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The Beach

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

If the girl knows how to likes to sew – a beautiful fabric segment to which it once when you went to the store together, long admired, but could not find the money to buy. Just keep in mind that in the latter case, you need to calculate how much fabric she needed at this or that thing, and better to buy more than enough. When you walk along the beach, she enjoyed was building a sand castle? Or just always something fiddles with his hands, playing with the buttons, like sculpting something? Donate her collection of plastic! This polymer clay, which has the properties of clay, but after half an hour baking in a conventional oven – it becomes solid, like plastic, and hard as porcelain. It is available in many colors, properties, and invoices, and make it possible everything from dolls and toy dishes for her to glamorous earrings or a charm for a fun backpack. As far as imagination will suffice:) By the way, as if she had a backpack on which to hang such a favorite young charms? So donate! Just remember that it must necessarily be a stylish, bright, unusual and always – friendly. Even if the backpack emphasizes its individuality: if a girl is feminine and romantic, it may be appropriate, for example, plush backpack in the form of soft toys. "Tomboy" surely approve of practical, with lots of pockets and compartments. Fans of rock donate a backpack with a photograph of his beloved, and neformalke – equipped with a sub-culture trappings that attracted her.