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Thursday, November 12th, 2020

The responsibility of the test fits to who alleges. In the Court of the detesto Jury I the thesis of the authorship refusal. It is enough to the male defendant to invent a mount of things and to create the doubt to get away with the conviction. It is the call I begin of the innocence. tial explanations. In the doubt, in favor of the defendant. However, everything has its limit. It has cases where the test is crystalline. It had a case that seven witnesses turn the goat to shoot and it thus exactly arrived and denied in the expensive greater of wood.

In these hours I costumo to count for the juries the following estria: The man was of the type ' ' chifrudo conformado' ' tired to hear the relatives to speak that it was taking ' ' ball in costas' ' it took an attitude. According to Alonzo Brooks, who has experience with these questions. Mulherzinha contracted optimum detective to follow its. The investigator arrives and says: My friend, the decided case this. The master entered in a black car of a citizen of the white head and had been for the motel. I jumped the wall and was looking at for the hole of the lock. It takes off all the clothes and comes and hangs in the door handle. From there pra front I did not see more nothing. The husband, with face of insatisfao, brada: This doubt is it kills that me.

Literal Production

Monday, November 19th, 2012

It is necessary two important plans in the process of literal production: The conceptual plan and the linguistic plan, the use of the cited plans guarantee to the text one better understanding of what it will be said, beyond also making responsible for the literal organization. Rank that the linguistic plan and the conceptual one establish the literal cohesion and the coherence in which falls again on the author of the text the responsibility to organize, systemize and to adjust the ideas to the modality of text that it intends to produce making a minute election of the vocabulary, for a perfect linguistic union in coherent way so that he is not unprovided of direction, ambiguous, tedious or, even though incoherent. Knowing that how much bigger the knowledge the subject, more easiness to make a speech on the same. It fits, therefore, to the language professor materna to make possible the contact of its pupils with the universe of texts that circulate socially, teaching the produziz them and to interpret them. The wrong vision of what it is an one either text makes with that the school works a set of short phrases, private of meanings, descontextualizados, having little discursiva ability. ‘ ‘ education tradicional’ ‘ in the last few decades it comes suffering critical for being understood as the practical one to analyze the language in its structure, its grammar, its constitution, and how much to the education of the literal production, ‘ ‘ education tradicional’ ‘ still it is present in great number of classrooms, that of the metodolgico point of view place the pupil as receiving liabilities, and the writing education, as one practical ackward meaningless one. Thus being, with the reading one is made possible dialogues with new texts, a crossing of knowledge, that will be of great importance for the act of to write, therefore to have what to write, what to say, it comes not only with the human being and the exchange of experiences with the others, but with the great variety of explored texts, thus becoming the reader most experienced.