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Scientific Education

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

But if it is incomplete you explain why people who have the presence of HIV, diagnosed and presents in opportunistic diseases. The first explanation that appeared in the scientific world is you have genetic resistance, this could be true, but with limits, because people from different regions of the globe you donate not. The African continent, China, which locates in Asia and the United States in America ploughs different ethnic groups that make the scientists to wonder if the only legacy would be the causes. This question is not of today in 2010 ploughs old the disease itself in 1984, scientists realized this problem. Keywords: HIV; co-factors, opportunistic infections Introduction: Revision of literature: 1.0) Scientific antecedents Robert Koch (1843-1910), son of humble parents received an education not as if he waits of this great German doctor but the education limited in a gymnasium, but its mind had wing as limit was the horizon, its native land was not neither great cities as Berlin or Munique, was one cidadezinha called Chaustal in the neighborhoods Hanver, instead of being guided of the illumination of the scientific thought was created under the presence oppressor of ' ' austere germanic regimen where corporal punishments were applied not the pupils when fails, but of masters (Oliveira, 1981). It finished the University of Goettingen, with 19 years of Medicine with very effort, therefore its origin is of humble origin. ' ' (…) its professional career started as doctor. After to gain of its wife a microscope for its 28 years, it started to explore the world microbiano, already known for Pasteur, rival professionals of long date. ' ' Koch as all the men of science if had enchanted with a doubt that corroia its soul, the tuberculosis. ' ' He reigned the biggest confusions how much the cause and the proper nature of this disease.