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German Leather

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Smelled leather, crocodile leather, tilapia leather Bangkok, February 03, 2010: SpecialTrade24 import & export solution is on the German market now represents the latest fashion trend from exotic leather goods. In 2009 launched a new trend which was brought from Asia to Europe exotic leathers such as the Stingray leather in fashion of all types to use. Because staying in the EU strong import regulation of crocodile leather varies slowly the fashion industry to a still nobler leather: the Stingray leather. Stingray leather has a Pearl-shaped surface that makes the fashion piece to the luxury object. The leather is the toughest leather in the world and therefore very robust and resistant. It’s cut resistant, tear resistant and water repellent.

The Stingray leather in handbags, purses, shoes and all the accessories in the fashion industry is used in Thailand for years. Specialtrade24 realized that the next trend in fish leather will be. Beginning January 2010 a cooperation with a leather factory in Thailand was founded in the exotic Tilapiafisch manufactures handbags, bikinis, shoes and much more. The fish was dried with elaborate technique and bleached to the natural beauty of the fish skin in fashion pieces at hold. The Tilapia fish is the only fish whose skin is resistant and tear resistant. ABOUT SpecialTrade24 co., Ltd. is present on the European and international markets and serves the American and Asian markets with branches in the United States and Thailand.

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