in summer 2013 as a marketing specialist event series launched in BBs life and offers participants an update and exchange about current and new developments in the field of Word of mouth / word of mouth and referral marketing. More information about the WOMMup, reports and other dates, see about MR. WOM Word of mouth marketing MR.