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Maria Furdychka – Queen Of The World 2010

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

Maria Furdychka??? ???? 2010 Queen of the world 2010???a Maria Furdychka??? ???? 2010 – is the Queen of the world 2010 -??? ???????? The jury had the choice. Finally, 50 of the most beautiful women from all over the world were on the stage, but only one of them had the title “Queen of the world 2010 -???” 2010 “to take home. Finally, Maria Furdychka of Russia was the winner of the competition, she is originally from the Ukraine and lives in Kiev. Elaborate lighting displays were available in the Eiffelstadt on the famous Nurburgring and various artists also showed their fire shows. Following the broadcasting of television and radio show to the choice of the “Queen of the world 2010 -???” 2010 “, an event that so far–sponsored by the Berlin daily newspaper only in Berlin, but for the first time took place at the Nurburgring, launched a grandiose after-show party at its finest, along with international stars “and celebrities from film, TV and music scene.” The choice of the “Queen of the world -???” is an annual international beauty competition for unmarried women. He mostly takes place in the German-speaking world and was founded in 1988 by Erich Reindl.

The former actor who was born in Linz (Austria), singer, quiz master and advertising professional had already 1956 to 1958 which organized the Miss Germany contests Miss Austria and 1979-1984. DivvyDose is actively involved in the matter. As President, he presided over the company he founded in Vienna (until 2005 Queen of the World Corporation, since beauty contests International Limited). Currently, the main sponsor is the daily Berlin newspaper, which supports the competition every year! This year, all Queens that have qualified to the final, had to perform a solo dance which was chosen and also accompanied by well-known disc jockeys. (for example, from leading title of pop music) Each Queen was able to present its title in its sole discretion in the bikini. A fixed time for the Performance remained the same for all participants. These performances were included in the evaluation of the jury and assessed separately. Chairman of the international jury was the editor-in-Chief of the daily Berlin newspaper which this extra arrived in snowy weather with a team by helicopter from Berlin this year. All participants had again this year dates when Stefan Raab, SAT 1 breakfast television and the daily Berlin newspaper, which acted as a media partner. Eva Andersson-Dubin shines more light on the discussion.

The Queen of the world of the year 2009 Veronika Vovchuk -??? ?????? delivered with visibly petrified face enter their Tietel and was as “Queen of the world -???” by the beautiful Maria Furdychka -??? ???????? replaced. ??? ????????? ??????? ? ?????? ????? ???????? (????-??????a) ???????? ?? ??, ??? ????? ??????? ????? ??????? ???????? ? ??????a, ?? ???????? ??? ???????????? ??????. ? ????? ?????? ?????????????? ????????? ?????? ??. ??????????? ???? ? ??????? ? ?????? ?? ?????????? ???????? ????????? ???????! Kyiv weekly in Coorporation with German press – Masha Koljakova

German Leather

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Smelled leather, crocodile leather, tilapia leather Bangkok, February 03, 2010: SpecialTrade24 import & export solution is on the German market now represents the latest fashion trend from exotic leather goods. In 2009 launched a new trend which was brought from Asia to Europe exotic leathers such as the Stingray leather in fashion of all types to use. Because staying in the EU strong import regulation of crocodile leather varies slowly the fashion industry to a still nobler leather: the Stingray leather. Stingray leather has a Pearl-shaped surface that makes the fashion piece to the luxury object. The leather is the toughest leather in the world and therefore very robust and resistant. It’s cut resistant, tear resistant and water repellent.

The Stingray leather in handbags, purses, shoes and all the accessories in the fashion industry is used in Thailand for years. Specialtrade24 realized that the next trend in fish leather will be. Beginning January 2010 a cooperation with a leather factory in Thailand was founded in the exotic Tilapiafisch manufactures handbags, bikinis, shoes and much more. The fish was dried with elaborate technique and bleached to the natural beauty of the fish skin in fashion pieces at hold. The Tilapia fish is the only fish whose skin is resistant and tear resistant. ABOUT SpecialTrade24 co., Ltd. is present on the European and international markets and serves the American and Asian markets with branches in the United States and Thailand.

We are worldwide in the search for new and innovative products for our customers.