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Muscle Disorders

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

From the side of the waist: the first sign of impending problems – that feeling of fatigue and heaviness, which smoothly or badly can turn into pain. Osteochondrosis is expressed by different groups of syndromes: Compression syndrome – a syndrome of compression, when the precipitate disc compresses the nerve and vascular structures. Manifested motor, sensory, and vascular disorders. Motor dysfunction, reduced or the disappearance of reflexes, reducing the strength, tone your muscles. Sensory disorders complicate our lives or a sharp little pain, blunting of sensitivity, a sense of anemia, etc. Vascular trophic disorders lead to malnutrition and muscle atrophy.

Reflexology syndrome, which includes: Muscle-tonic syndromes that are manifested by pain, seal, shortening of muscles. Neurodystrophic – a combined loss of muscle, bone and connective tissue, which appears to improve muscle tone, pain, loss of motion, muscle seal. Neurovascular syndromes that are manifested by pains in the head, neck, dizziness, change in blood pressure. Mioadaptivnye syndromes manifest change of posture, pose – scoliosis, kyphosis, degenerative changes. Do not wait until some discomfort or slight pain will grow into a serious problem. At the first sign of degenerative disc disease should immediately contact a neurologist or a neurologist and get tested.

The set of complaints, inspection data will allow the specialist to make a presumptive diagnosis, which is necessary to confirm the nuclear magnetic resonance or computed tomography. How to treat osteochondrosis? How to live with him? You must love yourself more rest, but rest actively, rather than lying on the couch. Do gymnastics, swimming, visiting sauna saunas, do not neglect the massage and manual therapy. We do not want to grow old our face and body – to spare no effort and money fighting against aging, but care primarily about foreign beauty. And our spine? Why we do not pay attention to him? After all, he – the cornerstone of our health. And youth and beauty – this is, above all, good health. Younger must begin with taking care of the spine. Information provided a fitness club Kimberley Land

Wheel Backpacks

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

They are structurally similar to trekking, but are smaller (30-50 liters) capacity, and often have no internal skeleton. Straps and belt may be more hard and with no ventilation – all the same backpack worn on a sponge. Importantly, this backpack should weigh little and at the same time be strong enough so that you can pick up on the rope. Also require external fasteners rock and ice gear. Backpacks for other types of activity are similar in size to the assault backpacks. But have their own peculiarities. Ski, skiturovskie borderskie and backpacks in accordance with the purpose have different types of attachments for ski and snowboard gear and avalanche on the outside of the backpack.

Often have a skeleton in the form of a solid plate, which protects the spine from injury in case of unsuccessful fall. There are two types of veloryukzakov. The first are similar to regular backpacks small volume (10-40L). They must have a suspension system that provides good back ventilation. They have a lot of pockets for basic necessities.

Keys documents, etc. Many models have a compartment for hydration system and a special elastic attachment or pocket veloshlema. These backpacks are suitable for day pokatushek. Another type of veloryukzakov so-called "pants" fixed on the trunk of the bike. They allow you to carry a lot of cargo required in a multi-day hike. They usually have three sections: one attached to the left of the wheel, the other – on the right, the third – at the top. All backpacks necessarily the presence of patches of fabric with a reflective coating. Regular camping "pants" must be equipped with straps that allow for difficult areas to carry a backpack as usual, on the back.

Sports Equipment

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

What is sports equipment? When there was a need in sports gear? Logically prepolozhit that its main component – it's sportswear, plus athletic shoes. What else is included in the sports equipment? Than becomes more complicated world of sports, the more sophisticated equipment is done for the sport. In addition to sports clothing and sports shoes, there are a number of devices for various kinds of sports. This is – sports gear: backpacks, stopwatches, sports watches, rope, boxing gloves, punching bags and so on and so forth. Every sport requires special equipment, special sports footwear and apparel. But it was not always. Another two hundred years ago, nobody had any idea about the special gear for sports. Sports was fun, game, adventure.

Used casual dress. Shooting jackets, rolled their sleeves and legs, wearing a light simple shoes made of any durable material. For example, a football shape appeared in the second half of the 19th century, when as a result of industrialization on the waves flooded villagers, who brought with them and the village entertainment, including football, which soon becomes the urban sport. Educational institutions are creating their teams. Each team creates its own form. It starts with the development of football equipment.

So, in the late 19th century sport appears sportswear, sports shoes replaces walking shoes, a tracksuit replace clothing for leisure and entertainment, there is clothing for the sport becomes a special, unified. With so there is sporty. The emergence and development of sports equipment becomes an incentive for the introduction in the production of clothing and footwear of the principles of comfort and functionality. High fashion and puritanical morality, long resisted the sports gear and gradually hand over one fortress after another. If previously it was hard to imagine bathing ladies in swimsuits (decorum demanded bathe almost in ball gowns), then in the early 20th century, not to swim in a bathing suit, but in a tunic and pants were not just funny but also stupid.