Something internal, everyone feels different, think different, is different. Looking for small targets during the year we approach to a long-term goal for example save monthly for year-end holidays. We can plan the life in the same way, small goals monthly or annual to get get something dreamed. Enjoy life with everyday, with thing of every day, teaches us that happiness is very close, perhaps so much that we are unable to appreciate it. We look at dawn? In the stars at night? In the smile of children? The best things in life are free but we always hope something extraordinary something out of the ordinary when the ordinary is truly extraordinary. Something fantastic happens all the time but we are accustomed to this and therefore goes unnoticed. Dawn is extraordinary, is fantastic, however it’s amazing we got not up to see him even once in the year. But if an eclipse occurs, people put together by hundreds to take the best position, buy special lenses and recorded the moment, they go up to Youtube and will be displayed on television.

Dawn occurs every day and not we appreciate, the birds sing regularly and its sound goes unnoticed must suffer an accident or illness that leave us without hearing a couple of years to miss the chirping of birds, the sound of the wind, the murmur of the sea? Keep without the vision to find wonderful dawn, the colour of the sky, the greenness of the grass? Why not do it now? Choose the destination you want to visit, the natural landscape more beautiful that you have knowledge and tell you go there, takes account of the passage, stay etc. Hear other arguments on the topic with Brian Krzanich. Plan how much you must save each month and do it. Your desire to make a reality every day. Not you claudiques in your attempt, do not lose the momentum imagines that you’ve already come to old and that these weak and tired, also think that you left many things without doing, if you come back to live you disfrutarias more life, escalarias mountains, would you do surf, bucearias in the Caribbean. Do you expect to get there and feel the helplessness of not being able to return in time? Do what you do in your life, travels where you have to go, invented what you have to invent, but do it now! time progresses relentlessly scale mountains, surf, explores the background marino enjoys life. The beautiful natural landscapes are waiting there for you, the sea and the mountains are still in the same place do but you where these?

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