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The Other

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

Try to speak so nice and slow and just stand there. Breathe the air in your stomach and talk slowly, then the other understands you even better, and you’re a lot more confident. Tip 7: posture posture is essential for a strong, self-confident demeanor. Eighth time on your current position. How are you at the moment? What do your shoulders? How is your cross? Try an open attitude to take, straight cross, chest out, Chin up. Set everytime you you ertappst day itself it how you have taken a buckled posture, again you.

Tip 8: let future its not so much about thinking the future what there all morning and day after tomorrow and your lecture day. You can not predict the future, so not much energy to lose all the time to worry about what all (negative) may come. Be in the here and now, and enjoy the moment! Tip 9: set a small goal and set it to nothing is more beautiful than to reach a self-imposed goal. So find yourself a small goal that you can take today. Clean up your room, the long overdue book return in the Library, write a letter to a friend, or finally match the stack of paper on your desk.

You will feel immediately better! Tip 10: smile of the body is connected with our mind and vice versa. Try to take a positive posture as often as possible. And what is better than a little laugh. Smile as big as you can and hold it a minute. There’s nothing better in such a short time feel better and more confident. Here more information, tips, and tricks on the topic of confidence: confidence building